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International Society of Royal Descendants - Bloodroyal and Sangreal
Edmund FitzAlan - b: 1285 
Baron William Willoughby of Eresby - b: abt 1370 - d: 1409 & Lucy Le Strange b: abt 1367 - d: 1405 
daughter of: 
Roger le Strange - b: 1327 - d: 1381 & Alaive FitzAlan - b: 1309 - d: 1386 
daughter of: 
Thomas II de Holand - b: 1344 - d: 1397 & Alice FitzAlan b: 1352 d: 1416  m: 1364  
Her brother was: Sir John FitzAlan 
Her sister was: Margaret Fitzalan m: William Le Botiller  
Her children were: Alianore de Holand, Eleanor Holand, Edmund of Kent Holand, Elizabeth Holand, Margaret Holland  
daughter of:  
Lord Sir Richard II FitzAlan - Earl of Arundel-1313-1376 in Arundel, West Sussex d: abt 1375 in Arundel, West Sussex m: Eleanor Plantagenet of Lancaster - 1311-1372 
son of:
Lord Edmond Fitzalan, Earl Of Arundel - b: 1285 in Marlborough Castle, Sussex d: 1326 (executed) & Alice de Warrenne - b: 1285 in Arundel, West Sussex d: 1338  
son of: 
Lord Richard Fitzalan, Earl Of Arundel - b: abt 1266 in Arundel, West Sussex d: abt 1301 & Alisona de Saluzza - b: abt. 1271 in Arundel, West Sussex d: 1292 
son of: 
John Fitzalan - b: 1246 in Arundel, West Sussex d: abt 1271 & Isabel Mortimer - b: abt. 1248 d: bet 1271-1342 
son of: 
John Fitzalan - b: 1223 in Arundel, West Sussex d: 1267  Matilda de Verdon - b: Abt. 1225 in Lincoln, Lincolnshire d: 1283 
son of: 
John Fitzalan - Lord of Clun 1164 - 1239/40 b: Abt. 1164 in Arundel, West Sussex d: abt 1239 &  Isabella de Albini (Aubigny) - b: bet. 1190 - 1200 in Arundel, West Sussex,  d: bet 1226-1294 
son of:
William FitzAlan & Unknown de Lacy     
son of:  
William FitzAlan d: 1210 & Helen de Say - daughter of: Ingleram de Say    
son of:  
William FitAlan - Earl of Arundel b: 1105 &  Helen Perverel - daughter of: William, "the Elder" Peverel b: abt 1062 in of Normandy & Adeliza b: abt 1054 in Nottingham    
conflicting records   - either of the two following records: 
Alan FitzFlaald & Ameline de Hesdin   - daughter of: Arnulph de Hesdin b: abt 1038 in Hesdin, France  & Emmaline de Normandy b: abt. 1040 in Hesdin, Pas-De-Calais, Normandy     
son of:   
Flaald Fitz BancoGwenta Filae Griffith 
son of:   
Banco FitzThane  & Princess of Scotland
Alan FitzFlaald b: abt. 1078 in Dol, Liie-Et-Vilaine, Normandy  d: 1114 in Shropshire, England & Avelina (Ameline) ``de Hesdin b: abt. 1081 in Hesdin, Pas-De-Calais, Normandy - daughter of: Warin de Hesdin  b: abt. 1010 in Hesdin, Pas-De-Calais, Normandy    
Alan FitzFlaald was son of: 
Fledaldus (Flaald) - Senescal de Dol b: abt. 1046 in Dol-de-Bretagne,Ille-et-Vilaine, France & Filia Rex Scotiae    
b: abt. 1050 in Normandy, France    
son of:   
Alan Senescal de dol  (Alan Senescal of Dol) b: abt. 1020 in ol-de-Bretagne,   Ille-et-Vilaine, France & Flaald    
son of:  Guienoc de Dinan b: abt 0991    
son of:  Hamo de Dinan b: abt 0945    
son of:  Ewarin de Dinan b: 0919 in Dol, Brittany, France    
son of:  Salonionus - Count of Dol -  b(bef) 0910    
son of:  Alan - Count of Dol  b: 0890    
son of:  Solomon b: abt 0836 
Note:  0868 King of Bretagen (Brittany) France 
son of:  Solomon - Protector and Count of Dol  b: 0790    
son of:  Unknown Grandson of Rivallon b: Abt 0760    
son of:  Unknown Son of Rivallon b: Abt 0735    
son of:  Rivallon b: Abt 0700    
son of:  Unknown Grandson of Frogerins b: 0650    
son of:  Unknown Son of Frogerins b: 0610    
son of:  Frogerins b: 0570 in Dol, Brittany, France