Bundy Families of the United States - Royal & Imperial Lineage - "The Sangraal" & "The Bloodroyal"
Mary Stafford
Arms of Stafford / Arms of Percy
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>>Lord Sir George Neville, Knight of the Garter & Lord Burgavenny  b: BEF 1469 &  >>Mary Stafford
daughter of:
>>Sir Edward de Stafford K.G., & 3rd. Duke of Buckingham & Duke of Burgavenny. b: & >>Eleanor de Percy - Duchess of Buckingham b(abt)1474 - link not complete
son of: >>Henry Stafford - Duke of Buckingham b: 4 Sep 1455 & >>Katherine Wydeville - Duchess of Buckingham b: Abt 1458 - m:(2) Jasper "of Hatfield" Tudor m:(3)Richard Wingfield - link not complete
son of: >>Humphrey Stafford b: 1424 & >>Margaret Beaufort b: ABT 1437 ../../Chapter 1A - Bundy Family/English Royal Lineage/Margaret Beaufort - English Royal Lineage.html
son of: >>Humphrey Stafford, Duke of Buckingham  b: 1402 & >>Anne de Neville b: ABT 1411 - link not complete daughter of: 
Lord Edmund BeaufortEleanor Beauchamp b: SEP 1407 - Edmund Beaufort - Earl of Mortain 1430, Earl of Dorset 1438, Marquis of Dorset 1433, Earl of Somerset 1444 , Regent of France -  b(abt)1406-died: 22 May 1455, Battle of St. Alban's. - Married Eleanor Beauchamp (abt) 1433. - link not complete 
son of: 
Earl John de Beaufort of Somerset, 1st Earl Somerset, Marquess of Dorset, Lord High Admiral of England, Marquess of Somerset.  b. 1373 - Died: 16 MAR 1410, St. Katherine by the Tower, London & Margaret Holland b. ABT 1383. - link not complete 
son of: 
Earl John de Beaufort of Somerset 
son of: 
John Plantagenet of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster,  Earl of Richmond. Earl of Derby, Lincoln. Duke of Aquitaine. Lord of Beaufort & Nogent, King of Castile & Leon. Lord of Bergerac & Roche-sur-Yon. -  born:  Mar 1340 & Catherine Swynford Roët  b1350 Catherine was Governess to the Dukes daughter by his  first wife, became John's mistress in 1388. All their children were before they were married. They were ligitimated later by the Pope. - She was daughter of Sir Payne Roët of Guienne - King at Arms 
Margaret Beaufort