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International Society of Royal Descendants - Bloodroyal and Sangreal
Ermengarde of Anjou

Conan I (the Crooked) - Duke of Bretagne (Brittany)  b: 0927 & Ermengarde of Anjou
daughter of:
Geoffroy I "Grisegonnelle" Count of Anjou (938-987) &  Adelaide of Vermandois - she was also married to Arnold I - Count of Flanders
son of: Foulques II (Le Bon)(The Good)  - d'Anjou - Count of Anjou & Gerberga - daughter of: Robert & Adelaide
son of:  Herbert II  & Liegarde (Hildebrante) of France
son of:  Herbert I de Vermandois  & Bertha of Morvois - Countess of Vermandois aka: Beatrice de Vermandois b: 862 Bertha
("Lady Beatrix") de Morvois
daughter of:
Robert "Fortis" Duke of France - (820-866) & Adelaide (Adelheid) - Princess of the Holy Roman
Empire - b: 0824
daughter of:
Louis I HOLY ROM.EMP. (778-840) & Ermengarde Princess of HESBAYE (778-818)