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International Society of Royal Descendants - Bloodroyal and Sangreal
Floris (Florent) I - Count of Holland - 1017
Child: Constance of France m Bohemond I 
Child: Louis VI King of France m Adelaide of Savoy 

Bertha - Countess of Holland (1054-1094) married: Philippe I "the Fair" King of France (1053-1108)  
daughter of:

Theodoric VI - Count of Holland (Title received: 1076  married: Uthildis of Saxony  
son of:
Floris (Florent) I - Count of Holland (1017-1061) & Gertrude of Saxony
son of:
Theodoric (Dirk) III (Dirk) (Dietrich) - Count of Holland 985-1039 & Uthildis (Otehilde) - Princess of Saxony  0993-1044 - her sister was: Mathilde - Princess of Saxony (979-1025) married: Ezzo - Count Palatine Lorraine (955-1034)
daughter of: 
Emperor Otto II of Saxony - Emperor of the West  0955-0983  & Theophana Sclerena - Princess of Byzantium - 0950-0991 - her brother was:  959-963  Romanus II
son of: 
Emperor Otto I (The Great) - Emperor of the West  0912-0973  &  Adelaide of Lombardy
son of:
Emperor Henry I ("the Fowler") - Emperor of the West - King of the SaxonsEmpress Mathilda of Ringelheim (Saint Matilda) - aka: Matilda of Westphalia  - 0894-0936
daughter of::
Dietrich (Theodoric) - Count of Ringelheim  & Gisele of Lorraine  married: 0882
daughter of:
Lothair II "The Saxon" - King of Lorraine  0827-0869
son of: Emperor Lothair I - Emperor of the West & King of Italy  0795 - 0855 & Ermengarde of Tours  other child of Louis I
son of:Louis I "The Pious"- King of Aquitaine & Irmengarde of Hasbaye