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Lannie Neal Bundy  & Minnie Edna Thomas
daughter of:
McKesson Thomas & Lillie Matlock
son of:  Job McKesson Thomas  & Rachel E. Helton
son of:  Jobe Thomas 1808 in Yancy Co., N.C  &  Nancy Deyton  -1819 in Yancey Co., N.C.
son of:  Aaron O. "the elder" Thomas 1776 NC & Elizabeth Hunsucker  (Huntzaker) - b (abt) 1777 in SC
Elizabeth Hunsucker was born about 1775 in North Carolina while Aaron Thomas was believed to have been born about 1776 in South Carolina. - Aaron Thomas moved his family from the French Broad River area in South Carolina to Roses Branch in Buncombe (present day Yancey County) overlooking the Toe River.
son of:
Joseph W. Aaron Thomas b(abt)1755 Va or SC & Cindy Wilson

Details of Persons Minnie Edna Thomas had came from a large family. Starting off there is
They were all children of Mckenson Thomas b 1895 burried in Grays, Ky and Lillie Belle Matlock - b 1895 d 1951 burried in Gelico, TN.

1 - Claira Thomas who married (1) - Matt Fuston (2) - (william c (Bill) Brock and (3) - (    )Collins Claira Thomas and family live in Jellico, Tenn.
Cleiry Thomas Collins - 1-615-784-8572 in Gelico, TN.
Her children by Matt Fuston are:
Eva Fuston, - daughter ava
Evert Fuston, Silvia Fuston, Ernist Fuston, Jerry Fuston, Mathew Fuston, Jr., Paul Fuston
Her children by ( ? ) Brock are:
Lee Roy Brock & (Wife Tonya (Ball) Brock - 423-784-8083,  Betty Brock,  Laurence Brock  Jellico, Tenn.
Another sister of Edna is Virgiy Thomas b in Indian Creek in Knox Co. she had only one child named Steve who would have been about my age. He died a long time ago in a motorcycle accident.
(2) Gracy Thomas -
Everett Ester Thomas b 8-22-1922 in Little Poplar Creek in Whitley Co
(4) Steve Thomas - wlliamsburg -
(5) Woodrow Thomas - He is died now but his wife is Marie Thomas - who lives in Williamsburg, Ky 1-606-549-0394 - the have a son, my cousin also named Steve.
(6) Mary Thomas.

Mckesson Thomas had siblings
Steve Thomas,
Dave Thomas who married someone named Laffy,
Salley Thomas who married Nelf Hamblin and they had kids Tearl Hamblin, Dont Hamblin, and Larkin Hamblin.
Bill Thomas and
Tom Thomas   Name: Aaron Thomas , Sr. - Birth: 1776 in NC - Death: 1880 in Yancey Co., NC Aaron & Elizabeth
Burial: In an unmarked grave in the Thomas Family Cemetery, on a hill overlooking the farm and river.
Residence: 1810 Aaron brought his family from the French Broad River area of NC to the Roses Branch area of Yancey Co., NC
Census: 1810 Buncombe Co., NC; Aaron, age 24-44; wife, same age; four males under 10
Census: Yancey Co., NC, Brush Creek Twp #78, living with son, John
Census: 1850 Yancey Co., NC #358?. Aaron age 68, born abt 1782
Census: 1860 Yancey Co., NC, #453, Aaron, age 84, born abt. 1776
Event: Deed 1834 Bk 1, p 118, Yancey Co.: Aaron Thomas buys two parcels of land from R. Love, one of them containing 100 acres on Roses Branch and Toe River, adj. Dayton property.
Descendants who lived until the 1960's on the original land settled by Aaron have documented his family line. The Thomas Family Cemetery is on a hill overlooking the farm and river. Several of the family are buried there but the graves of Aaron & Elizabeth are not marked.

"Old Buncombe County Heritage Book" Family No. 578 - Aaron Thomas Family
Among the early settlery in the Valley of the Toe River was Aaron Thomas (born 1770-1782; died about 1889), who married Elizabaeth Huntsinger (Huntsucker, born 1775-1781; died about 186?) and lived on Roses Branch (present Yancey County). In the 1850 census he lists his place of birth as Georgia, but in 1860 as SC. This difference apparently reflects the controversy that arose between these two states and NC concerning mutual borders, out of which rose Walton Co., GA (formerly SC). This lead to the so-called "Georgia War" (a legal struggle which reached the U.S. Congress) and the ultimate transfer of the area to Buncombe Co., NC.
When the Thomas family settled on Roses Branch, it was still unbroken wilderness. It is related that as Mrs. Thomas was doing family wash in the front yard one day, she noticed a movement in the thicket nearby. Looking more closely, she spied a number of Indians keeping watch on her.