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International Society of Royal Descendants - Bloodroyal and Sangreal
Duncan Dunkeld I of Huntington (The Gracious of Scotland)
King of Scotland - b: 1007 
Duncan Dunkeld I  of Huntington (The Gracious of Scotland) - King of Scotland - b: 1007 & Sybil Aelflaed Siwardsdotter  b: 1014
son of:  Crinan Grimus Mormaer - Thane of Atholl - b: 972 & Bethoc Beatrice de Scone b: 984
son of:  Duncan Mormaer III of Athol  b: 950 in Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland
son of:  Duncan Mormaer II b: 925
son of:  Duncan Mormaer I of Dull b: 890
son of:  Guiban Mormaer b: 865
son of:  Conall Guiban - b: 846
son of:  Niall Noigallah
son of:  Eochu Muigemedon  & Carien Chasdub
son of:  Muirdach (Tirech Mor) (King of Mor)
son of:  Ughaine (King of Mor) (66th Monarch) Slain by Badhbhchadh 593 BC & Caesair
son of:  Eochaidh - Prince Baudhach of Ireland
son of:  Lauch - King Ladrach - Killed by son of former king 737 BC 59th Monarch 
son of:  Fiocha - King Tolgrach
son of:  Muredach - King Bolgrach
son of:  Simeon - King Breac
son of:  Aedah - Prince Glas
son of:  Nuodhas - b: 1001, King Fionn-Fail - 39th Monarch of Ireland  - Slain by his succesor 961 BC
son of:  Gialchadh - King
son of:  Olioll Aolcheon 
son of:  Siona - "Saogalach" - King
son of:  Drin - Prince
son of:  Rothachtach - King
son of:  Moan - Prince 
son of:  Aongus - King Olmucach - b: in Ireland
son of:  Fiocha Lahhrainn b: in Ireland & Daughter ? - King Labhrainn - 18th Monarch of Ireland, B. C. 1472-1448 - He brought all the inhabitants of Alba into subjection to the Irish Monarch. - Slew Eochaidh Faobhorglas, of the line of Heber at the battle of Carman. - Fell in the Battle of Bealgadain, B. C. 1448
son of:
son of:
ENBOATH - Prince of Ireland
son of:
TIGHERMAS b: in Ireland d: 1543 in Magh-Sleaght, Leitrim, Ireland  13th Monarch - King Ireland d. 10/31/1543 B. C. - Lived from 1620 B.C. until 1543 B.C. when he was killed in battle at  Magh-Sleaght, Leitrim, Ireland. Fought and won 27 battles against followers of the family of Heber Fionn. - Set up am idol called "Drom-Cruach" a pagan sun god Education
son of:
FOLL-AICH, Prince of Ireland
son of:  EITHRIAL, King
son of:  IRIAL - King Farsaidh, Persia
son of:  HEBERIAN - King 
son of:  HEREMON - King  & Tea Tephy b: 580
son of:  MILESIUS Prince of Galicia, Spain & Princess Scota
son of:  BILE
son of:  BREOGHAN
son of:  BRATHAUS King of Gothia, Germany
son of:  DEAG King of Gothia, Germany
son of:  ARCADH King of Gothia, Germany
son of:  ALLADH King of Gothia, Germany
son of:  NUADHAD King of Gothia, Germany
son of:  Neuall - King of Gothia
son of:  Febric - King of Glas
son of:  Nel Nemnach 
son of:  Foenius Farsaid  & Belait
son of:  Eogan
son of:  Glunfind
son of:  Lamfind
son of:  Agnoman
son of:  Tait
son of:  Ogamain - King of Scythia
son of:  Boemain - King of Scythia
son of:  Heber Scot
son of:  Syruth
son of:  Asruth
son of:  Goadhal Glas
son of:  Niul - Prince of Scythia, Spain - King of Soythia, Eygpt & Scota
son of:  Phoeniusa - King Farsaidh  & Unknown Wife