2B-019 - Mary Ball-Washington - (mother of George Washington)
(The Royal Ancesters of George Washington)
Bundy Families in the Unites States are related from George Washington through his mother's sister. Washington's Mother was: Mary Ball and her sister was Hannah Francis Ball who they are descended from. They were daughters of Colonel Joseph Ball. To view the family connection between the Washington and Bundy Families see: Hannah Francis Ball - 2B-013

<R> George Washington - siblings of George Washington were:  Betty Washington, Samuel Washington, John Augustine Washington, Charles Washington & Mildred Washington
son of:
<R> Captain Augustine Washington & Mary Ball - sister of:  Hannah Francis Ball  - 2B-013- (George Washington's Aunt)
son of:
Lawrence Washington (1659-1698) &   <R> Mildred Warner - 2B-025- (Abt 1670-1701 - (Washington's Grandfather and Grandmother)
son of:
Colonel John Washington (1632-1677) & Ann Pope (Abt 1635-Abt 1700)