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Arms of Hylton (Hilton) / Montague 
 Job McKesson Thomas  & Rachel E. Helton -b: 1857 at:  Knox Co., Kentucky
Her siblings were: 
Unknown Daughter Helton - 1836      
Barbara Ellen Helton - b: 1838 in Ky - d: 1916 in  Doniphan County, Kansas - Spouses:  Lewis H. Blanton     
George Washington Helton - 1841 in Ky  
Mary Anne Helton in 1843     
Jemima Helton - b: 1843 in Harlan Co., Ky - d:  1911 in Harlan Co., Kentucky    
Ephraim Helton - b: 1843 in Harlan Co., Ky - d: 1866 at:  Harlan Co., Kentucky  - m:  Sarah Taylor in 1864 at:  Harlan Co., Kentucky 
Lucy Helton - 1845    
Aberry Helton - 1850     
John Jefferson Helton - 1847 in Ky        
Jacob J. Helton - 1849 in Knox Co., Ky        
Jessie Helton - 1851 in Knox Co., Ky        
Parks Helton - 1853 in Knox Co., Ky        
Mahala Helton - 1854  
Joseph M. Helton - 1855 in Knox Co., Ky        
William Helton - 1859 in Knox Co., Ky        
Malinda Jane Helton 
daughter of:
George William Helton b: 1817 in Knox Co., Ky - d: 1891 at:  Indian Creek, Kentucky & Elizabeth Engle 1817 at:  Knox Co., Kentucky - m: 1834 at:  Harlan Co., Kentucky Died:  18 Aug 1891[1260]  at:  Knox Co., Kentucky  
John Helton & Barbara Shephard 
there is conflicting records
son of:
Peter Helton IV b: 1789 in NC d:1865  &  Mary (Polly) Barton - b(est): 1800 d: 23 APR 1876  M:1817
son of:
Peter Helton III b: 1748 & Lavinia (Lavernia) Muncie (Muncy) - According to the Rev. War Pension application of Peter Helton, it states that after his death his son Arthur Helton and his wife Margaret Muncy Helton returned to Knox County Kentucky.- Peter Helton was a rifleman in the War of 1812 with South Carolina Militia, enlisted at Hillsbourough, served 5 yrs as 1st Sgt and 2nd Lt., served part of the time under Captain Tooly and Col. Thomas Clark. This info comes from his pension application, which was denied for lack of proof. Peter Helton was in Knox County Kentucky and Caroll County Georgia before settling in Indiana.
son of:
Peter Helton II  died: 1803  &  Susanna Unknown 
son of:  Peter Helton I b: 1689  & Hannah Unknown
son of:  John Helton (Hilton) died:1786 
son of:  Richard Hilton b: in Eng   &  Mary Montague b: in Eng Married: 1625/26
son of:  Matthew Hilton b: in Eng  &   Ellen Wilson b: in Eng
son of:  John Hilton b: in England & Elizabeth Febbige b: in England  M: 21 Jan 1584/85  - daughter of: John Bonnis Febbige   
son of:  John Hylton (Hilton) b: in London, Eng  &  Mary Woode (Woods) b: in Engfield, Eng
son of:  John Hylton (Hilton)
son of:  Sir William de Hylton, aka: Domnus de Hylton  &  daughter of Giesley - daughter of:  Sir John Giesley whose descendent continued a long line of Knights and Barons. Presently it is uncertain the particular line.
Hylton Castle
Hylton Castle's Coats of Arms
Hylton Castle - The castle is still to this day believed to be haunted by the Cauld Lad of Hylton.- The chaple of St Catherine, some members of the Hylton family were buried there.          
The Ghost of Hylton Castle
At one time it was one of the finest castles in England. Hylton Castle was built in the 1400's by Sir William de Hylton.  Built in the shape of a gatehouse it was designed more for comfort than defence.  The castle is now an empty shell and can only be viewed from the outside, this no doubt is to safe guard the ghost hunters who visit the castle.   One of the features that can still be seen are the coats of arms of various local families carved in the stone walls of the castle.  They include the Hyltons, Percys, Greys, Eures, Lumleys and the Washingtons.

On the Washington coat of arms were three stars and two bars and it is believed that George Washington adapted the coat of arms to design the stars and stripes flag for the United States.  The castle does not stand alone, just to the north east stands the remains of the Chaple of St Catherine, in which some members of the Hylton family were buried.

Remains of the Chaple.

Hylton castle is now more famously known for its ghost the Cauld Lad of Hylton who is said to haunt the castle.  In the 1500's a stable boy Robert Skelton was said to have been caught sleeping instead of working by the Baron Robert Hylton, and in a fit of rage the Baron picked up a pitch fork struck the boys head and killed him.

The baron was granted a full pardon in 1609.  The staff of Hylton Castle would sometimes say they had seen or heard the Cauld Lad, some even said he carried his head around under his arm.  Being a young boy and a ghost he was mischievous and enjoyed throwing dishes around, but he would only do this if the servants had left the kitchen tidy.

If they had left it untidy the ghost would clean up for them, so naturally the servants would more often than not leave the kitchen untidy.  It is also said that sometimes the Cauld Lad would get bored with the castle and go down to the river and sail the Hylton ferry by impersonating the boatman.  After taking the passengers fares he would leave them stranded in the middle of the river.

It was said that the ghost of the Cauld Lad was put to rest when the Hylton Castle servants gave him a green cloak and a hood which they lay before the kitchen fire.  The servants sat waiting and at midnight the ghost appeared took the cloak and hood and as he started disappearing his last words could be heard:

"Here's a cloak and here's a hood The Cauld Lad o' Hylton will do no more good"