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International Society of Royal Descendants - Bloodroyal and Sangreal
Diego Rodriguez Porcellos - Count of Castile 
 Mayor Diaz of Castile
daughter of:
Fernando Castille b: 0938 in Castile, Castilla, Spain 
son of: 

Diego Rodriguez Porcellos - Count of Castile b: 0910 in Porcellos, Spain & Asura of Castille b: 0914 in Castile, Castilla, Spain  
son of: Roderick of Castile - 1st Count of Castile - d: 0850  in Castile, Castilla, Spain
son of: Ramiro I of Leon b: 0822 in Leon, France & Urraca of Castile b: 0826 in Castile, Castilla, Spain
son of: Bermudo I of Leon - d: 0792 & Usenda Nunilona of Coimbra  
son of:  Duke Fruelo of Cantabria - d 0760  
son of:  Duke Pedro of Cantabria  
son of:  Ervigio of Spain - at Council Toledo - d 0786 & Liubigotona of Spain 
son of:  Ardebasto of Spain & Godo Unknown 
son of:  Athanagildo of Spain & Flavia Juliana  
son of:  St. Hermengildo of Spain - d: 0585 & Ingunda of France  
son of:  Leovigild of Spain - d: 0586 & Theodosia of Cartagena 
son of:  Amalaric of Spain - d: 0531 & Clotilde of France - b: 0497  
son of:  Alaric II of Spain - d: 0507 & Theodegotho Unknown 
son of:  Eorik of Spain - d: 0485
son of:  Theodorick II of Spain - d: 0466
son of:  Theodorick I of Spain - d: 0451
son of:  King Wallia of Toulouse - d: 0419