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Elizabeth Charles 1672 
Samuel Nicholson - b: 1690 d: 1754 & Elizabeth Charles b: 1672 in Phelps House, Perquimans Co., NC, and died January 1746/47 in Perquimans Co., North Carolina (will date)
John Long and Elizabeth Charles ware maried by Alex. Lillington Esqr. ye 11th of Agust 1687. Perquimans Co., NC. 
Samuel Nicholson & Elizabeth Charles were Maried at a quarterle Meeting ye 16th of December 1
m:  (1) John Long - Elizabeth's brother Samuel Charles b: 1673 m: Elizabeth Jones
She married (1) WHITE. He was born Abt. 1660. She married (2) JOHN LONG August 11, 1687 in Perquimans, NC, son of JAMES LONG and ALICE. He was born September 07, 1673 in Perquimans County, North Carolina, and died Bet. 1687 - 1688 in Perquimans Co., NC. She married (3) SAMUEL NICHOLSON October 06, 1688 in Piney Woods MM, Perquimans, NC, son of CHRISTOPHER NICHOLSON and HANNAH REDKNAP. He was born January 12, 1664/65 in Perquimans Co., NC, and died Bet. January - March 1726/27 in Perquimans Co., North Carolina (Will date). She married (4) ZACHARIAH NIXON August 10, 1729 in Perquimans, NC, son of ZACHARIAH NIXON and ELIZABETH PAGE. He was born May 22, 1684 in Pasquotank County, North Carolina, and died October 12, 1739 in Perquimans County, NC. (will date).  
Family 1 : Samuel NICHOLSON -  MARRIAGE: 16 Dec 1688, Perquimans Precinct NC   
     Children: Abygail NICHOLSON, Hannah NICHOLSON,  Ida NICHOLSON, Elizabeth NICHOLSON  
Family 2 : Zachariah NIXON  - MARRIAGE: 10 Jun 1734, Perquimans County NC  
     Children: Francis NIXON, Mehitabel NIXON, Zachery NIXON 
daughter of:
William Charles b1640 (1635 Marblehead, Mass. d1677) & Abigail Bailey (Abigail Balie) - 1640-1687 - she is reported as also marring John Lary and also Francis Toms, Sr.
William's will was proved Apr 1673. William owned 20 acres in Marblehead in 1637/8. On 6 May 1646 William signed a petition to control foriegn fisherman. He was a freeholder when Marblehead became a town on 2 May 1649. His family was one of the original 44 families in Marblehead, Massachusetts. (History of Salem, Massachusetts by Sidney Perley, Vol. II 1638-1670, pgs. 2, 179, 197, 198, # R974.4 P45H, Milwaukee's Central Library, Wis.). 

A "Willm. Cherrall, baker, act. 26, and Ursula Cherrall, aet. 40, were probably copied erroneously, for William Charles and his wife, mother or sister, who arrived in Salem and were at Marblehead in 1648..."  

On 6 Sep 1642 in Boston court, Mrs. Lydia Banks recovered a judgement of 100 pounds, and probably levied an execution upon the land called "The Plain Farm". On 24 Sep 1645, she conveyed it to Moses Maverick, David Corwithen, Arthur Sandin, William Charles, John Peach, the elder, and "others the inhabitants of Marblehead, all that farm called ye Playnes farme," etc. (Essex Registry of Deeds, book 1, leaf 29, "The History of Salem Massachusetts" by Sidney Perley, Vol. II, 1638-1670, Salem, Mass. 1926). It was subsequently divided into fourteen or more parts.  

Charles as an English name is rare, introduced during Norman times, but not popular because of its French origin. the place in England that used it was Devonshire as a place name meaning "rock court".

son of: 
William Charles b: 1595 & Sarah Elizabeth Unknown b: 1595 
son of: 
Charles Unknown 

Generation No. 2

2. WILLIAM3 CHARLES (WILLIAM2, CHARLES1) was born July 13, 1661 in Newport, RI, and died April 07, 1687 in Perquimans Co., North Carolina (Will date). He married ELIZABETH KENT September 07, 1683 in Perquimans Co., North Carolina, daughter of THOMAS KENT and ANN. She was born June 01, 1667 in Berkeley, Perquimans Co., NC, and died in Perquimans County, NC..

William Charles leave his will in 1676. The abstract reads: [Perquimans County, NC.] Charles, William, Perquimans. April 7, 1687; September 23, 1687. Wife Elizabeth, daughter Jane, brother John; father Francis Tomes and Jonathan Phelps executors. Test, James Hogg, Daniel Danbrow.

William Charles, son of William Charles and Abigail his wife and Elizabeth Kent ye daughter of Thomas Kent and Ann his wife weare maried ye 8th of November 1683. [Ref: Births, Deaths, and Marriages in Berkley, later perquimans Precinct, NC.]

[Ref: Births, Deaths, and Marriages in Berkley, later Perquimans Precinct, NC.]
Jane Charles ye daughter of William Charles and wife Elizabeth was borne Oct 1,1685.

[Perquimans Co., NC., Deed Book A, No. 19.] Charles Prows of Pasquotank, planter - Ex of the last will of Ann Prows, late of said precinct, widow; relict of Henry Prows Dec'd, sold unto Francis Toms of Perquimans 260 acres, adj William Vosses and William Charles. June 11, 1683. Test' Henderson Walker, Josiah Slocum, William Charles

[Perquimans Co., NC., Deed Book A, No. 20] Grant from Lords Pro' unto Francis Tom's planter ... 478 acres on west side of Perquimans River, adj Robert Wilson, "due said Toms for Trans' of eleven persons into the coutry." Feb 6, 1687. Seth Sothel Gov, and Comd in Chief Councillors; Thomas Miller, Anothy Slocum, James Blount, Thomas Harvey.

[Perquimans Co., NC., Deed Book A, No. 21] William Charles of Yeopim, "in con' of a plan' on East side of said River delivered to me by William Charles, do convey to said Daniel, and Samuel Charles, brother of said William, 300 acres on West side of Perquimans River, "taken out of my Dividend of 580 acres adj. Robert Willilson. March 26, 1687. Test' John Stepney, Anthony Heathcoatt.

In this deed Samuel and Daniel are mentioned as brothers of William. The abstract reads: [Albemarle Co., NC., Deeds, No. 22] Francis Toms, Perquimans River, Albemarle Co., Province of Carolina to Daniel Charles and Samuel Charles the two brothers of aboves aid William Charles, in consideration of a Plantation with all houses, etc., lying on the East Side of Perquimans River to me delivered by William Charles ... a plantation on the West Side of Perquimans River, 300 acres English Measure now in Possession of said Danile Charles, being so much taken out of my Dividend of 587 acres as by my patent ... to be equally divided betwixt said two brothers joining and butting Eastward upon Perquimans River and Southward upon lands of Robert Wilson and Northward upon the remaining part of said Dividend and Westward on land not yet laid out ... all houses, etc. ... XXVI March 1687. Delivered ... Turf and Twigg Livery and Sesin to above said Daniel Charles Wit: John Stepney, Anothy (AH) Heathcott. Edward Mayo, Secr. Ex and entered 11 April 1687.

[Albemarle Co., NC., Deeds, No. 23] Alemarle. 6 June 1683. Francis Toms with consent of my wife Abigail to William Charles, in consideration of a former promise made by John Lasey, decd. ... the former Husband of said Abigail, of a plantation in Perquimans, all our right etc ... to land lying at the head of Yeopim Creek, 300 acres, known by name of John Laceys Plantation, with all labour done by Lasey or those thereon, viz.: clearing, fencing, Building and whatsoever else may be called Labour, with Rights and Warrants taken out and designed for the taking it up by Survey and Patent ... Wit: Joseph Goodman, Samuel Pricklove. Exd and Entd. 7 May 1687

[Albemarle Co., NC., Deeds, No. 24] William Voss, Perquimans, Albemarle Co., Province of Carolina, Planter to Thomas Kent, same, Planter. land lying in Perquimans on East side of the River begining at a White Oak on the South East Side and next to William Charles on the Northwest Side, 100 acres ... 11 mar 1688 William (his mark) Voss Wit: Hemnan Snewin, Arnold White. Recorded 10 March 1668 P: Thomas Harris, Cl. Court.

[Perquimans Co., NC., Deed Book A, No. 25] Thomas Kent of Perquimans Planter ... "do assign all right to Land memtioned in Bill of Sale unto Ralph Fletcher." June 27, 1672. Test: Samuel Pricklove. Thomas Harris Clerk of Court.

Perquimans Monthly Meeting - Additions.
Charles 1693,9,7 William ltm Elizabeth Kent
1722,7.5. Samuel, Jr. com for mcd to Hannah Davis; he was ordered to be dis.

Perquimans Monthly Meeting - Additions.
1683,9,7. Elizabeth ltm William Charles

Pasquotank Co., NC
Pasquotank MM
1696,10,6. Samuell, s William, Poquemoniah (?) River, m Elisabeath Morris, at the house of Henry White.

[Ref: Births, Deaths, and Marriages in Berkley, later perquimans Precinct, NC.] Elizabeth Kent, the daughter of Thomas Kent and Ann his wife was borne the 1st June 1667. mary Kent, the daughter of Thomas Kent and Ann his wife was borne the 10th of May 1673.

Sex: M
Birth: 13 Jul 1661
Newport, Newport, Ri
Death: 17 Apr 1687
Perquimans Co., Nc
Father: William CHARLES (AFN: LPR6-1F)
Mother: Abigail BALIE (BAILEY) (AFN: LPR7-MN)
Spouse: Elizabeth KENT (AFN: WTCF-RJ)
Marriage: 8 Nov 1683

Elizabeth KENT (AFN: WTCF-RJ)
Sex: F
Birth: 1 Jun 1667
, , Perquimans, North Carolina
Death: 14 Apr 1688
, , Nc
Father: Thomas KENT (AFN: WTC0-HC)
Mother: Ann (AFN: BBWL-LD)
Spouse: William CHARLES (AFN: WTCF-JB)
Marriage: 8 Nov 1683
Spouse: Giles LONG (AFN: WTCF-QC)
Marriage: 1687

Marriage: September 07, 1683, Perquimans Co., North Carolina

i. Jane4 Charles, b. October 01, 1685, Berkeley, Perquimans Co., NC