Bundy Families of the United States - Royal & Imperial Lineage - "The Sangraal" & "The Bloodroyal"
Rhys ap Tewdwr Mawr - King of Deheubarth -  0997

Gruffudd ap Rhys - died: 1137
Princess Nesta verch Rhys of Dynevor  b:1073
his children (above)
Rhys ap Tewdwr (Tudor) Mawr - King of Deheubarth - b: 997  & Gwladys verch Rhiwallon of Powys - b: ABT. 1041 in of Powys, Wales
Rhys assumed the kingship of Deheubarth in 1081 following the Battle of Mynydd Carn - at the same time that his distant relative, GRUFFUDD ap CYNAN (RIN 2575), his co-victor, assumed the kingship of Gwynedd and Powys. When WILLIAM THE CONQUERER (RIN 798) visited Wales in 1081 he recognized Rhys as ruler of Deheubarth. Rhys paid an annual tribute to WILLIAM. WILLIAM died in 1087. His son William Rufus allowed BERNARD of NEUFMARCH (RIN 1009), his vassal, to attack Deheubarth in 1088. Rhys was killed in 1093 trying to resist BERNARD's incursions. His son, GRUFFUDD, was taken to Ireland for refuge. The chroniclers in  both England and Wales saw the killing of Rhys as marking the end of kingship in Wales.
- led the fight against the Viking invaders and killed the Norse leader Horm in battle. He established a line of Welsh Kings that reigned until the year 1305, when King Edward I executed Dafydd and imprisoned his sons. Rhodri-Mawr inherited the Kingdom of Powys from an uncle, the Kingdom of North Wales from his mother, and the Kingdom of South Wales from his wife. He was killed in battle with the Saxons. Married Angharad, heiress of South Wales. His six sons split the Kingdom, with Mervyn-Mawr becoming King of Powys and his brother Cadell taking the title of King of South Wales (Seisyllwg)".
son of:
Twedwr Mawr  & Gwenllian  - daughter of Gollwyn - son of: Ednywain  
Twedwr Mawr was son of:   
Cadell & Elinor  - daughter of: Gwerystan - son of: Gwaithfoed - son of: Gwynnan
Cadell was son of:    
Einion - He died two [four?] years before his father, so he never inherited his kingdom. His descendants, however did become rulers of Deheubarth.     
son of:   
Owain - King of Deheubarth - Death: 988  & Angharad  daughter of: Llywelyn       
Owain became King of Deheubarth upon the death of his father HYWEL in 950. It was at his request that the Welsh genealogies and the Annales Cambriae were compiled. Owain's son, EINON, predeceased him in 984, but became the ancestor of the future line of rulers of Deheubarth. Meanwhile, the kingdom passed to his other son, MAREDUDD upon his death in 986.     
son of:
Hywel Dda ap Cadell - Prince of Deheubarth b: Abt 887 in Dynevor Castle,Llandilo,Carmarthenshire, Wales - Death: 950 & Ellen Verch Llywarch b: Abt 893 in Dyfed, Wales Sources: Young; Llantarnam Abbey