Bundy Families of the United States - Royal & Imperial Lineage - "The Sangraal" & "The Bloodroyal"
Descendants of The Plantagenet Kings of England
Through Abbey Parker to: Richard II FitzAlan - 9th Earl of Arundel & Eleanor Plantagenet

Lannie Neal Bundy  & Minnie Edna Thomas
son of:
William Goeble Bundy  & Beatrice Powers
son of:
James Bundy  b 1879   & Abbey Parker bMar27,1879
daughter of:
William George Parker b1860 Elizabeth Gibson bMar15,1859
son of:
Edward Parker  b1837 & Evelina (Emily) Strong  b1844
son of:                                                                                        daughter of:

Alfred (Alford) Parker b: 1799 & Zilpa Cornett  b: 1810 - Married: 24 Feb 1828 - 6-085 
daughter of:  
Robert Cornett b: 1780 &  Charlotte Callahan - (American Indian Ancestry) b: 1779 in Harlan Co KY - Married: 17 AUG 1799 in Clay Co. KY  
daughter of: 
Alexander Strong b: ABT. 1808 & Anna Wilson  b: 1812 
son of: 
William Strong b: ABT. 1768 in Ireland  & (1) Jennie Callahan b: ABT. 1770 in Scott Co., Virginia 
daughter of: 
Edward "Ned" Callahan & Mahala Susannah Brock (American Indian Ancestry) b: 1749 in Cumberland Co. Virginia. 
son of:
Darby Callahan  b: Abt 1717 in , Halifax, Virginia & Unity (Montie) Harris b: 1730 in Rockingham Co Virginia (PA) - ChurchSome of his children Mig. to Clay Co Ky and to Hawkins Co Tenn.
daughter of:
Nathanial Harris b: Abt 1696 in , Rockingham, North Carolina  & Eleanor (Ellender) Sullivan b: Abt 1700 in , Rock., North Carolina
conflicting records of birth
Nathanial Harris b: 1712 & Ellendon Sullivan b: 1712 - Nathanial Harris Birth: 1712 Death: ABT. 1773 in Orange Co NC
Event: Land 11 OCT 1786 bought 100 acres on Matrimony creek, Rockingham Co NC - Will: 11 JUN 1773 P.39,book #1,Rockingham Co NC, Exec, son Edward - Note: He lived in St Matthews Parish. Land was located near present day Lake Michie and the small community of Bahama (named for the Ball-Harris and Mangum families theat lived in the area at that time. This is the northeastern part of present day Durham Co, near both person and Granville Counties. Nathanial lived in Prince Edward, Halifax and Amelia Co's Va befor coming to N.C.
son of:  <R>6-a  Edward E. Harris b(abt)1704 & Unity Unknown b(abt)1704
son of:  <R>6-a  Edward E. Harris  1674 & (1) Mary b: ABT. 1673 (2) Elizabeth b: ABT. 1673
son of:  <R> 6-a Major William Harris b: 1629 in Charles City, Henrico Co Va & Alice Stewart b: ABT. 1648  in Charles City Co Va Formed 1634
He was married (1)abt 1649 in Henrico County, Virginia Formed 1634 to: Lucy Day Stewart b: 1629 in Virginia. William was Justice of Henrico County ans a member of the House of Burgesses,1652, 1653,1656, 1658 -appointed major of the Henrico and Charles City re giment - Made will out possibly on battlefield in area near presen t Richmond, Virginia in 1678  
____________confusing records_______________still researching_______________
son of:  <R> 6-a Capt Thomas Harris b: 1583 in Creeksea, Essex County, England & (2)Joane Unknown (She was Major William Harris' mother) Captain Thomas Harris was married first (1) Adria Gurganey died: 1625 - daughter of: Edward Gurganey  & Ann Unknown    
Captain Tomas Harris was a Investor in The Virginia Company and a member House of Burgess
Captain Thomas Harris b: 1586 in Creeksea, Essex, England  & Joane Osborne b: 1605 in England - 6-057
arrived in 1611 on the Prosperous & He married  (1)Adria Gurganey (no children listed) b: 1598 in Creeksea, Essex, England (2)Joan Osborne  - daughter of: Sir Thomas Osborne and (3)Audrey-Adria Hoare b: Abt 1602 in Aylesbury Parish, Buckinghamshire County, England - she was daughter of Thomas Hoare b: Abt 1570 in Buckinghamshire County, England & Mother: Julyan Tripplett b: Abt 1570 in Buckinghamshire County, England - Capt Thomas Harris 1586, came to America during the Government of Sir. Thomas Dale and settled at the neck of land in Henrico Co. VA. He was a member of the House of Burgess in 1623-24 and again for Henrico in 1647. - Capt. Thomas Harris, 750 acres in Henrico within Digges Hundred. (refers supposedly to Sir Dudley Digges who was related to the Kempe's who were relate to Sir Thomas Sherley, the elder of Wiston, Sussec Co. England).  
Confusion as to which wife was the mother of:  Major William Harris
Diane Manners married Capt. Thomas Harris.  
son of:  <R> 6-a Edward Harris b: 1542 in Essex, England & Frances Barrington - daughter of: Sir Francis Barrington  
son of:  <R> 6-a Sir William Harris b: 1490 in Prittlewell, Essex  - married 3 times (1)Joanna Smyth, (2)Joane Cooke b: 1500, & (3)Anne Rutter 
son of:  <R> 6-a Arthur Harris, Esq <R>Dorothy Waldegrave - 1530
son of:                                                                                                                    daughter of:
<R> 6-a Sir William Harris b:  in Southminister, Essex & Johanna Cook  
son of: Arthur Harris b: 1475 in Essex  &  <R> 6-a  Johanne Percy b: 1475 in Northumberland - 6-058 

Arthur Harris b: 1475 in Essex, England & <R> 6-a  Johanne de Percy b: 1475 in Northumberland 
daughter of: 
<R> 6-a Sir Thomas Percy & Eleanor Harbottle daughter of: Sir Gloscard Harbottle b: ABT. 1359  and Co Heir of Guiscarde Harbottle of Beamish Co Durham     
son of: 
<R> 6-a Sir Henry Algernon V Percy  b:1478 - d:1537 - Knight of the Garter. Styled 'The Magnificent'. Lord Warden of the Scots Marches.& Katherine Spencer 
son of: 
<R> 6-a Sir Henry IV Percy b: ABT. 1457 & Maude Herbert  - 6-076 - Died: 1489   Murdered by a mob at Cocklodge Topcliffe 1489 dur to implementation of a poll tax. - Knight of the garter. Restored as 4th Earl of Northumberland 1473. Lord high Chamberlain.   
son of: 
<R> 6-a Lord Sir Henry Percy III - 3rd Earl of Northumberland. & Baron Poynings, Fitz Payne & Bryan & <R> Elizabeth Poynings - Countess of Northumberland - 6-040 - Born: 1417  - Died: 1461   Slain at Towton feild and attainted after death. - 3rd Earl of Northumberland. Summoned to parliament in right of his wife as Baron Poynings  Fitz Payne and Bryan 1446. 
son of: 
<R> 6-a Sir Henry II Percy b: ABT. 1403 &  <R> Eleanor Neville - 6-028 
son of: 
<R> 6-a Sir Henry (Hotspur) de Percy  b: 20 May 1364 & <HR> Elizabeth de Mortimer  b: abt 1370 -  6-035 

Sir Henry (Hotspu)de Percy
son of:  <R> 6-a Earl Henry de Percy  b: 10 NOV 1342 & <R> Margaret de Neville  - b(abt)1329 - daughter of: <R> Lord Ralph de Neville - 4th Baron of Raby - b:1290 & <R> Baroness Alice de Audley b(abt)1300 - 6-007 
son of:  <R> 6-a Lord Henry de Percy - 3rd Baron of Percy b: 1320 & <R> <HR/BI> Lady Mary Plantagenet b: ABT. 1320 

<R> 6-a Henry de Percy 3rd Baron of Percy b1320 & <R> Lady Mary Plantagenet b(abt)1320 - see also: Sir Henry (Hotspur) De Percy <R> Maud de Percy & <R> Baron John  de Neville (Baron Neville) b(abt)1331 - See Maud de Percy
  son above                                                                                                                daughter above 
Lord Sir Henry de Percy (Lord Percy) & Idoine de Clifrford - two of their children were Henry de Percy 3rd Baron of Percy b:1320 married Lady Mary Plantagenet and daughter Maud de Percy who married Baron John de Neville b1331 

<R> 6-a Lord Sir Henry de Percy (Lord Percy) b(abt)1299 married: Idoine de Clifford       -      <R> Maud de Percy - 6-075 
son of: 
<R> 6-aLord Henry de Percy (Lord Percy) b1273 & Eleanor Arundel b: ABT 1277 
Lord Henry de Percy (Lord Percy) b1273 - Descendant of: King Charles II (the Bald) Carolingian (King of France) & Queen Ermentrude of Orleans / Prince Charles Carolingian (Prince of France) b: 0953 & Duchess Bonne Adelaide de Ardennes, (Duchess of Lorraine) b: 953 / King Louis III Carolingian, (King of France) b:0863 / King Louis IV Transmarinus (King of France) b:0921/ Princess Gerberga of Saxony  b: 913 & King Heinrich I (The Fowler) King of the Germans b: 876 
son of:  <R> 6-aSir Henry de Percy b(abt)1235 &  
Eleanor Plantagenet-Warenne b(abt)1244 

<R> Sir William Waldegrave b: ABT. 1504 - Knight of Smallbridge & County Suffolk & Julian Rainsford - 1C-062 - b: 1505 in Smallbridge, Suffolk 
son of: <R> George Waldegrave b: 1483 & <R> Anne Drury  - 1C-013 - b: ABT. 1480 in Hawstead, Suffolk 
son of:   Sir William Waldegrave (Abt 1462-1525) & <R> Margery Wentworth (1453-1540) 
daughter of: 
<R> Sir Henry Wentworth - abt 1426-1500) & Elizabeth Howard - abt 1408 - daughter of: Henry Howard - 1387-1436 & Mary Hussey - abt 1389 
son of: 
Sir Roger Wentworth (Abt 1395-1452) & <R> Margaret Margery Despencer (1397-1478) 
daughter of: 
<R> Sir Philip Le Despencer  b(abt)1365 &  <R> Elizabeth de Tibetot - 1C-037 - b:(abt)1371 

<R> Sir Philip Despencer  b(abt)1365 & <R> Elizabeth de Tibetot b:(abt)1371 
daughter of: 
Lord Sir Robert Tibetot III - Baron de Tibetot  B:1341-Died: 1372, France & <R> Margaret Deincourt b:1335     Married in 1348 
daughter of:   
Lord Sir William Deincourt II - (1299-1364) & >>Milicent La Zouche (Abt 1298-1379)   

William Deincourt II was son of: John Deincourt  Born:England Died: 1327 

Milicent La Zouche daughter of:   
>>Sir William La Zouche of Haryngworth  (1276-1351) & Maud Lovel   (Abt 1278-1346)   
son of:   
>>Eudo Eon La Zouche  (Abt 1244-Bef 1279) & Millicent de Cantelou Cantilupe - 1C-095 - Abt 1250-Bef 1298 - daughter of: William de Cantilupe (Abt 1216-1254) & Eva Braose - Abt 1220-Bef 1255 - see: EveDeBraoseLeChapel1020 - 4-116 
son of: 
>>Sir Alan La Zouche (abt 1205-1270) & Helen Elena de Quincy - 1C-100 - (Abt 1222-Bef 1296)   
son of:  
>>Roger La Zouche b: ABT. 1182 in Ashby, Leicestershire & Margaret Unknown b: ABT. 1179 in England  
son of:  
>>Alan La Zouche b: ABT. 1157 in Harringworth, Northamptonshire & Alice (Adelicia , Adeleza) de Belmeis  
son of:  
>>Geoffrey La Zouche b: in Rohan, Brittanny, France & Hawise Fergan  
son of:  
Alan La Zouche b: ABT. 1093 in Rohan, , France & >>Constance - Princess of Bretagne b: ABT. 1118 in Bretagne, Indre, France  
daughter of:  
Conan III "Le Gross" Duke of Bretagne b: 1096 in Bretagne, Indre, France & >>Maud - Princess of England  b: ABT. 1091 in England  daughter of 
Henry I "Beauclerc" King of England - 4-137 - b: 1068 in Selby, Yorkshire & Unknown Mistress