Bundy Families of the United States - Royal & Imperial Lineage - "The Sangraal" & "The Bloodroyal"
Descendants of Lord Thomas West, 1st Lord De La Ware - Delaware - abt - 1530
& Lord Sir George Calvert, Baron of Baltimore
Some of the (est: 35) descendant families Calvert,  Barnard, Plummer, Bennett, Bundy,  Peaslee (Peasley), West, 
Carnahan, Hubbard, Hibbard, Jones, Hyde, Jarvis, Teague, Delph, Hoskins, Griswold, Pelky, Freeman, Sams, Gibson, Collins, Cotton, Harris, Bleavins, Scalf, Moore, Parmon, Abner, Sizemore, Hacker, Valentine, Jarvis, McNeil, Price,
  One Daughter - (Name Unpublished)
child of:
   Randal M. Bundy  &  (Name Unpublished)
son of:     Lannie Neal Bundy  & Minnie Edna Thomas
son of:     William Goeble Bundy & Beatrice Powers
son of:     James Bundy - 1879 &  Abbey Parker  b:1879
son of:     William Letcher Bundy & Margaret Hooker b(abt)1857 in Clay Co,Ky m: 24 Oct 1874 - Clay Co,Ky
son of:    Andrew Jackson Bundy 1852/1853 &    Lucinda Bennett - Descendant of: Lord George Calvert - 1st Lord Baltimore
son of:   Nathanial (Nathan) Bundy b(abt)1777 &   Lucinda Ruth Morris b1777 - b. Pasquotank, NC  m. 8/19/1795
Descendants of: Lord Sir William West - 1st Lord Delaware
Lord Sir Thomas West - Baron De La Ware (Lord DeLaWare)
Lord Sir George Calvert - 1st Lord Baltimore