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Mary Conkling (abt)1626 - Family Royal & Imperial Ancesters - Index

William Symonds b(abt)1622 & Mary Conkling (abt)1626 - Saybrooke, CT
daughter of:
Jeremiah Conkling & Mary Gardiner - b: 1638 in Ft Saybrooke, CT
son of:
Ananias Conkling b: 1607 - a glassmaker in King Swinford, Co. Stafford - Emigration:(bet) 03Jul1637-25Apr1638 - Eng-Mass & Mary (Susan) Lavender (Lauder) - b: 1614 a spinster of St. Peter's Parish d: Nov1657 in Salem, Ma
He was a descendant of  William the Conqueror
son of:
William Conkling b: 1584 & (1) Ruth Hedges - b: 1588
son of:
Ananias Conkling  

 From "The Conklin Family: of Staffordshire, England; Nottingham, England; Salem, Massachusetts; Southold, New York; East Hampton, New York; Dutchess County, New York; and Binghampton, New York 1630 - 1979" by Honor Conklin.
Annanias worked as a glassmaker in King Swinford, County Stafford, England when he married Mary Lauder, a spinster of St. Peter's Parish in
Nottingham, England. The marriage is recorded in that church on February 23, 1631. Their first son, Jeremiah, was born in 1634. Between 1634 and 1636 Ananias, his brother John, and their families came to America and settled in Salem, Massachusetts. It is believed that Mary Lauder died in Salem (now Peabody), although her grave has not been located. Her death was probably between 1638 and 1639 after the births
of Cornelius and Benjamin but before Ananias's marriage to Susan in 1639. Ananias and John were granted house lots in Salem in June 1638.
The following info taken from various books on early American glass. In 1638 Lawrence Southwick, a Quaker, and Obadiah Holmes formed a
partnership to build the first glass factory in New England with Ananias and John Conkling, practical glassmakers. Each were granted land
adjoining their homes for the glass house. This land was located on the original road from Salem to Boston, and is now Abbott Street, a
residential section in Peabody. In the records of the Mass. Bay Colony, it says that the town of Salem lent the men 30 pounds for the factory to
be repaid if the factory succeeded and when they were able. A descendent of Southwick was quoted as saying that bottles were made in light and dark green, blue, and brown glass. Also, earthenware and "bull's eyes" for windows and doors were made. No samples of the work have been positively identified. In 1639 Ananias married Susan, a member of the First Church of Salem.
On May 18, 1642, John and Ananias were made freedmen of Salem and received more land. About that time they were also made freedmen of what is now Cambridge. In Vol II of Mass Bay Colony, under October 1645, it states that Ananias and John petitioned the General Court for a settlement with the undertakers of the factory, Holmes and Southwick. They said the works had been neglected for three years and that they had not been paid. It was at this time that Quakers were being harassed and persecuted, among them, Southwick. Ananias and John then requested a release from the agreement in order to seek work elsewhere. About 1649, Ananias and John with their families moved south and settled in Southold, New York. "Southold Town Records" December 1652 states the location of land holdings of Ananias in Southold. "Whitaker's Southold" shows a map of the holdings. In 1650, Ananias obtained an allotment of land in East Hampton. He shared teh meadow on the north side of Hook Pond with Lion Gardiner, Thomas Chatfield, and William Hedges. In February 4, 1656, Ananias and Lion were chosen as chimney inspectors. While in East Hampton, Ananias married Dorothy. Lion disapproved of the marriage of Mary to Jeremiah. He is said to have commented that the Conklings were bottlers from Nottinghamshire and that they were farmers and handymen without large estates. Ananias died in 1657 probably in East Hampton. He is presumed to be buried in Old South End Burial Ground but no stone has been found.
From East Hampton History by Rattray. says Ananias born in Nottinghamshire about 1600. Calls wife Mary Lavender.