Bundy Families of the United States - Royal & Imperial Lineage - "The Sangraal" & "The Bloodroyal"
Lady Margaret de Courtnay
>> Sir Theobald Grenville (Knight of Bideford) 1350 & >>Lady Margaret de Courtnay
daughter of:
>>Sir Hugh de Courtnay  1327-1374 & Elizabeth de Brian Sir Hugh de Courtnay 1372 m Elizabeth de Brian (summoned to Parliament 1371 as Baron Courtnay. Served in wars in Spain).
son of: Lord Hugh de Courtenay - 2nd Earl Of Devon - b1303 d1377 &  >>Lady Margaret de Buhun - 1H-056 - d16 DEC 1391
Hugh De Courtenay 2nd Earl Of Devon b12Jul1303d2 May1377 Married to: ---->Phillapa Bonville - 1H-057 - 1395-1465
son of: >>Lord Hugh de Courtenay 1st Earl Of Devon d23 DEC 1340  & >>Agnes St. John - 1H-055 - d11 JUN 1340
son of: >>Sir Hugh de Courtenay d28Feb1291& >>Eleanor Le Despencer - b: in Ryhall, Rutland - d1Oct1328
son of: >>John de Courtenay died: 1273 & >>Isabelle de Vere ( - )
daughter of:
>>Hugh de Vere  4th Earl Of Oxford b(cir)1210 & >>Hawise de Quincey ( - ) -  other children of Saire de Quincy were: >>Roger de Quincy Earl of Winchester b1204, >>Robert de Quincy, &  >>Arabella de Quincy.  
Hawise was daughter of:
>>Saher de Quincey 1st Earl of Winchester b1155  >> and >>Margaret de Beaumont d:(cir) 12 1H-045
Record indicate that he was also married to: Margaret de Harcourt - 1H-044- married about: about 1174 in England
Saire DE QUINCY IV  was born in 1155 in Winchester, Hampshire, England. He was Magna Charta Surety on 15 Jun 1215 in Runnemede, England. He died on 3 Nov 1219 in Palestine. En route to Holy Land. He has Ancestral File number 9G80-MC. He was buried in Akko (Acre), Palestine. He held the royal title of Earl of Winchester. -

son of:
>>Robert de Quincy 1100 d1197 & Orabella (Oribalis) de Leuchars b1133 in Leuchars, Fifeshire, Scotland - daughter of: Nes de Leuchars b1107 in Leuchars, Fifeshire, Scotland  
son of: 
>>Saire de Quincy d:1158 & Maud de Senlis d1140