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International Society of Royal Descendants - Bloodroyal and Sangreal
Frances Garrett b: Abt 1678 
Nicholas Haile II  b: 1656 & Frances Garrett b: abt 1678
daughter of:
Dennis Garrett b: 1650  in Baltimore, Md & Barbara Stone - b: bef 1660 in Charles Co., Md
son of:  Francis Garrett b: abt 1610 in England & Mary Dennis b: Abt 1615 in England - sailed June 6, 1635 from Gravesend, England for Virginia on the Thomas and John at the age of 25.  He and Mary were married soon after she arrived. 
son of:  John Garrett d: abt 1582 d: 1652 
son of:  Sir Thomas Girrard Garrett - Knight of Byrn (Hotton)  b: abt 1550 & Mary Ashton (Asheton) - daughter of: Thomas Ashton   

Details Below 
(Susan Myra Kingsbury, Records of the Virginia Company: 1606-1626, vol iii, p. 64)  - Shareholders in the Virginia Company from 1615 to 1623. 
"March 20, 1621/2, John Dennis admitted." 
(Kingsbury, vol iii, p. 82)  - A Complete List in Alphabetical Order of the Adventurers to Virginia with Several Amounts of their Holdings: 1618(?)  - "Sir Thomas Dennis.............................30" 
Virginia Genealogies #1, Genealogies of Virginia Families II, Cl-Fi, Genealogy of the Cocke Family in Virginia, p. 118)  - "Sir Thomas Dennis paid 105 pounds as a member of the Virginia Company of Bicton and Holcombe, Devon. He married Anne, daughter of William Powlett, Marquis of Winchester; died 1613." 
(Virginia Colonial Abstracts, vol 1, Accomack County)  - December 27, 1633. At a court in Accomack, it is proved that Robert Edmunds made his last will ... pounds of tobacco which lyeth in the hands of Thoams Cole, John Dennis, and Robert Swanson ... 

January 5, 1634. At a court in Accomack, John Dennis is ordered to pay Mr Obedience Robins 24 lb tobacco, and goodwife Haynie 166 lb tobacco. 

February 19, 1634. At a court in Accomack, Mr Obedience Robins to have order against the goods of John Dennis to value 190 lb tobacco due. 

November 28, 1636. At a court in Accomack, Robert West, aged 24 or there abouts, swore and examined sayth that William Ward, in the time of the keeping of the Lady Dal's cattle, was at John Dennis' house the whole day playing at nine pins, by means where of the cattle did trespass Henry Charlton and eat his corn. Another time, after he turned out the cows he fell asleep, and lazing all the day, and that time the cattle trespassed the said Charlton. Another time, this deponent being sick, the said Ward wished me to go the Garrett Andrews' house, who went with me in which time the cows went into Mr Andrews' corn field and some of Robert Swanson's ground where the cows were wronged by the dogs shamefully, also in the time of his service one steer was lost which he cannot tell what is become of, which this deponent thinks was lost by the dogs hunting the cattle. 

December 29, 1639. At a court in Accomack, deposition of Thomas Jones, says "being in the house of Henry Williams when John Dennis came thither, the said Dennis then demanding what was the reason that goodwife Williams should say his hornes were so big, the said goodwife then answereth that she meant not his horns but the horns of the cows, whereupon the said woman following with these speeches calling Dennis knave and base knave, the said Dennis then replied that she was a whore and a base whore, whereupon the said woman flew at him and heaved a pipkin at him, the said Dennis in the interim turning up his brich and bid her kiss." (p. 201) 

December 29, 1639. At a court in Accomack, John Dennis to sit in the stocks for reviling speech against goodwife Williams, and ask her forgiveness. (p. 200)