Bundy Families of the United States - Royal & Imperial Lineage - "The Sangraal" & "The Bloodroyal" 
1H-031 - Margaret Somery b: 1354
5a1 John Dudly de Sutton b: 1341 in Sutton, Chesch   & <R>5a1 Margaret Somery b: 1354 in Sutton, Chesch
daughter of:
5a1 <R> Roger Somery - Lord of Dudley  &  Agnes Unknown
son of: 5a1 <R> Sir Roger de Somery b1200 (Baron Dudley) & Annabel Chaucombe - 1H-010
(He was married first to: Nicole d'Aubigny)  - (She was married first to: Gilbert de Segrave and there children were:   Nicholas de Segrave and Margaret de Segrave)
son of: 5a1 <R> Ralph de Somery - Baron of Dudley  1142 & <R>5a1a Margaret FitzGilbert Marshall - 1H-029
son of: <R> John de Somery  ABT 1125 in Little Crawley & <R> 5a1b  Hawise de Paynel - 1H-023 - 1129
 (Hawise was married first to: Roger de Berkeley and they had the following children: Alice de Berkeley and   Letitia de Berkeley)
son of: Roger de Somery b: ABT 1123 in Elmdon  & Christina Unknown
son of: Robert de Somery b: ABT 1093 in Elmdon