Bundy Families of the United States - Royal & Imperial Lineage - "The Sangraal" & "The Bloodroyal"
Mathilda (Maud) d' Apulia & Hauteville - b: 1059

Amaury I de Narbonne - d: abt 1105 & >>Mathilda (Maud) d' Apulia & Hauteville - b: 1059 in Apulia,Calabria,Italy   - she was also married to:  Raimond Berenger III - Count of Barcelona (Abt 1053-1082)
daughter of: 
Robert I "Guiscard" (the Weasel) de Hauteville - Count Apulia  b: Abt 0965 in Normandy, France & >>Sigelgieta - Princess of Salerno b: Abt 0970 in Salerno, Italy 
son of: 
Tancred de Hauteville b: Abt 0985 in of Normandy, France   & >>Fressenda de Normandy 
Early in the 11th century there were several groups of adventurers from French Normandy earning a profitable living as professional soldiers in southern Italy. Some of them were straight forward mercenaries, others preferred the life of robber chiefs who plundered trade, stole cattle, and inflicted appalling devastation to spread the terror of their name. They hired themselves out as fighters, changing sides at will, or even fighting for both sides at once. Among these warriors were half a dozen sons of a certain Tancred de Hauteville, one of whom was Robert Guiscard...... ("a History of Sicily: Medieval Sicily, 800-1713", by Denis Mack Smith 

He was a 'poor knight' from the village of Hauteville and had 6-7 sons who went to Italy and beat everybody (Moslems, Greeks from Constantinople, and local lords) up and won a dukedom. The oldest son was called 'the terror of the world' , which was engraved on his tomb (still in existence). They also started the Norman rennaisance in Italy 
Fressenda was daughter of: 
>>Richard II "the Good" - Duke of Normandy b: 958 in Normandy,France & >>Judith de Bretagne - Princess of Brittany - b: 982 in Bretagne, France 
daughter of: 
Conan I - Duke of Bretagne - b: 0927 in Bretagne, France 
son of:   Juhael Berringer - died: 0930
son of:   Judicael - Count of Rennes d: 0888
son of:   Gurvard - Count of Rennes  d: 0877