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International Society of Royal Descendants - Bloodroyal and Sangreal
Eleanor de Percy 
Baron Reginald West or (Reynold De West) (1395-) & (1) Eleanor de Percy
daughter of:
Lord Henry de Percy, Jr. - 1st Earl of Northumberland - b1392 & Eleanor de Neville  1399

Henry de Percy 3rd Baron of Percy b1320 & Lady Mary Plantagenet b(abt)1320 daughter of: Edward III - King of England & Philippa of Hainaut 
- see also: Sir Henry (Hotspur) De Percy
Maud de Percy & Baron John  de Neville (Baron Neville) b(abt)1331
  son above                                                                                                                daughter above
Lord Sir Henry de Percy (Lord Percy) & Idoine de Clifrford - two of their children were Henry de Percy 3rd Baron of Percy b:1320 married Lady Mary Plantagenet
and daughter Maud de Percy who married Baron John de Neville b1331

Lord Sir Henry de Percy (Lord Percy) b(abt)1299 married: Idoine de Clifford ------  Maud de Percy 
son of: Lord Henry de Percy - b1273 & Eleanor Arundel b: ABT 1277
son of: Sir Henry de Percy b(abt)1235 & Eleanor Plantagenet-Warenne b(abt)1244
son of: William de Percy b: 1185 married Eleanor (Elene)(Ellen)(Ellena) de Balliol b: ABT 1206
son of: Henry de Percy b: ABT 1156 in Whitby, Yorkshire, England & Isabel de Brus b: ABT 1160 in Skelton, Yorkshire, England
son of: Joscelin de Louvain (4th Baron of Percy)  b: ABT 1123 in Louvain, Belgium & Agnes de Percy b: 1134 in Whitby, Yorkshire, England
son of: Godfrey VII (Duke of Brabant, Count of Louvain) b: 1074 in Lorraine, France & Ida de Namur b: 1078
son of: Henry II (Count of Louvain and Duke of Lorraine) b: 1021& Adelaide b: 1023
son of: Lambert II (Count of Louvain) b: 0991  & Ada d'Ardennes
son of: Lambert (Count of Louvain) b: 0950 & Gerberge Carolingian b: ABT 0975
son of: Rainier III b: 0920 in Hainult, Belgium & Adele b: ABT 0920 in Hainault, Belgium
son of: Rainier II (Count of Hainault) b: 0885 in Lorraine, France & Adelaide of Burgundy b: ABT 0890
son of: Regnier I "Longhals" (Count of Hainaut) b: 0850 & Princess Hersent (Ermentrude) Carolingian (Princess of France) b: 0865
     son of:                                                                                                                             daughter of :
son of: Giselbert von Maasgau  & Ermengarde de Germanie  b: 0830  
son of:                                                     daughter of:    
son of: Giselbert von Maasgau (Count in the Maasgau) b:abt 0800 in Valley of Meuse River & Unknown Wife   
son of: Gainfroi von Maasgau (Count of Sens) b: ABT 0770 & Theidlindus Rheinlindus b: ABT 0770   
son of: Mainier von Maasgau - Count of Sens & Duke of Austria b: abt 0740 & Unknown Haudre - daughter of:  Unknown Duke Haudre   
son of: Albo von Maasgau   
son of: Walter II von Maasgau - Count of Hainault 
son of: Walter I von Maasgau  - Count of Hainault 
son of: Auleri von Maasgau - Count of Ardenne 
son of: Brunulf  von Maasgau - Count of Ardenne 
son of: Ydulf von Maasgau -  Duke of Ardenne
Emperor Lothaire de Germanie Birth: Date: ABT 795 & Ermengarde de Tours   
son of:    
Louis Carolingien & Ermengarde de Hesbaye   
son of:    
Charles Carolingien (Charlemane) & Hildegarde de Vintschgau   
son of:    
Pépin Carolingien & Bertrade de Laon   
son of:    
Charles Carolingien (Charles Martel)Rotrude de Treves   
son of:    
Pépin CarolingienAlpaïde Von Sachsen   
son of:    
Anségise Carolingien  & Begga Carolingien   

Arnoul Carolingien  & Ode Unknown   

King Charles II (the Bald) Carolingian (King of France) b: 0823 & Ermentrude of Orleans b:0830   
daughter of : Odo (Eudes)Count of Orleans & Engeltrude of Paris - descended from Charles Martel   
son of: Hadrian Counbt of Orleans b: BEF 793 & Waldrada of Orleans (Waldrat of Hornbach)   
son of: Count /Duke Gerold I Of Allemania Vingau - Birth: 726 in Rhineland. Prussia &  Imma of Swabia of Allemania - Birth: 736 in Aachen,Rhineland,Prussia    
son of:  Gerold oF Mayenne b: 697    
daughter of: Duke Nebi of Allemania b: 715   
son of:  Duke Theutbold of Allemania b: 679 & Hersuinda   
son of:  Godfrey of Allemania & Regine of Bavaria   
daughter of: Theodon of Bavaria Agilofinges I & Regintrude   
son of:                                                    daughter of:   
Garibaldo I of Bavaria  & Geila de Friuli - daughter of: Gisulf II de Friuli & Romilde of Bavaria   
son of:    
Tassilon of Bavaria de Agilofinges I   
son of:    
Garibald of Bavaria de Agilofinges I & Walderade de Lombards - daughter of: Wacchon of Lombardy b: 500 in Lombardy, Italy & Austricuse Ostrogotha de Gepides   
son of:    
Theodo II   
son of:    
Theodo I & Maria Geneva de Bourgogne   
daughter of:   
Godogisel Geneva de Bourgogne   
son of:    
Gondobad Gondioc de Bourgogne   
son of:    
Gonthaires Gunderic de Bourgogne & Caratene of the Suevi   
- daughter of: Unknown of the Suevi & Unknown of the Visgoths   
son of:    
Gundicar Gebica de Bourgogne   
son of:    
Godomar de Bourgogne   
son of:    
Gibicea de Bourgogne
Dagobert I - King of The Franks b: 585 & Regintrude of  Austrasia    
Note: He became King of Austrasia in 623 and at the death of his father the sole King of the Franks. By 632 he had also brought Burgandy and Aquitaine under his rule, becoming the most powerful of the Merovingian Kings and the most respected soverign in the West. He made Paris his capital; St. Eloi was his principal advisor, and his rule was marked by the building of numerous monasteries and the strengthening of the royal power. AT his death the Frankish kingdom was divided between his sons.     
son of:     
Clothair II King of the Franks b: 564 & Bertrude of  Franconia    

King Chilperic II de Soissons b: 539 & Fredegunde de Soissons    

Clothair I (the old) King of the Franks b: 497 in Rheims & Ingonde of the Franks    

Clovis I (The Great) of Cologne King of the Franks - b: 460 & & Chrotechilde of Burgundy b: 465     
Note: He was the first King of all the Franks, succeeded in 481 at age 15. His wife led him to embrase Christianity, and he was baptized atRheims on Christmas Day in 496 - Secured Catholicism for all of Gaul