Bundy Families of the United States - Royal & Imperial Lineage - "The Sangraal" & "The Bloodroyal"
Tamar Symonds Family Royal & Imperial Ancesters
Spelling Variations: Symonds & Symons

Samuel Bundy (known as "The Planter") bFeb 4 1676 & <R> Tamar Symonds (1680-1719) - Pasquotank, NC
daughter of:
<R> Jeremiah Symonds b1655 &  Ann Unknown b(abt)1626
son of:
William Symonds b(abt)1622 & <R> Mary Conkling (abt)1626 - Saybrooke, CT
daughter of:
<R> Jeremiah Conkling & <R> Mary Gardiner - b: 1638 in Ft Saybrooke, CT
son of:
<R> Ananias Conkling b: 1607 - a glassmaker in King Swinford, Co. Stafford - Emigration:(bet) 03Jul1637-25Apr1638 - Eng-Mass & Mary (Susan) Lavender (Launder) - b: 1614 a spinster of St. Peter's Parish d: Nov1657 in Salem, Ma - daughter of:  John Launder ( Lavender) BEF. 1595 in of Wasail, Staffordshire, Nottingham & Elizabeth Ridding b: BEF. 1595 in of Wasail, Staffordshire, Nottingham - John Launder was
son of: Cornelius Launder & Elizabeth Colin - daughter of:  John Colin  &  Elizabeth Shepperd
Ananias Conkling was son of: (Please note that these date are not consistant between records and further research is needed)
William Conkling b: 1584 & (1) <R> Ruth Hedges - b: 1588
William was the son of: Ananias Conkling
Ruth Hedges was the daughter of:
John Hedges - East Hampton, NY & <R> Ruth Stratton - East Hampton, NY
Ruth Stratton was daughter of: John Stratton II b: ABT. 1644 in East Hampton NY & <R> Mary James - b: 1654 in East Hampton, NY  - John Stratton II was son of: John Stratton I b: 14 Aug 1621 - Death: 1685- & Sarah Bancroft  - (see below)
son of:
Stephen Hedges - Constable of East Hampton - b: abt 1633 in East Hampton, NY  & Hannah Stratton - b: 1649 in East Hampton  NY   Ancester Generation 17
Stephen was the son of: William Hedges b: ABT. 1603 & Rose Unknown b: ABT. 1612 - William's- Immigration was before 1634 from England to Lynn, Massachusetts - His name does not appear on any passenger list; thus, he may have come without Royal permission.
Hannah Stratton was daughter of:  
John Stratton I  Christening: 14 Aug 1621 London, Middlessex, England  - d: 1685 & Sarah Bancrof  - b: 1618/19 n East Hampton, Long Island, Suffolk
 son of:                                                                                                                    daughter of:
William Stratton b: 1585 in Tenterden, Kent & Eizabeth      
son of:   
John Stratton  b: ABT. 1555 in Shrivenham, Berkshire        
son of:  
William Stratton b: ABT. 1530 in Shrivenham, Berkshire       
son of:  
Thomas Stratton b(Abt)1507 in Shrivenham, Berkshire & Joan Unknown  b(abt)1509 in Shrivenham, Berkshire died: Jul 1580 
John  Bancroft b(abt)1592 in Eng. & Jane Bohython - b:1601 in Swarkston, England - died: 19 Nov 1644 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut       
son of  
Ralph Bancroft b: Abt. 1547 
son of  
John Bancroft b: 1521 & Margaret Hollinsworth (Hollingsworth) - b:(est)1525 
son of  
William Bancroft  b: 1500 in Chellaston, Redenshire, Norfolk