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Royal Stuart descendants of James I - King of Scotland - 1394
& other Scottish Royal Families
 James I King of Scotland (1394-1437)
Royal Arms of Scotland ~ James Stuart I - King of Scotland
Gwyndylynn Halida Bundy
daughter of:
Randal MacNiall Bundy
son of:
Lannie Neal Bundy  &  Minnie Edna Thomas
son of:
William Goeble Bundy &: Beatrice Powers
son of:
James Bundy  b 1879 d 1957 & Abbey Parker b 1879 d 1970 married Sep 9, 1897
daughter of:
William George Parker b1860 & Elizabeth Gibson bMar15,1859
daughter of:
Andrew Gibson  b(abt)1815 & Abbigail (Abby) Sizemore b(bet) 1822-1830 in Clay Co. Ky
son of:  
James Gibson b(abt)1775 in Virginia died:(aft)1838 Mary Ann Finley  b(abt)1780 in Virginia
daughter of:
James Finley b 1745 - d: 1830   & Kiziah Martin - b: 1753 - d: 1831
son of: John Patterson Finley b:1706 in Dublin, Ire  Elizabeth Thankful Doak - b(bet)1704-1707
John Finley. Born Dublin 1706. Died Augusta Co, VA 1773. Married Elizabeth Thankful Doak, dau of Samuel Doak.

son of: James Finley  b1687 in Dublin, Ireland & Elizabeth Patterson  b1689/90 in Dublin, Ireland
James Finley. Born Ireland 4 December 1688. Died Green twp, Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania 10 February 1753. Married, 10 January 1706, Elizabeth Patterson (born 16 March 1690; died Franklin Co, PA 1753-55).

son of: Alexander Finley b: 1667  in Balchristie, Fife, Scotland & Catherine Margaret Jennings - b: 1668  in Inchervie, Fife, Scotland
Alexander Finley. Born Incarvie, Fife 30 July 1667. Died Dublin, Ireland 23 January 1735/36. He removed to Ireland in 1674. In 1690 he served in King William's War. Wool and linen merchant in Dublin. Married in Co. Derry, Ireland, 10 January 1686/87, Margaret Jennings (born Ireland 1668, died Dublin 1742), dau of William Jennings and Mary, née Morduck.

son of: James Finley b(abt)1636 in Inchervie, Fife, Scotland &  Margaret Mackie  - b(abt) 1626 in Scotland
James Finley. Born Incharvie, Fife, Scotland 09 September 1631. Died Incharvie 16 February 1680/81  In 1632 he was granted land at Balchrystie. He appears in Newburn Parish records until 1679. Married first Barbara Henderson (born 1637). Married second, 10 September 1666, Margaret Mackie (born Scotland 1636; died 1672).

son of: John Finley - aka: (John of Fife)  b:1579 in St. Andrews, Balchristie, Scot  & Sarah Craigie - b: 1590  in Dumblane, Perthshire, Scot
John Finley. Born St Andrews, Newburn Parish, Balchrystie, Fife 8 June 1579.  Died 6 October 1670 [8]. Married first Eleanor Forbes (dvu). Married second in Balchrystie, Fife 3 October 1630 Sarah Craigie (born c.1581; died Balchrystie, Fife, Scotland 06 April 1669) daughter of Hugh Craigie and Christina, née Smith (Smyth). Sarah Silber advises that Sarah was descended from the Kings of England.

son of: James Finley b: 1530 n Cupar Angus, Balchristie, Fife, Scotland & Elizabeth Warrender  b: 1550 in Balchristie, Fife, Scotland 
daughter of: 
William WarrenderChristine Arbuthnott b: bet 1492-1515 
CHRISTIAN (or Christina) ARBUTHNOT. Born 1535. Died before 30 April 1583. Married first, c.1554, WILLIAM WARRENDER (dvp).
   aa. ELIZABETH WARRENDER. Born 1555. Married, betw 1575-76, James Finley (born 15 September 1530).  Their descendants emigrated to Dublin, Ireland and, 22 May 1720, to America, landing in Newcastle, Delaware, and settling in Pennsylvania. They had numerous descendants.
   Christian married second, c.1556, GEORGE SYMMER, Junior, eldest son of George Symmer, Sr of Balzeordie and had issue:-
   bb. at least one child.
daughter of: 
Robert Arbuthnott  & Christian Keith 
Christian Keith. Married, after 1529, Robert Arbuthnot, 14th of Arbuthnot (born c.1508; died 15 Oct 1579).
daughter of: 
Lord Robert Keith  & Elizabeth Douglas
Robert Keith, Master of Marischal. Dvp after 1513 and by 22 April 1525. Married, 1505, Elizabeth Douglas, dau of John Douglas, 2nd Earl of Morton.
son of:
William Keith b: abt 1450 - d: 1530 & Lady Elizabeth Gordon b: abt 1455
William Keith, 3rd Earl Marischal. Died before 2 May 1527. Married, 11 Jan 1481-82, Elizabeth Gordon, dau of George Gordon, 2nd Earl of Huntly).

son of: William Keith b: abt 1410 & Mariot Erskine b: abt 1420  
son of: Sir William Keith b: abt 1376 & Mary Hamilton b: abt 1380   
William Keith, 1st Earl Marischal (d before 1476). Married Mary Hamilton, dau of Sir James Hamilton of Cadzow. 

son of: Sir Robert Keith b: abt 1350 - Dunnottar, Kincardineshire, Scotland & Heiress of Troup b: abt 1352 - Troup, Banffshire, Scotland   
Sir Robert Keith, Marischal (died before 20 July 1430). Married the heiress of Troup. 

son of: Sir William Keith b: abt 1328 & Margaret Fraser b: abt 1330   
Sir William Keith, Marischal. Died before 1410. Married Margaret Fraser, dau of John Fraser of Touchfraser. 

son of: Sir Edward Keith b: abt 1308 & Isobel (de Keth) b: abt 1310   
son of: Sir William (Robert) de Keth b: abt 1280 &  Barbara de Seton - b: abt 1285  
son of: Sir John de Keth  d: bef 1270  
son of: Herveus de Keth  b: bet  1242 - 1250  
son of: Philip de Keth  d: bef. 1220  &  Eda Lorens  
son of: Malcolm de Keth    
son of: Herveus de Keth  d: bef. 1196 in Scotland 

daughter of: 
Lord George Gordon - 2nd Earl of HuntlyLady Annabella Stuart (Royal Stuart)  - m: abt 1459 - Divorce 1471 
George Gordon, 2nd Earl of Huntly (d c08.06.1501, Chancellor of Scotland)  
Although it does appear that there were no children by his first marriage, there is some uncertainty on which of his other wives mothered which of his children. Some sources report that Annabella was mother of only one daughter, the absence of any male issue probably being part of the reason why George divorced her. Claims that Annabella did in fact produce more children may have been made by later Gordons because of the greater social prestige that might have arisen through claiming close descent from the Royal family. We follow what is shown under BP1934 (Huntly).  
m1. (mcrt 20.05.1455, div) Elizabeth Dunbar (d before 17.02.1485-6, dau of James Dunbar, 4th Earl of Moray)  
m2. (10.03.1459, div 24.07.1471) Annabella Stewart (b c1432, d 1509, dau of James Stewart, King James I of Scots)  

their children were: Child 01: Isabella Gordon, Child 02: Alexander Gordon - Earl of Huntly 3rd, Child 03: Adam Gordon - Lord of Aboyne, Child 04: Sir William Gordon, Child 05: Admiral Sir James Gordon, Child 06: Janet Gordon, Child 07: Elizabeth Gordon, Child 08: Margaret Gordon, Child 09: Agnes Gordon, and Child 10: Alexander Gordon of Huntly, 

daughter of: 
James Stuart I - King of Scotland - 1394-1437 & Lady Joan Beaufort - Queen of Scotland b: Abt. 1406 in Westminster, Middlesex, ENGLAND d: July 15, 1445 in Dunbar Castle, Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland.   She was 19 generation descendant of Alfred the Great - daughter of: John (Fairborn) de Beaufort - Earl of Somerset  & Margaret de Holland 

James I King of Scotland (1394-1437)
James I - King of Scotland - 1394
son of: 
Robert (John) Stuart III - King of Scotland  &  
Annabella Drummond   
son of: 
Robert Stuart II - King of Scotland & Elizabeth Mure of Rowallan - daughter of:  Sir Adam Mure of Rowallan 
son of: 
Walter Stewart VI - High Steward of Scotland  & Princess Marjorie Bruce 

son of James Stewart, 5. Lord Stewart ca 1243-1309 and Gille de Burgh