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Elizabeth Stockett b(abt)1646 
Thomas Plummer (Ploumer) b(abt)1642 in Ringmer England &  Elizabeth Stockett b(abt)1646 - Thomas Plummer arrived in America in 1609 from England, being sent by his father Sr. Walter Plummer to bring reinforcements and supplies to the colonies. brothers Edward and Frances came with him. Edward settled in Maryland, Frances settled in Massachusetts. Thomas settled in Kingston Parish, Glouscester Co. VA. Thomas returned to England in 1642 buying Sir Walter Raleigh's home and dying there. - He was listed on the Charters of 1606, 1609, 1612 and a list of stockholders in 1620.
(Conflicting Records Here)
Sir Walter Plummer (Ploumer) b:1616 in London, Eng (see below) & Elizabeth Stockett b: 1646 note: Sir Walter Plummer (Ploumer) b:1616 in London, England Died in Bermuda - A prominent wholesale merchant and a member of the Merchant Guild of London    
daughter of:    
Cpt Thomas S. Stockett b: 2 Apr 1635 in Berkebourne, England & Mary Wells  - b:1633 in Virginia - - He was - 1661 Justice of Baltimore Co., MD (1661-1668) 2: 1665 High Sheriff of Anne Arundel Co., MD (1665|1668-1671) 3: 1670 Deputy Surveyor General (1670-1671) Political Affiliation: Royalist b: April 02, 1635 Berkesbourne, Kent, England Religion: Church of England Married: Bef. 1665 Anne Arundel Co., MD Emigration: 1658 England (w/brothers Francis & Henry) Immigration: 1658 Anne Arundel Co., MD (w/brothers Francis & Henry) Will: April 23, 1671 Anne Arundel Co., MD (wit. Thomas Beson Jr. & Thomas Hodge) d: Bet. April 23 - May 04, 1671 in Anne Arundel Co., MD Probate: May 04, 1671 Prerogative Court, Anne Arundel Co., MD Property 1: 'Bourne' (patent) Property 2: 400 acres, Baltimore Co., MD Property 3: July 19, 1699 664 acres, 'Obligation', N. of Arundel Manor, SE of 'Stocket's Run', MD (surveyed) Member 1: April 17, 1661 Lower House, St. Mary's Co., MD (Apr 17, 1661-1666) Member 2: March 13, 1667/68 House of Burgesses for Anne Arundel Co., MD (elected) Father: Mr. Thomas STOCKETT II Mother: Ms. Frances AYLEWORTH    
son of:  
Thomas Stocket, Esq & Frances Aylesworth
Capt. Thomas S. Stockett b: 2 Apr 1635 in Berkebourne, Ken  & Mary Wells b1633  - (see Maryland State Historic Records below)
son of: Thomas Stockett II Esq. - b: 1595 in Beakesbearne, Kent - d: 1638 in Beakesborne, Kent  & Frances Aylesworth - b: abt 1598 in Kent
son of: Thomas Stockett b: 1575 in Greys Inn, Nackington, Kent, England & Jane (Johanna?) Biggs - b:1566/1575 in Nackington, Kent
son of: Lodivicus "Lewis" Stockett b:  1558-1603 & Lucy Unknown b: 1534 in Kent, England
son of: Lodivicus "Lewis" Stockett b: 1530 & Lucy Marwood b: 1534 in Kent County, England - Married: After 1551
Their children were:   Thomas Stockett b: 1575 in Grey's Inn, Hackington, Kent, Eng., (see above 16)
Ayleworth STOCKETT b: 1560 in Hackington, Kent, Eng., Humphrey STOCKETT b: 1562 in Hackington, Kent, Eng., John STOCKETT b: 1564 in Hackington, Kent, Eng., Lewis STOCKETT b: 1566 in Hackington, Kent, Eng., and
Jana or Jane Stockett b: 3 Jan 1558 in St. Steven's Parish, Hackington, Kent. who married Walterus Aylesworth  b: Abt 1598 in Kent

Maryland State Historical Records Below
Lewis was an officer in the the household of Queen Elizabeth I. They were probably of Saxon descent. The family was established in St. Stephans Parish, Co. Kent, England with an estate of considerable size. They had the right to display a Coat of Arms. The records of St. Stephans Parish and Co. Kent need to be checked for improved knowledge on this line. (C-650)
The two sources I have so far on this Stockett line greatly differ in birth and death dates. The genealogy by Frank Stockett gives his birthdate as 1558 and death as 1603. (C-650)
Marriage Information: Sir married Lucy (Luce) UNKNOWN after 1551. (Lucy (Luce) UNKNOWN was born about 1534 in , Co. Kent, , Eng, died about 3 Apr 1600 and was buried on 4 Apr 1600 in Hackington Coate Dudick Ancestrees
Note: Per email message from Mary Celine Scott, 01-16-1999: "Notes for Lodivicus Stockett: Frank H Stockett, Genealogy of The Family of Stockett 1558-1892 (n.p.: n. pub., n.d.), The family was of St. Stephen's Parish, Kent County, where they had been established for a long period, and had held a considerable landed estate. They were, maybe, of Saxon origin. The standing & lineage of the family must have been at least good for it had held rank with the "landed gentry" for many years, and was entitled to bear and display the insignia and "coat of arms" of the name, not often used except by families of "gentle blood". The tenure of land was, in the olden time, the test of rank and position. He was construction engineer or "Surveyor of Works" at ENG. He resided at London, ENG To him arms were granted, he was one of the principal construction engineers to Her Majesty Elizabeth I, but stated in contemporary writings as "Surveyor of Works" and in the visitation of Kent 1619, as a member "of the household of Queen Elizabeth the First". He was responsible for the construction of many forts, castles, royal residences and alterations during her reign.

Capt. Thomas S. Stockett
!Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin, Winter 1987, Vol. 28, #1 - p. 37 !Chronicles of Baltimore by Col. J. Thomas Scharf, 1874, p. 9 - "In 1659 Baltimore Co. was established. Capt. Thomas stockett & Mr. Henry Stockett, styled commissioners of the county, took up land." !MARYLAND GENEALOGIES by Gen. Publ. Co., Inc. 1980, p. 138, consolidation of articles from Maryland Historical magazines - "Thomas Stockett's sons, Francis, Thomas, Henry & Lewis all came to America. The three brothers, Thomas, Henry and Francis Stockett moved to Anne Arundel Co. and owned and lived n 'Dodom' and 'Obligation properties' " !Maryland Gen. Soc. Bulletin, (date not given) p.81: "#52. Recorded Mar 1705/6 for William Ijames in right of his wife legatee & dau. of Thomas PLummer the grantee of Francis Stockett 61 "Dodon" from Francis Stockett A.A.Co. physician part 'Dodon', lines N. 'Annie Arundel Manor' granted Francis Stockett as 664a. lines Henry Stockett gent dec'd. of 'Brightwell', 'Dodon', 'Bridge Hill'...20 July 1686" - p. 82: "#55. Recorded Mar 1705/6 for William Ijames in right of his wife Elizabeth Ijames the legatee of Thos Plummer 100a 'Bridge Hills' puchased of Henry Stockett. 20 May 1676. Henry Stockett of the 'Ridge' gent to Thomas pLummer of the 'Ridge' gent. 10a part 663a called Bridge Hill lines Francis Stocket Wm. Ijames gen. Signed Henry Stockett & Katherine Stockett his wife... 3 apr 1677." !Excerpts from Founders of Anne Arundel and Howard Counties by Warfield, pp. 93-98 !The Early Settlers of Maryland - An Index to Names of Immigrants Compiled from Records of Land Patents, 1633-1680, in the Hall of records, Annapolis, Maryland, Edited ... By Gust Skordas ... Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Company, 1968, p. 443 - Henry Stockett, Liber Q, Folio 62, Transported 1658, Brother to Francis !Maryland Calendar of Wills, Vol. I, pp. 60-61 !Maryland Calendar of Wills, Vol. 1, p. 72 !West, Janet, 7430 Iron Gate, Canton, Mi. 48187-2113 /1993 - "...Capt. Thomas Stockett, and two brothers emigrated to Md. in 1638, followed six years later by another brother, Lewis. An entry in All Hallows Parish records states that these brothers were from Kent, Eng. They were loyal to King Charles I and therefore out of favor with the then government. They mortgaged their entire estate to follow King Charles II in his exile and upon their return had no money to redeem their mortgage so they came to Maryland, Hoping to start a new life." Also see George Alsop's "Alsop's Character of Maryland" and :Founders of Anne Arundel and Howard Countis, Maryland: J. D. Warfield rep. 1973, .p. 94 & Filing case A, Md. Hist. Soc., also Calvert Co. Gen. newsletter Vol. VI, #2 May 1992, -...These brothers were thought to have been the sone of Thomas and Frances (Aylesworth) Stockett II of Canterbury, Eng., who were granch. of Lewis Stockett, a member of the house hold of Queen Elizabeth I !Gen. of the Family of Stockett 1558 - 1892 by Frank H. Stockett, p. 5: "...(Lewis) with his brothers Thomas, Henry, and Francis, emigrated to the Province of Maryland in 1658..." p. 11 !Maryland Calendar of Wills, Vol. I, p. 140 !Maryland Gen. Soc. Bulletin, Vol. 35, No. 2, Spring, 1994, pp. 206-214 - "... The immigrants to this country were
four Royalist brothers, Lewis, Henry, Francis and Thomas. They were grandchildren of Lewis Stockett who was a member of the household of Queen Elizabeth I. During the Commonwealth in England, these brothers spent ten years in exile i France attached to the retinue of Charles, Prince of Wales, afterwards Charles II of England. During their absence, their estates were confiscated and destroyed by the Puritans. they had mortgaged their holdings to follow the king and upon their return had not sufficient resources left to redeem them, so they came to the
colonies to begin a new life..."