Bundy Families of the United States - Royal & Imperial Lineage - "The Sangraal" & "The Bloodroyal"
Lucinda Ruth Morris b1777

Nathanial Bundy b(abt)1777 &  Lucinda Ruth Morris b1777
daughter of:
Aaron Morris  b1744 &  Margaret Nicholson 1752
daughter of:
Thomas Nicholson  &  Mary Hill died:1772
daughter of:
William Thomas Hill died: 1750 & Mary Ann Spivey b(abt)1672
son of:  James Hill b: 1636 died: 1720/21 (Also name given by Kyle Conrad) & Hannah Henchman b: 16 OCT 1635
son of: William Hill  1595 &  Sarah Jourdain 1597/98
daughter of:
Ignatius Jourdain  1561 &  Elizabeth Baskerville 1565 in England
daughter of:
Thomas Baskerville  b abt 1540 & Edeth Perry
son of:  John Baskerville Birth: 1500 in Hereford & Joan Basill - Birth: 1510 in Devonshire 
son of:  Sir Walter Baskerville b: 1456 in Eardisley, Herefordshire & Anne Verch Morgan b: in Pencoyd - Married: 1497
son of: James Baskerville Katherine Sibyl Devereux
daughter of: 
Lord Walter Devereux - Lord Farres of Chartley b: 1387 in Bodenham, Herefordshire  &  Elizabeth Merbury  b: 1412 in Lyonshall, Herefordshire - Married: 1432 in Herefordshire
daughter of:
John Merbury  &  Agnes Crophull b: abt 1366 in Salisbury, Wiltshire
daughter of:
Thomas Crophull b:abt 1335 in Newbold, Verdon, Leicestershire & Elizabeth Delebere b: 1338 in ,Kynardesley, Herefordshire - daughter of: John DeLabere b: abt 1308 in ,Kynardesley, Herefordshire
son of:
John de Crophull b: ABT 1305 in Bonnington, Nottinghamshire, England &  Margaret (Margery) de Verdon  b: 10 AUG 1310 in Of, Atton Castle, Staffordshire
daughter of:
Theobald de Verdon b: ABT 1284 in Atton Castle, Stafford  & Matilda (Maud) de Mortimer b: ABT 1286 in Wigmore, Herefordshire - daughter of: Edmund de Mortimer b: 1252 in Wigmore,Herefordshire & Margaret de Fiennes b: INT 1262 (Abt 1262-1270) in Wigmore, 
son of:  Theobald de Verdon b: 1248 in Alton, Staffordshire,England  & Margery Elizabeth b: ABT 1254 in Bisley, Gloucestershire
son of:  John de Verdon b: ABT 1226 in Alton, Staffordshire,England   & Margery de Lacy  b: ABT 1226 in Ewyas Lacy, Herefordshire
John de Verndon took his mothers last name
son of:  Theobald "Le Butzllen Botiller (Butler) b: 1200 in Arklow, Wicklow, Ireland  & Rohese (Rose) de Verdon b: abt 1204 in Alton, Staffordshire
son of:  Theobald Fitz Walter Boteler  - Chief Butler of Scotland b: abt 1150 in West Dereham,  & Maude Le Vavasour b: 1176 in Edlington, Yorkshire - daughter of:  Sir Robert Le Vavasour b: bef 1193 & Julian de Ros b:abt:1234
son of:
Hevery II de Clare b: abt 1130 in West Dereham, Norfolk &  Matilda de Valoines b: 1138
daughter of:
Theobald de Valoines - Lord Parham of Suffolk - b: abt 1100 in Parham, Suffolk, England 
son of:  Hamo de Valoines b: abt 1070 
son of:  Philip de (Valognes) Valoines 
son of:  Robert de (Valognes) Valoines & Unknown Agnes 
son of:  Peter  - Lord de Valoines & Albreda de Rie - daughter of: Hubert de Rie b: Abt. 1003 & Albreda de Preaux 
son of:  Ebguerrand II - Count de Ponthieu & Adeliza de Normandy - daughter of: Robert II - 6th Duke de Normandy b: 1010 in Normandy & Arlotta (Herleva) de Falaise b: 1003 in Falaise, Normandy 
son of:  Hugh II - Count de Ponthieu Count de Montreuil, Signeur de Abbeyville & Bertha, Heiress de Aumale - daughter of: Guerinfroi Signeur de Aumale 
son of:  Enguerrand I Count de Montreuil & Adele de Holland b: abt. 980 - daughter of: Arnulf I - Count de Holland b: Abt. 984 in Gand, Flanders, Belgium & Luitgarde de Luxemburg b: Abt. 987 in Cleves, Germany 
son of:  Hugh I (Signeur) de Montreuil  & Gisela (Heiress) de France - daughter of:  Hugh Capet - King of France b: 938 in Paris & Adelaide de Poitou 
son of:   Hildouin (Hugh) de Montreuil 
son of:   Rotgaire - Count de Montreuil b: aft. 927 
son of:  Herlouin - Count de Ponthieu & Unknown de Damartin 
son of:  Heligaud - Gov. de Ponthieu b: abt. 877 
son of:  Herlouin - Gov. de Ponthieu died: abt. 876 & Unknown Helisinde 
son of:  Heligaud - Gov. de Ponthieu b: Bef. 823 
son of:  Nithard - Gov. de Ponthieu  died: 823  
son of:  Augelbert - Gov. de Ponthieu  &  Bertha de France  b: 776 - daughter of:  Emperor Charlemagne - King of France & Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire - b: 2 apr 742 in Aix la Chapelle, Austrasia & Hildegarde (Lady) de Swabia b: abt. 758 in Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia 
son of:  Nithard Martel & Unknown Richarde 
son of:  Hieronmus Martel de France & Unknown Ermengarde 
son of:  Charles Martel - King of France b: abt. 689 in Heristal, Neustria & Chrotrude (Lady) de Trevers b: abt. 690 in Moselle, Austrasia