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Morris Family Royal & Imperial Ancesters - Index 
Note: There were two different Mary Symonds who the Bundy Families are descended from
1 - Mary Elizabeth Symons b: 1687 daughter of:  Thomas Symonds - abt 1648
she was married to: John Morris, Jr. b: 3 Jun 1680 in Isle of Wight, Va
and there was:
2 - Mary Ann Symonds b 1766 in Symons Creek M.H., Pasquotank, NC daughter of: Jehoshaphat Symonds b: 1708
she was married to: Josiah Bundy II - b(abt)1762 in Perquimans,NC d1810)
Nathanial Bundy b(abt)1777 & Lucinda Ruth Morris b9 Jan 1777 m: 19 Aug 1795
daughter of:
Aaron Morris  b1744 & Margaret Nicholson - 1752
son of:  Aaron Morris b: 14 Jul 1704 & Mary Pritchard - 1707
son of:  John Morris, Jr. b: 3 Jun 1680 in Isle of Wight, Va &  Mary Elizabeth Symonds - 1687
son of:  Sir John Morris & Damaris Page - b: abt 1659 d: 1722 - Pasquotonk Co.NC - her other marriage was to: Henry White b1635  
son of:  Charles Morris b: 1625  & Hannah Unknown
son of:  Sir John Morris b: 1600 in Wales
He was a passenger (age 19) on the ship Bona Nouva which sailed from England in 1619 to Jamestown VA. Between 1663 and 1665, he emigrated to Albemarle Co., NC. He became a quaker through the preachings of George Fox and William Edmonson between 1671 and 1677, in Little Tiver Bridge, Pasquotank Co., NC.
The Morris Family is of Welsh orgin and comes from  Elystan Godydd, a powerful British Chieftain who founded the fourth Royal Tribe of Wales, and who was born in 933 A.D. The early name---MawrRwyce---meant "strong in battle"
son of:  Edward Morris b: 1580 in Wales & Unknown Wife
son of:  Charles William Morris b: 1555 in England & Elizabeth Hollowell
son of:  Anthony Morris I - 1530   & Elizabeth Unknown
son of:  Thomas Morris b: 1481 in England & Alice Wynninge - b: abt 1483 in Wadley, Berkshire - daughter of: Robert Wynninge b: abt 1451 in Wadley, Berkshire England
son of:  Edward Morris b: abt 1455