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International Society of Royal Descendants - Bloodroyal and Sangreal
Elizabeth Lewis b: ABT 1793 
Elijah Harp & Elizabeth Lewis b: abt 1793 in Whitley, Ky - m: 1838
Note: Their children were: Elizabeth Harp, Talitha Harp b: abt. 1842
daughter of:
Fielding Lewis Sr. - b: 1768 in Va - d: 1852 in Sandlick,  Tn & Mary Gambill (Gamble) - b: 1773 in Culpepper Co. Va
son of: David Lewis b: 1725       
son of: David Lewis b: 1694 in Pychyawaxon, Charles Co., Md & Mary Crawford - daughter of: John Crawford         
son of: David Lewis b: 1622 & Jane Unknown -b: abt 1665      
son of:
Thomas Griffin Lewis b: 1638 in Lancaster Co. Va b: 1637 in Prince Georges Co. Md  & Mary Catherine Blyzzard (Evans) - daughter of: Gyles Blyzzard b: 1623 in Md. & Hester Evans b: 1627 in Md - m: 1648 in Charles County, Md - Gyles Blyzzard was son of: William Blyzzard b: abt. 1600
Thomas Griffin Lewis son of:
Richard Lewis b: 1609 in Wales & Frances Miles b: Abt 1611 - 1617 in Wales - b: 1609 in Wales
Note: Came to Virginia in 1635 on the William & John ship - d: abt 1668 in Lancaster County, Va
Note: Richard received 1,000 acres in Lancaster Co.,VA for transporting immigrants to Virginia.     
  some records indicate he was son of:                                                             other records indicate he was son of:
Henry Lewis b: abt 1579 in Wales    
no further information available
Richard Lewis    
son of:     
James Lewis b: abt 1559 in Wales & Ann (Gwraig James Lewis) b: in  Wales    
son of:     
Lewis ap Dafydd & Siwan (Gwraig Lewis ap Dafydd)