Bundy Families of the United States - Royal & Imperial Lineage - "The Sangraal" & "The Bloodroyal"
Unity (Montie) Harris b: 1730
Darby Callahan  & Unity (Montie) Harris b: 1730 in Rockingham Co Virginia (PA) - ChurchSome of his children Mig. to Clay Co Ky and to Hawkins Co Tenn.
daughter of:
Nathanial Harris b: Abt 1696 in , Rockingham, North Carolina  & Eleanor (Ellender) Sullivan b: Abt 1700 in , Rock., North Carolina
son of: Edward E. Harris b:1704  in Henrico County, & Unity Unknown b:1694 
son of: Edward E. Harris b: 1674 in Henrico County & (1)Mary b: Abt 1673       (2) Elizabeth b: Abt 1673 
son of: Major William Harris b: 1629 in Charles City, Henrico County, Virginia & Alice Stewart (Stuart)b: Abt 1648 in Charles City County, Virginia Formed 1634  - William was Justice of Henrico County ans a member of the House of Burgesses,1652, 1653,1656, 1658 -appointed major of the Henrico and Charles City re giment - Made will out possibly on battlefield in area near present Richmond, Virginia in 1678 
son of: Captain Thomas Harris b: 1586 in Creeksea, Essex   & Joane Osborne b: 1605 in England - descendant of: Nesta verch Rhys - Princess of Deheubarth - (Wales) - b: abt. 1073
b: ABT. 1073 - died: 1163  
son of: Edward Harris b: 1542 in Essex, England & Frances Barrington - son of: Sir Francis Barrington 
son of: Sir William Harris b: 1490 in Prittlewell, Essex, England - married three time: (1)Joanna SMYTH, (2)Joane COOKE b: 1500, & (3)Anne Rutter
son of: Arthur Harris b: 1475 in Essex, England & Johanne Percy b: 1475 in Northumberland, England - 
daughter of:
Sir Thomas Percy & Eleanor Harbottle - daughter of: Sir Gloscard Harbottle b: ABT. 1359
son of: Sir Henry Algernon V Percy  b: abt. 1381 & Katherine Spencer
son of: Sir Henry IV Percy b: abt. 1457 & Maude Herbert
son of: Earl Sir Henry III Percy b: abt. 1429 & Elizabeth Poynings (Eleanor Poynings)
son of: Earl Henry Percy III  b: 1421 &:  Eleanor Poynings b: 1423
son of: Earl Sir Henry de Percy, II  b: abt 1391 & Eleanor de Neville b: 1403
son of: Sir Henry (Hotspur) de Percy  b: 1364 & Elizabeth de Mortimer  b: 12 FEB 1370/71
daughter of:
Edmund (the Good) de Mortimer - Earl of March, b1351/52 & Phillippa Plantagenet - Countess of Ulster b(abt)1355
son of: Roger de Mortimer - Earl of March 2Nd b1326  & Philippe de Montacute  (abt)1332
daughter of:
William de Montacute - 1st Earl of Salisbury  b: 1301 in Cassington, Oxfordshire, England & Catherine de Grandison b: Abt 1304 in Ashford, Herefordshire, England
son of:
William de Montacute b: Abt 1275 in Salisbury, England & Elizabeth de Montfort
son of:
Simon de Montacute b: Abt 1245 in Montacute, Somerset, England & Aufricia de Courci of the Isle of Man -
daughter of:
John de Courci - Earl of Ulster - died: 1219 & Aufrick of the Isle of Man
John de Courci was son of:  
William de Courci b: Abt 1118 in Stogursey, Somersetshire, England & Gundreda de Warren b: 1144 in Surrey, England  - great - grand - daughter of: William the Conqueror 
son of: Robert de Courci & Avice de Meschines 
son of: Robert de Courci & Rohese de Grentmesnil 
son of: Richard de Courci - died: 1098 & Guadalmode 
son of: Robert de Courci - died: 1026 (He was brother of: Richard Neville) 
son of: Baldrick "The German" (Lord of Bacqueville-en-Caux) 
Aufrick was daughter of:
Godfred III - King of the Isle of Man  & Fingala O'Neill
daughter of:
Malachy O'Neill - died: 1185
daughter of:
Murcertac O'Neil III - King of Ireland died: 1166
son of:
Nial O'Neill
son of:
Donal V - King of Ireland b: 1049 & Babhion O'Brien Death: 1110 - a descendant of: Brian Boru - High King of Ireland b: 941
son of:
Ardgal Mac Lochlain O'Neill - died: 1064
son of: Lochlain O'Neil
son of: Murcertac O'Neil - Death: 1020
son of: Muredac O'Neill
son of: Donal IV O'Neill - King of Ireland & & Mote of Ossory Death: 982 - daughter of:  Donchad - Prince of Ossory
son of:
Murcertac - King of Tyrone b: 911 & Flanna - dau of: Donchad II - King of IrelandDuibhleandna died:942 - daughter of: Tighearnan - Prince of West Brefna
son of:
Nial IV - King of Ireland b: 870 & Gormlaith - daughter of: Flann-Sinna King of Ireland & & Gormlaith of Bregh - daughter of: Flann - Prince of Bregh 
son of:
Adoh VII - King of IrelandMaelmudre of Scotland - Death: 912 - daughter of: Cinaed Kenneth MacAlpin - King of Picts and Scots) b: ABT 810 in Scotland
son of:
Nial III - King of Ireland b: 791 & Gormlaith of Meath - Death: 859 - daughter of: Donchad I - King of Ireland 
son of:
Aodh VI - King of IrelandMaeve of Connaught - daughter of: Unknown of Connaught - son of: Inreachtac - King of Connaught 
son of:
Nial II - King of Ireland b: 715 & Dunflaith of Tireconnel - Princess of Ireland  daughter of: Flaherty - King of Ireland Death: 734 
son of:
Feargal - King of Ireland died: 722 & Athiochta - daughter of: Cian
son of:
Maeldouin died: 706 & Cacht of Tirconnel - daughter of: Malcoya - King of Ireland died: 615- son of: Aodh II - King of Ireland Death: 599 
son of: Maelfitric died 628
son of: Aodh III - King of Ireland died: 607
son of: Donal I - King of Ireland died: 561 & Erica - daughter of: Orca - son of: Carthan
son of: Murcertac I - King of Ireland died: 533 & Duabsech - Princess of Connaught - daughter of: Duach - King of Connaught  Death: 502
son of: Muredac died: 480 & Erca - daughter of: Loarn Mor
son of: Eochan - King of Tyrone died: 465  & Indorba
son of: Nial I - King of Ireland - died: 405 & Ineachtfec