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International Society of Royal Descendants - Bloodroyal and Sangreal
4-075 - Ealhswith of the Gaini b: 0852

<R> Alfred (Ælfred) "the Great" of England & Eahlswith of the Gaini aka: (Elswith) & (Alswitha) m. 0868 Winchester Cathedral, London,  
daughter of:
Æthelred "the Great" MUCIL of the Gainas - Ealdorman of the Gaini (Gainsborough) (0830-0866) & Eadburga of Mercia b. C 0827 m. bef. 0852
son of:
Æthelwulf aka: Ceolwulf I of Mercia b: Abt 800 & Osburga b: 0810  - daughter of:  Earl Oslac b: WFT Est. 0764 - 0803  

Æthelred "the Great was son of: Mucel son of: Esne
Eadburga of Mercia daughter of:
Wigmund of Mercia & Ælfflæd of Mercia a.k.a. Elfleda
Wigmund of Mercia was son of: Wiglaf, King of Mercia (827 - 0829) d. 0840
Ælfflæd of Mercia a.k.a. Elfleda  was daughter of:
4 - King Ceolwulf I of Mercia d. 0823 occ: King of Mercia (0821-0823); King of Kent (0821-0823)
son of: Cuthbert of Mercia
son of: Bassa of Mercia
son of: Cynreow of Mercia
son of: Centwine of Mercia
son of: Cundwalh of Mercia
son of: Coenwalh of Mercia a.k.a. Cenwalh
son of:
King Pybba of Mercia a.k.a Wibba d. 0606 occ: King of the Angles (0593-0606); King of Mercia (0600-0606)
children of Pybba: Penda, King of Mercia (0632-0654); Alcfrith m. Cadwallon ap Cadfan of Vendoti, King of North Wales; unknown female; Eowa; Cundwalh {above}
son of: King Creoda of the Mercians a.k.a Creoda of the Angles d. 0593 occ: King of Mercia (0585-0593)
children of Creoda: Ceari, King of the Mercians; Pybba {above}
son of: Cynewald Cnebbasson of the Angles a.k.a Creoda of the Angles
son of: Cnebba Icelsson of the Angles a.k.a Creoda of the Angles
son of: Icel Eomersson of the Angles
children of Icel: Cynewald {above}
son of: Eomær Angelsson of the Angles a.k.a. Eomer
son of: Angeltheow Offasson of the Angles a.k.a. Angenwit
son of: Offa Wermundsson of the Angles m. Freawinesdotter
son of: King Wærmund of Angel a.k.a. Wermund
son of: Wihtlæg Odinsson