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International Society of Royal Descendants - Bloodroyal and Sangreal
Constance de Toulouse - Queen of France b: (abt) 0974
aka: Constance Princess of Toulouse, aka: Constance of France
aka: Constance d'Arles of Tolouse, aka: Constance d'Arles of Tolouse 
Robert Capet II (The Pious) - King of France - 0972 in Orleans, France  & Constance de Toulouse - Queen of France b: ABT 974 in Toulouse, France
daughter of:
William Taillefer III - Count of Toulouise b: 947 in Toulouse, France & Arsinde (Blanche) de Anjou - Countess of Toulouise b: 945 in Anjou, France her sister was:  Agnès d'Anjou - b: Abt 0935 -  some records indicate that Constance's mother was: Emma of Provence
son of:
Raimond Toulouse  b: ABT 921  &  Garsinde Toulouse b: ABT 926
Arms of Anjou