Bundy Families of the United States - Royal & Imperial Lineage - "The Sangraal" & "The Bloodroyal"
Winnifred Hatche b(abt)1553

Steven Hucsteppe b6 Feb1554/55 &  >>Winnifred Hatche b(abt)1553
daughter of:
>>Thomas Hatche b13 Apr 1535 & Joane Brissenden b(cir)1527-1531 - b(cir)1527-1531 in Tenterden, Kent, England  d1574   (Joane BROWN? (Brissenden)
Thomas Hatch of Scituate, Plymouth Colony and the family can be traced to John at Hecche who was born about 1393, in Kent Co. England. Thomas Hatch was one of the first settlers of Scituate, Massachusetts in Plymouth Colony about 1638. He settled in that part of Scituate known as the "Two Mile" that was annexed to Marshfield in 1788. It appears the family came to Plymouth Colony as merchants and not for religious reasons. They were heavily involved with the Second Church of Scituate, an Anabaptist church that did not believe in infant baptisms
THOMAS HATCHE(1) (2) was born before 1525 in Selling, Kent, England. (77) He died before 13 Oct 1568 in Tenterden, Kent, England. (120) Parents: JOHN (THE YOUNGER) HATCHE and UNKNOWN.
He was married to JOANE in 1552 in Tenterden, Kent, England. (11) Children were: WINIFRED HATCHE, John HATCHE, Katherine HATCHE, Eleanor HATCHE, Elizabeth HATCHE, Walter HATCHE, William HATCHE, Thomas HATCHE.
son of:
>>John "The Younger" Hatche b: abt 1490 & >>Lady Alice Yeo b(cir)1496 - 1H-037
UNKNOWN (1)(2) was born about 1496 in Sellinge, Kent, England. (11) WFT 2126/5 gives name as Lady Alice Yeo.
She was married to JOHN (THE YOUNGER) HATCHE about 1520 in Sellinge, Kent, England.(11) Children were: Johane HATCHE, Agnes HATCHE, THOMAS HATCHE, Alice HATCHE, John HATCHE, Stephen HATCHE.
son of:
Thomas (the Elder) Hatche  b:(abt)1465 in of, Selling, Kent,  d:(bef)31 Dec 1534 & >>(2)Cicely Chichester - 1H-069 - b: in Selling, Kent
son of: Thomas (at Hecche) b(bef)1442 in Sellinge, Kent -d(aft)1464 & Agnes Unknown b: Abt 1470 Sellinge, Kent
son of: John at Hecche b c1415 & Agnes Unknown b1413-1417