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Matlock Family Royal / Imperial Ancesters - Index
Descendant of: (Hannah Ball (sister of Mary Ball-Washington) - 4-014) - George Washington's Mother
The Matlocks, came to America From Matlock England, in the ship Griffith in 1677 
McKesson Thomas & Lillie Matlock -(Some records report her name as Holly Belle Matlock. Holly Belle had siblings:
Neil Matlock,  Benjamine Matlock,  Synthia Matlock - she had children: Noah Matlock, Ed Matlock, and Carl Matlock. She appears not to have married,  other sister of Holly is Sussy Matlock who married John Pearce and Rachael Matlock.  All were the children of Jeromie Matlock and wife Elizabeth.
daughter of:
Jerome Matlock & Margaret Carloyn Adams (Janie) - (She was reported as being Elizabeth in some records
son of:  John Matlock - 1809 Tn & Melinda Ellis - b: 17 MAR 1810
son of:  Isham Esau Matlock - 1782 - Va  Nancy Ellen Haile - abt 1787
son of:  Zachariah Matlock - abt 1755 & Emily (Eady) Paine - abt 1762  - daughter of: Robert Paine III - abt 1732 & Anna Button (Burton) - abt 1734
son of: 
Moore Matlock (Medlock) b:abt 1715 & Emily Jane Powell - b:1731 in Bristol Parish, Prince George, Va d: (abt)1820 in Roane Co. Tn
records are conflicting - he was the son of either of the two
1 - William Matlock b: 19 JUL 1702 in New Kent County, Virginia & Elizabeth Witt b: in Bedford County, Virginia dates are not consistent  2 - John Matlock Jr b: abt 1680 & Hester Watson b: 1670 in Scot - daughter of: William Watson b: 1645 in Scot 1670 in Va &  Mary Unknown      
son of: 
John Matlock b: 1638 & (1) Anne Moore - b(abt)1640 Second Wife: (2) Margaret b(abt)1647 - daughter of: Isaac Moore b: 1610 in England died: 1680 in New Kent County, Virginia
son of: 
William Matlack b: 1648 & Mary Hancock
William Matlack b: 1648 in Cropwell Bishop, Nottingham,, England  & Mary Hancock -

William Matlack came to America (New Jersey, then the colony of West Jersey) in 1677 on the Kent. He was a carpenter and a Quaker. Mary Hancock came to America in 1681 on the Paradise. The story is that she was rescued from a ship wreck. But other records differ, as with the folloiwng exerpt
Another event in 1681 was to help shape Matlack's destiny, although he was not aware of it at the time. This was the arrival from England of
Timothy Hancock and his sister, Mary, who was about 15 years of age. They had managed to get passage from their home in Brayles, southern
Warwickshire. When they landed at Burlington they had little worldly goods. But, like the settlers already established, they were gripped by hope and a radiant outlook toward the future.
Mary gave William six sons and one daughter. All were married in due time, four of them going to the alter twice
son of:
George Matlock b: 27 Apr 1606 in Cropwell Bishop, Nottingham  & Jane Hall   - b: 15 Mar 1605/06 in Cropwell, Bishop, Nottingham - daughter of:  Edward (Heugh)  Hall  (abt) 1580-1619  in Hawton, Nottingham, England - Married: 7 NOV 1636 in St. Giles Church, Cropwell-Bishop, Nottingham, England -  
Cropwell-Bishop is a very old village. In the center of the village is old St. Giles Church, erected in the 1200's and is still in use.  
The name Matlock is mentioned in the Parish Register first on 30 Mar 1560--the baptism of John Matlock. Apparently this child's parents were new-comers to the community from some place in nearby Derbyshire, which county contains a town by the name of Matlock. Other children in the family were Thomas Matlock on 23 Apr 1564, Margaret Matlock on 25 Jun 1567, and George Matlock on 24 Apr 1572. John Matlock's children Elizabeth, 1 Jun 1587, and Thomas, 28 Sep 1589, were also listed. Marriage records are also listed for several of these children. According to Edgar L. Matlock, George's son William and family Came to America with Quaker emmigrants to West Jersey in 1677. In 1648 the Quaker movement started by George Fox in the village of Fenny-Drayton in Leicestershire. Apparently some members of the Matlock family in Cropwell-Bishop joined the Quakers.        
son of:  
John Matlock b: 1586 & Margaret Asse b: 1584  
son of:  
William Matlock b: (abt) 1531 in ,Nottingham & Elizabeth Unknown b: 1535 in Nottingham