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International Society of Royal Descendants - Bloodroyal and Sangreal
Emme of Brittany aka: Emme Lupus b: 1008 
Viscount  Ivo of Contentin & Emme of Brittany - Bundy families are allso descendants of her sister: Hedwig of Normandy b: abt 0973 in Normandy who was married to Geoffrey - Duke of Brittany b: abt 0980
daughter of:
Geoffrey II of Brittany & Kadwige of Normandy - daughter of:  Richard I "The Fearless" - Duke of Normandy - & Gunhild Haraldsdottir
son of:
Geoffrey of Brittany & Hawise of Normandy
son of:
Conan "Le Tort" of Rennes - Count of Brittany & Ermengarde d' Anjou
daughter of:
Geoffrey I  & Adelaide de Vermandois - same as below right - she was also married to Arnold I
son of: Fulk II - Count of Anjou & Gerberga - daughter of: Robert & Adelaide
son of:  Herbert II  & Liegarde (Hildebrante) of France    
son of:  Herbert I de Vermandois  & Bertha of Morvois    
son of:  Pepin b: abt 0817-0018    
son of:  Bernard 0797 & Cunigunde    
son of:  Pepin     
son of:  Charlemagne - b: 0742 in Ingelheim, Prussia  & Hildegard - 0758-0783 in Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia