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Eleanor de Percy - Duchess of Buckingham b(abt)1474 
Sir Edward de Stafford - 3rd Duke of Buckingham b: & Eleanor de Percy aka:  Eleanor de Percy - Duchess of Buckingham b(abt)1474
daughter of:
Sir Henry IV Percy - 4th Earl of Northumberlandb: abt. 1457 & Maude Herbert - d: 1489   Murdered by a mob at Cocklodge Topcliffe 1489 dur to implementation of a poll tax. - Knight of the garter. Restored as 4th Earl of Northumberland 1473. Lord high Chamberlain.
son of:
Sir Henry Percy III & Elizabeth Poynings - Countess of Northumberland - b: 1417  - d: 1461   Slain at Towton feild and attainted after death. - 3rd Earl of Northumberland. Summoned to parliament in right of his wife as Baron Poynings  Fitz Payne and Bryan 1446.
son of:
Henry de Percy II - Earl of Northumberland b: abt. 1403 & Eleanor Neville
Bundy Families are also descended also from his sister see:  Lady Katherine de Percy
son of:
Sir Henry (Hotspur) de Percy  b: 1364 & Elizabeth de Mortimer - b: abt 1370
Sir Henry (Hotspu)de Percy
son of:
Earl Henry de Percy  b: 1342 & Margaret de Neville b(abt)1329 in Raby With Deverstone, Durham Co., England
son of:
Lord Henry de Percy - 3rd Baron of Percy b: 1320 & Lady Mary Plantagenet b: ABT. 1320

Henry de Percy 3rd Baron of Percy b1320 & Lady Mary Plantagenet b(abt)1320 - see also: Sir Henry (Hotspur) De Percy Maud de Percy & Baron John  de Neville (Baron Neville) b(abt)1331 - See Maud de Percy
son above                                                                                                              daughter above
Lord Sir Henry de Percy (Lord Percy) & Idoine de Clifrford - two of their children were Henry de Percy 3rd Baron of Percy b:1320 married Lady Mary Plantagenet and daughter Maud de Percy who married Baron John de Neville b1331

Lord Sir Henry de Percy (Lord Percy) b(abt)1299 married: Idoine de Clifford   Maud de Percy 
son of:
Lord Henry de Percy (Lord Percy) b1273 & Eleanor Arundel b: abt 1277
He was a descendant of: King Charles II (the Bald) Carolingian (King of France) & Queen Ermentrude of Orleans / Prince Charles Carolingian (Prince of France) b: 0953 & Duchess Bonne Adelaide de Ardennes, (Duchess of Lorraine) b: 953 / King Louis III Carolingian, (King of France) b:0863 / King Louis IV Transmarinus (King of France) b:0921/ Princess Gerberga of Saxony  b: 913 & King Heinrich I (The Fowler) King of the Germans b: 876
son of:
Sir Henry de Percy b(abt)1235 & Eleanor Plantagenet-Warenne b(abt)1244
son of:
William de Percy b: 1185 & Eleanor (Elene)(Ellen)(Ellena) de Balliol b: abt 1206
son of:
Henry de Percy b: abt 1156 in Whitby, Yorkshire, England & Isabel de Brus b: abt 1160 in Skelton, Yorkshire, England
son of:
Joscelin de Louvain - 4th Baron of Percy  - b: abt 1123 in Louvain, Belgium & Agnes de Percy b: 1134 in Whitby, Yorkshire - Josceline de Louvain, +1180; he accompanied his sister, Queen Adela, to England, where he m.after 1154 Agnes de Percy, and inherited all the Percy estates; for his descendants
Agnes de Percy was the single heir of the Percy estates - her husband inherited the title. From here on the family began using the name of Percy as their family name instead of Louvain.