Bundy Families of the United States - Royal & Imperial Lineage - "The Sangraal" & "The Bloodroyal"
Khadijah Wife of Muhammad

>>Khadijah - Married (1) to Abu Hala al-Tamini - and Divorce - Child 1: Hind, Child 2: Hala
Married to , `Utayyik - Child 3: , Hind
Married to The Prophet Muhammad - Child 4: , Fatimah  Child 5: Rukaiya bint Muhammad  Child 6: , Zaynad Child 7: Umm Kuttum
Child 8: Muhammad, al-Kasim (`Abd Allah) ben
daughter of: >>Khuwailid - Child 1: , Khadijah Child 2: , Rukayka
son of: >>Asad
son of: >>Abd al-Uzza
son of: Qusayy (Zayd) "Mujammi", (Governor of Mecca), b. ABT 400 - Acceded: 440  & >>Hobba - They had 4 children: Child 1: Abd al-Uzza, Child 2: Abd Manâf,  b. ABT 430, Child 3: Abd ed-Dar,  Child 4: Abd al-Cossai - >>Hobba was daughter of: Holeil of the Khozâite, King of the Khozâite   - H-37
Qusayy was son of: Kilab, b. ABT 365 - had 2 children: Child 1: Poet Zohra Child 2: , Qusayy (Zayd) "Mujammi", Governor of Mecca, b. ABT 400
son of: Murra
son of: Ka'b
son of: Lu'ayy
son of: Ghalib
son of: Fihr
son of: Malik
son of: al-Nadr
son of: Kinama
son of: Khuzayma
son of: Mudrika Amir
son of: Ilyas
son of: Mudar
son of: Nizar
son of: Ma'add
son of: Adnan
Notes: Muhammad the Prophet never traced his ancestors farther than Adnân