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Cleopatra VII - Queen of Egypt
descent-line from Queen CLEOPATRA of Egypt to Queen ELIZABETH of Britain
Soon after this marriage, Cleopatra conceived Antony's first children, twins-Helios (sun), their son and Selene (moon), their daughter. She also had another son Ptolemy Philadelphus in 36 BC. Even though the children were conceived out of wedlock, Antony still considered them as his own. (Swain 361)

Cleopatra was the last pharaoh; after her death Egypt became a Roman province. Because Caesarion was Julius Caesar's son and might pose a threat to Octavian's power, Octavian had the boy strangled by his tutor. Cleopatra's other children were sent to Rome to be raised by Octavia. Cleopatra Selene married King Juba II of Mauretania and had two children, Ptolemy and Drusilla. No one knows what happened to Alexander Helios and Ptolemy Philadelphus.

descent-line from Queen CLEOPATRA of Egypt to Queen ELIZABETH of Britain

69. H.M. ELIZABETH II, Queen, now reigning    
daughter of:   
68. GEORGE VI ALBERT, King/Emperor of the British Empire 1936-1952  & Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon   
note: He dropped title “Emperor“ in 1947 - he was brother of Edward  VIII   
son of:   
67. GEORGE V, King/Emperor of the British Empire 1910-1936 & Mary of Teck    
son of:   
66. EDWARD VII, King/Emperor of the British Empire 1901-1910, = Alexandra of Denmark   
son of:   
65. Victoria - Queen of Britain & Ireland 1837-1901 & Albert of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha   
note: She added the title "Empress in 1876/7   
daughter of:   
64. Edward - Duke of Kent & [her 2nd] Victoria of Saxe-Coburg    
note: he was the brother of: GEORGE IV & WILLIAM IV   
son of:   
63. GEORGE III - King of Britain & Ireland 1760-1820 & Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz    
note: He dropped title “King of France“ in 1800/1801   
son of:   
62. Frederick Lewis - Prince of Wales & Augusta of Saxe-Gotha    
son of:   
61. GEORGE II AUGUSTUS - King of Britain, Ireland [& France] 1727-1760 & Caroline of Anspach    
son of:   
60. GEORGE I LOUIS, King of Britain, Ireland [& France] 1714-1727, & Sophia Dorothea of Brunswick-Celle   
son of:   
59. Sophia [declared heiress 1701, but died two weeks before her cousin QUEEN ANNE in 1714] & Ernest Augustus, Elector of Hanover   
daughter of:   
58. Elizabeth [sister of CHARLES I “THE MARTYR” KING] & Frederick V of Bavaria, Elector Palatine, King of Bohemia, rival-HRE [Holy Roman Emperor]   
daughter of:   
57. JAMES I [VI of Scotland], King of Britain, France, & Ireland 1603-1625 & Anne of Denmark   
son of:   
56. Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley & her 2nd] Mary, Queen of Scots [the Scottish heiress]   
son of: 
55. Margaret Douglas = Matthew Stuart, Earl of Lennox [for the genealogy of the royal Stuarts from THE HOLY FAMILY see  
daughter of: 
54. Margaret Tudor [sister of King HENRY VIII of England, France, & Ireland] =[her 2nd] Archibald Douglas, Earl of Angus  
daughter of: 
53. Elizabeth, the Yorkist heiress, = HENRY VII, King of England, titular-king of France, & Lord of Ireland 1485-1509 [son of Edmund Tudor, a Welsh prince [the Welsh heir], & Margaret, the Lancastrian heiress]  
daughter of: 
52. EDWARD IV, King of England, titular-king of France, & Lord of Ireland 1461-1483, = Elizabeth Wydeville  
son of: 
51. Richard, Duke of York, claimant, = Cecily Neville 
son of: 
75 - Daughter - name unpublished 
daughter of 
74 - Randal M. Bundy & name unpublished 
son of:  
73 - Lannie Neal Bundy  & Minnie Edna Thomas  
son of:  
72 - William Goeble Bundy & Beatrice Powers 
son of:  
71 - James Bundy - 1879 &  Abbey Parker  b:1879 - both born in Manchester, Clay Co, Ky, USA.  Both moved to Williamsburg Ky where he became succesful town barbour in the early 1900's  
son of:  
70 - William Letcher Bundy & Margaret Hooker  b(abt)1857 in Clay Co,Ky m: 24 Oct 1874 - Clay Co,Ky  
son of:  
Andrew Jackson Bundy 1853  & 69 - Lucinda Bennett    
daughter of: 
69 - Asa Bennett b(abt)1797 & Delilah Woodward b1797 
son of: 
John (Gov) Bennett b: 1753 in Ireland & 68 - Mary Isyphena Plummer b: 1755 
daughter of: 
67 - Samuel Plummer b?  d(abt) 1777 & Rachel Barnard (??1713 
son of: 
66 - Thomas Plummer III b(abt)1695 &  Sarah Wilson b1694 
son of: 
Thomas Plummer (Ploumer) b(abt)1642 in Ringmer & 65 - Elizabeth Stockett b(abt)1646
daughter of: 
Cpt Thomas S. Stockett b163564 - Mary Wells  b:1633 
daughter of: 
Dr Richard Wells b(abt)1610 & 63 - Frances White (Whyte) b1622  - 
daughter of: 
Sir Richard White (Whyte) b: Abt 1580 & 62 - Lady Catherine (Katherine) Weston b: 1607 
daughter of: 
Earl Sir Richard Weston (Earl of Portland)  - 1577-1635 Earl of Portland  & 61 - Countess Frances Waldegrave  
daughter of: 
60 - Nicholas Waldegrave  b(est bet)1527-1560 &  Catherine Browne Est. 1535-1567 
son of: 
Sir Edward Waldegrave (Est bet)1487-1533 & 59 - Frances Neville (1519-1599) 
daughter of: 
conflicting records - not sure if her father was Sir Edward or  Sir George 
58 -  Sir Edward Neville Death: 9 Jan 1539 & Eleanor Windsor died: 1543 - dau of    Andrew Windsor  Lord Windsor ( - ) 
son of: 
57 - Sir George Neville, K.G. (Knight of the Garter), b. 1535, Lord Burgavenny, m. (2) Mary Stafford  
dates may be in error 
son of: 
56 - Sir George Neville, Kent, b. in Raby, circa 1440, d. September 20, 1492, Lord Burgavenny, M.P. 1482-92; m. (1) Margaret Fenne - 1485 
son of: 
Lord Sir Edward de Neville, K.G. - Lord of Abergavenny, d. 1476, m. 1424 - 55 - Elizabeth de Beauchamp - 1415-1448 
only daughter of: 
54 - Sir Richard de Beauchamp, Esq.  & Isabel Le Despenser  b: 1400 
son of: 
Lord Sir Richard Beauchamp - Earl of Worcester ( - ) & 53Isabel Le Despencer - Baroness Burghersh (1387 - ) 
daughter of: 
Lord Sir Thomas Le Despencer - Earl of Gloucester - b: 1373 - died: 1400  & 52Constance Bourchier died: 1416  
daughter of: 
Henry Bourchier - Earl of Essex - died:1483 & Isabel Plantagenet - Countess of Essex - died: 1484 (Sister of Richard Plantegenet - Duke of York)
daughter of: 

50. Richard E. Plantagenet - Earl of Cambridge, =[his 1st] Anne Mortimer, (de Mortimer) the heiress of the Clarence line [senior-line by primogeniture]
son of:
49. Edmund of Langley, Duke of York [uncle of RICHARD II & younger brother of HENRY IV] & Isabel of Castile
son of:
48. EDWARD III, King of England & Lord of Ireland 1327-1377; styled self King of France from 1328 [via through mother] ; = Philippa of Hainault
son of:
47. EDWARD II, Prince of Wales 1284/1301, King of England & Lord of Ireland 1307-1327, = Isabelle “The She-Wolf” of France [the French heiress]
son of:
46. EDWARD I “LONG-SHANKS”, King of England, Lord of Ireland 1272-1307, Lord of Scotland 1290-2 & 1296-1306 =[his 1st] Eleanor of Castile-Leon
son of:
45. HENRY III, King of England & Lord of Ireland 1216-1272, = Eleanor of Provence
son of:
44. JOHN “LANDLESS”, King of England & Lord of Ireland 1199-1216 [brother of RICHARD I “LION-HEART“], =[his 2nd] Isabelle of Angouleme
son of:
43. HENRY II, King of England 1154-1189, Lord of Ireland 1175-1189, = Eleanor of Aquitaine
son of:
42. MATILDA, Lady/Queen of England 1141 [cousin of King STEPHEN], =[her 2nd] Geoffrey V “Plantagenet”, Count of Anjou, Touraine, & Maine
daughter of:
41. HENRY I “BEAUCLERC”, King of England 1100-1135 [brother of WILLIAM II “RUFUS“], =[his 1st] Matilda, daughter of Malcolm III of Scotland & St. Margaret of England, sister of ex-king EDGAR II “AETHELING”
son of:
40. WILLIAM "THE CONQUEROR", King of England 1066 (d1087); = Matilda (d1083), daughter of Baldwin V, Count of Flanders, &, 
son of:
39. Robert "Diablo" ["The Devil"], Duke of Normandy (d1035); =1 Herleve [Arlotte], daughter of Fulbert of Falaise; wife of Herluin, Count of Conteville; =2 Estrith (d1034) [her 2nd =], half-sister of King Canute "The Great" of England; of 1st 
son of:
38. Judith (d1017); = Richard II, Duke of Normandy (d1027)
daughter of
37. Ermengarde (d992); = Conan I "Le Tort", Duke of Brittany (d994)
daughter of:
36. Adelaide (d978/82); = Geoffrey I, Count of Anjou (d987)
daughter of:
35. Robert, Count of Troyes (d967/75); = Adelaide de Challons
son of:
34. Heribert II, Count of Vermandois (d943); = Liegarde [Alice], daughter of Robert I, King of France
son of:
33. Heribert I, Count of Vermandois (d902) = Bertha of Morvois
son of:
32. Pepin, Seigneur of Peronne & St. Quentin (d842) = Rothaide of Vermandois
son of:
31. Bernard, King of Italy (d818) = Kunigunde of Austrasia (d835)
son of:
30. Pepin, King of Italy (d810) = Bertha of Toulouse
son of:
29. CHARLEMAGNE, Holy Roman Emperor 800 (d814); = Hildegarde of Swabia (d783)
son of:
28. Pepin [III] "Le Korte", Major Domo; King of France [usurper] 751-768; = Bertha "The White Lady" (d783), daughter of Caribert of Laon (d747) & Bertha (d735), sister of Clothaire IV, King of France; issue:
son of:
27. Charles "Martel", Duke of France 737-741; = Rotrude, daughter of St. Lievin, Bishop of Treves; begot
son of:
26. Aupais; = Pepin [II] de Heristal, Major Domo of France, d714; 
daughter of:
25. Ervigio, King of Spain 680-687; = Liubigotana
son of:
24. Ardebasto = […]godo of Burgundy
son of:
23. Juliana = Atanagildo, Visi-Goth Prince of Spain
daughter of:
22. Georgia = Areobindus [son of Anastasius by 2nd wife, Juliana, a Roman/Byzantine princess]
daughter of:
21. Johannes [John] = Georgia
son of:
20. Theodora [daughter], called simply "a Byzantine noble woman" by contemporary writers, who considered her illegitimate; = Anastasius, a Roman/Byzantine noble
daughter of:
19. Theodora - Empress (d548) [her sisters were: Comitio & Anastasia]; =1 Helebolus, a Syrian noble; & 2 Justinian "The Great" Byzantine Emperor 527-565
daughter of:
18. Theodora = Acacius (d500), worked in a circus
daughter of:
17. Diogenes (460); = Cyrina of Damascus,
son of:
16. Eusebius (430)
son of:
15. Flavianus (400)
son of:
14. Eusebius (375)
son of:
13. Odenathus (350)
son of:
12. Wahballtes [Vaballathus], sole surviving son of 1st husband (325)
son of:
11. ZENOBIA [THEOCLEA] - Queen of Palymra 267-273 deposed; dc AD290; = Septimius Odenathus, King of Palymra [his 2nd =]; =2 a Roman senator [his 2nd =]
daughter of:
10. Jul. Aur. Zenobius  - Governor of Palymra (AD 229); = Zabbai of Arabia [descendant of Rabbel II "Soter", King of Nabataea 71-106, &, wife, Iotape, daughter of Sohaemus, King of Emena, &, wife, Drusilla, # 03, above]
son of:
09. Malchus
son of:
08. Malchus
son of:
07. C. Julius Bassus Nassum (d179)
son of:
06. Zenobius
son of:
05. Mamaea [daughter] [her brother was: Caius Julius Silas]; = Malchus, King of Palmyra;
daughter of:
04. Caius Julius Alexio (d78) [his two sisters were: (1) Iotape, wife of Rabbel II "Soter", King of Nabataea 71-106; and (2) Mamaea, wife of M. Ant. Polemo]; = Claudia, daughter of Appius Calpurnius Piso & Servilia, daughter of Claudius, Roman Emperor 41-54; begot
son of:
03. Drusilla [divorced wife of Felix, Governor of Judea, the husband of three princesses, called "queens", all named Drusilla]; she =2nd Sohaemus, King of Emesa AD54-73, & begot
daughter of:
Ptolemy, King of Mauretania
son of:

02. Ptolemy, King of Mauretania, dAD40 =1 Miriam[mne] [Mary]; =2 Urania [Julia], daughter of Phraates IV, King of Parthia, d35, &, wife, Thea-Urania; issue:
son of:
01. Cleopatra-Selene = Juba II, King of Mauretania [his 1st], dAD23
daughter of:
00. Cleopatra VII - Queen of Egypt, d30BC; =4 Mark Anthony - Roman general


see, for descent of Queen ELIZABETH II OF BRITAIN, etc., from the Roman Emperors


descent-line of H.R.H. PRINCE PHILIP of GREECE, consort of

00 - Alexander III "The Great" - King of Macedonian-Greece 336-323BC, =[his 3rd/her 3rd] Barsine, daughter of Artabazus, a satrap, &, wife, sister of Darius III, Shah of Persia, begot

01. Aesopia = Achaeus [Achaios], Prince of Syria (d275/67) [son of Seleucus I Nicator, King of Syria 305-280, by his 1st wife, Apama, daughter of Sitamenes, a satrap (d328), &, wife, Apama, daughter of Pharnakes, a satrap (d387), &, wife, Apama, daughter of Artaxerxes II, Shah of Persia, son of Darius II “Nothus”, Shah of Persia, &, wife, Parysatis, daughter of Artaxerxes I, Shah of Persia, by his 4th wife, Andria, the Babylonian heiress], begot

02. Andromachus, a general 245, d225, begot

03. Laodice [II] [sister of Achaeus, claimant of the Graeco-Macedonian throne 213BC] = Seleucus II Callinicus, King of Syria 246-226, begot
04. Antiochus III "The Great", King of Syria 223-187, = Laodice, daughter of Mithridates III, King of Pontus, begot
05. Laodice = Antiochus, Prince [son of Achaeus, claimant of the Graeco-Macedonian throne 213BC (above)], begot
06. Nysas = Pharnaces I, King of Pontus 190-169, begot
07. Mithridates V Euergetes, King of Pontus 156-121, = Laodice, daughter of Antiochus IV Epiphanes, King of Syria, begot
08. Mithridates VI “The Great”, King of Pontus 121-63BC = [many wives] Cleopatra, daughter of Alexander [VII], claimant of the Graeco-Macedonian throne (d145), son of Amynandros of Athamanie (d189), &, wife, Apama [sister of Philip, claimant of the Graeco-Macedonian throne 192], daughter of Alexander [VI], claimant of the Graeco-Macedonian throne (d192), son of Agathocles of Megalopolis, &, wife, Athena [sister of Philip, claimant of the Graeco-Macedonian throne 232], daughter of Alexander [V] of Sardis, claimant of the Graeco-Macedonian throne (d243), son of Achaeus, Prince of Syria, &, wife, Aesopia [# 01 above], daughter of ALEXANDER "THE GREAT" (above), begot

09. Cleopatra = Tigranes II “The Great”, King of Armenia 95-56BC, begot

10. daughter = Mithradates III, King of Parthia 57-55BC, begot

11. Ariobarzanes of Atropatene, &, wife, daughter of Castor I Tarcondarius, King of Galatia (d42), &, wife, daughter of Seiotarus, King of Galatia & Pontus, &, wife, Stratonice, daughter of Mithradates VI "The Great", King of Pontus [# 08 above], &, wife, Antiochis, daughter of Attalus II "Philadelphus", King of Pergamum &, wife, Stratonice, daughter of Ariarathes IV, King of Cappadocia, begot

12. Artavasdes, Prince of Atropatene, d20BC, &, wife, daughter of Antiochus I, King of Commagene, &, wife, Isias Philostorgos
13. Darius, Prince of Atropatene, d10BC, = X, daughter of Phraates IV, King of Parthia, begot
14. Vonones II, King of Parthia 10BC-AD51, begot
15. Vologasus I, King of Parthia AD 51-77, = X, of Armenia, begot
16. Meherdates, Prince, d76, = Awde, daughter of Mannos VI, King of Osrhoene, &, wife, daughter of King Izates II of Adiabene, begot
17. Sanatruces I, King of Armenia 114-117, begot
18. Vologasus I, King of Armenia 117-140, begot
19. Ghadana [daughter] = Parsman II [Pharasmenes] "Kveli", King of Iberia [Georgia] 113-122? [or 116-132], begot
20. Rhadamist[us] [Adam], King of Iberia 122/9-132/5, begot
21. P’arsman III, King of Iberia 132/5-182/5, begot
22. daughter = Vologases II “The Great”, King of Armenia 180-191, became Arsaces XXIX Vologases V/IV, “Great-King” of Parthia 191-208, begot

23. Chosroes I “The Brave”, King of Armenia 191-217, begot
24. Tiridates III/II, King of Armenia 238-252, = a Kushan princess, begot
25. Chosroes II “The Valiant”, King of Armenia 279-287, d297, = Alcathoe, daughter of Rhescuporis IV, King of Bosphorus [Ukraine], begot
26. Tiridates V/IV [Tiran[es] “Helios”] “The Great”, King of Armenia 298-330, = Ashken, daughter of Ashkhadar, King of the Osseti [Assyrians], begot

27. Chosroes III "The Short", King of Armenia 330-6, 337-9, begot
28. Bambishen [daughter], = Athenogenes (At’anakines) Prince Suren-Pahlav (d353), begot
29. St. Narses “The Great”, Primate of Armenia, Prince of the Gregorids, d373,= Sandukht, daughter of Vardan I, Prince of the Mamikonids, begot
30. St. Sahak [Isaac] “The Great”, Prince/Primate, d438, begot

31. Sahakanoysh, the Gregoridan heiress, = Hamazasp I, Prince of the Mamikonids, High-Constable of Armenia 387-432 [note: the Mamikonids descended from Mancaeus, an exiled Chinese prince, who defended Tigranocerta from the Romans in 69BC, and, through him, from ancient Chinese emperors], begot

32. St. Hmayeak, a general, d451, = Dzovik, daughter of Vram Artsruni, begot
33. Vard, Marzpan [Governor] of Armenia 505-509/514, begot
34. Hmayeak (Hmaycek), Prince, d555, begot
35. Mousegh I, Governor of Armenia 591-593, begot
36. Vahan II “Le Loup”, Governor of Armenia 593-606, begot
37. David, Prince of Taron, d620, begot
38. Hamazasp III, Governor of Armenia 656-661, = daughter of Theodor Rshtuni, begot
39. Hrahat, Prince, d732, begot
40. David, Prince, d744, begot
41. Samuel II, Governor of Armenia 755-772, begot
42. Dzovik = Smbat VII [II/IV/VI], Prince of the Bagratids, High-Constable of Armenia 761-773 [note: the Bagratids claimed descent from ancient Jewish royalty, i.e., Israel’s Davidic Dynasty], begot

43. Ashot IV “The Carnivore”, Prince of Armenia 806-826, begot
44. Smbat VIII [III], High-Constable of Armenia 826-855, d862/7, begot
45. Ashot V & I “The Great”, Prince 856, then, King of Armenia 884/5-890, begot
46. Sofie = Grigor-Derenik Artsruni, Prince of Vaspurakan 857-868 & 874-886 [note: the Artsrunis claimed descent from ancient Assyrian royalty, as per 2 Kings 19:37], begot

47. Gagik II [Khatchik-Gagik], King of Vaspurakan 903-936, d943, = Melike, daughter of Grigor Abul-Hamza, Prince Artsruni, begot
48. Abusahl-Hamazasp III, King of Vaspurakan 953-972, = Gaday, begot
49. Derenik [brother of Sennacherib-John, King of Vaspurakan 1003-21], begot
50. Khatchik [Khachi’k], Prince of T’ornavan, d1042, begot
51. Hasan [brother of Ischkhanik “The Little Prince”], begot
52. Abulgharib, Sheriff of Tarsus 1075, d after 1080, begot
53. daughter = Oshin I Pahlavuni, Governor of Cilicia 1071-1110, begot
54. Hetum II, Prince of Lampron, d1143, begot
55. Smbat, Prince of Paperon, d1153, begot
56. Rita, d1210, = Stephen, d1164, a Rubenid prince [son of Leo[n]/Levon I, King of Armenia], begot
57. Leo[n]/Levon II “The Great”, King of Armenia 1186-1219, =[his 2nd] Sibylle, daughter of King Amaury I of Cyprus, begot
58. Zabel, Queen of Armenia, d1252, =[her 2nd] Hetum I, King of Armenia 1226-1269 (cousin), begot
59. Euphemia, d1309, = Julian Beaufort, Seigneur of Sidon, d1275 [div. 1263], begot
60. Margaret, d1289, = Guido II de Giblet, d1278, begot
61. Mary, d1331, = Philip d’Ibelin, Seneschal of Cyprus, d1318, begot
62. Heloise, d1347, = Henry II, Duke of Brunswick-Grubenhagen, d1350/1, begot
63. Philip of Brunswick-Grubenhagen, d1370/80, = Heloise, daughter of Eudes de Dampierre, begot
64. Heloise, d1421, = James I, King of Cyprus 1382-1398; titular King of Armenia from 1393 [son of Hugh IV de Lusignan, King of Cyprus, titular King of Crusader-Jerusalem]; begot

65. Janus, King of Cyprus 1398-1432, = Charlotte, daughter of Jean/John II of Bourbon-Vendome, Count de La Marche, begot
66. Anne, d1462 [sister of John II, King of Cyprus, Jerusalem, & Armenia], = Luigi [Ludovico] [Louis], Duke of Savoy, d1465/8, begot
67. Margaret, d1483, = Pierre de Luxembourg, Count of Saint Paul, d1482, begot
68. Marie, Countess of Saint Paul, d1546, = Francis de Bourbon, Count of Vendome, d1495, begot
69. Antoinette, d1583, = Claude of Lorraine, Duke of Guise, d1550, begot
70. Mary, d1560, = James V, King of Scotland 1513-1542, begot
71. Mary, Queen of Scots, = Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, begot
72. James I, King of Britain, France, & Ireland, = Anne of Denmark, begot
73. Elizabeth = Frederick V of Bavaria, Count Palatine, begot
74. Sophia = Ernest Augustus, Elector of Hanover, begot
75. George I Louis, King of Britain, France, & Ireland, = Sophia Dorothea of Celle, begot
76. George II Augustus, King of Britain, France, & Ireland, = Caroline of Anspach, begot
77. Mary (d1772) = Frederick I, Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel, d1785, begot
78. Frederick of Rumpenheim, d1837, = Caroline of Nassau-Usingen, begot
79. William, Prince of Hesse, d1867, = Charlotte of Denmark, begot
80. Louise, d1898, = Christian IX, King of Denmark, d1906, begot
81. George I William, King of Greece 1863-1913, = Olga, Grand-Duchess of Russia [the czar‘s cousin], begot
82. Andrew, Prince, d1944 [younger brother of King Constantine I of Greece], = Alice, sister of Louis, Lord Mountbatten, begot
83. H.R.H. PHILIP, Prince of Greece, Duke of Edinburgh

see, for descent of Prince PHILIP OF GREECE from HERCULES, the Greek epic hero


descent-line from QUEEN HATSHEPSUT of Egypt to H.M. QUEEN ELIZABETH of Britain

00. HATSHEPSUT, Queen of Egypt, flourished circa 1500BC, # 5th in the regnal-list of the 18th-Dynasty [which was a continuation of the 17th-Dynasty, after the expulsion of the Hyksos, i.e., the 15th & 16th dynasties], she = [his 2nd] Thutmose II [half-brother], # 4 in regnal-list [note: Thutmose II was the son of Thutmose I, # 3, & his 1st wife Mutnofre[t]; and Hatshepshut was the daughter of Thutmose I, # 3, & his 2nd wife Aahmes II, his queen, the daughter of Amenhotep I, # 2, & his sister-wife, Ahhotep II.], begot

01. Meryetre = [his 2nd] THUTMOSE III “THE GREAT” [her half-brother], # 6, overthrew his aunt, Queen Hatshepsut, and married her daughter, begot

02. Amenhotep II, # 7, = Tiye [Tiaa] [half-sister], daughter of THUTMOSE III “THE GREAT”, # 6, & his 3rd wife, Nibitou, dau of Huyu, King of Kush, begot

03. Thutmose IV, # 8, =[his 3rd] Mutemwiya, daughter of Artatama, King of the Mitanni, & an Egyptian princess [either Menwi, or Menhet or Merti, daughters of THUTMOSE III “THE GREAT”, # 6, & his 1st wife, Sitiah], begot

04. Amenhotep III, # 9, =[his 1st] Tiy[e] [sister of Aanen, the High-Priest, and Eye, # 13, the grand-vizier], begot

05. Amenhotep IV, # 10, changed name to Ikhenaten = Nefertiti [famous for her statue], daughter of Tusratta, King of Mitanni, & an Egyptian princess, Pyhi, daughter of Thutmose IV & his 2nd wife, Iaret-Wadjet, begot

06. Ankhesenpaaten I, heiress [she =2[his & her 2nd] Smenkhare, # 11/13; =3 Tutankhamun, # 12/14] =1 her father (above), by whom she was the mother of

07. Ankhesenpaaten II, heiress = Setymeramen [Seti], an army-officer, son of Horemheb, 1st King of the 19th-Dynasty [formerly an army-officer] & Mutnodjme, daughter of Eye, # 13, last of 18th-Dynasty, begot

08. Rameses I, # 2, circa 1325-1323BC, = Sitre [Saatre], daughter of Ra-Ser-Khepferu, un-numbered usurper [# 11], & Atenmert, daughter of Amenhotep III, # 9, & his 2nd wife, sister of Kadashman-Enlil, King of Babylon, begot

09. Seti I [Sethi; Sethos], # 3, 1323-1304, = Thuya, dau of Reyja, army-officer, & Thuya, daughter of Bekra, un-numbered usurper [# 12], & Baktaten, daughter of Amenhotep III, # 9, & his 3rd wife, sister of Suppiluliumas, King of Hatti, i.e., the Hittites [note: the sister of King Sethi, Bithiah, claimed her “supposed” son MOSES was the posthumous son of her late husband, her cousin, though he was actually the adoptive son of Hebrew slaves], begot

10. RAMESES II “THE GREAT”, # 4, 1304-1237, =[his 2nd] Isitnofre I [=1 Nefertari; =3 Henutmire], begot

11. Merneptah, # 5, 1237-1223, =[his 3rd] Bintah [Bintanath], another half-sister, begot

12. Tewosre [Twosret], # 9, Queen, last of the 19th-Dynasty, 1203-1199 [widow of Seti II, # 7, 1217-1209, 1st husband] =[her 2nd] Bay, 1st King of 20th-Dynasty [a Syrian prince, formerly the grand-vizier], 1199-1198, begot

13. Tiye-Merenese, heiress = Setnakhte, # 2, 1198-1195, son of Prince Rameses, son of Khawmwase, son of RAMESES II “THE GREAT” & his 3rd wife, Henutmire, &, begot

14. Nekhtseth, Prince, begot

15. Rameses III “Hikon“, # 3, 1195-1153 [=1 Titi; =2 Habadjilat; =3 Isis; =4 Maserethre; =5 Tiye] [note: HERE the descent could pass through three lines], by 5th wife, begot

16. Montuherkhopsef, Prince, = Isis, begot

17. Rameses IX, # 9, 1126-1108, = Baktwernel [his great-niece], daughter of Rameses V, # 5, 1147-1143, son of Rameses IV, # 4, 1153-1147, son of Rameses III & his 1st wife, &, begot

18. Rameses X, # 10, 1108-1099, = Tyti, begot

19. Rameses XI, # 11, 1099-1069, = Tentamun [I] [Thent-Amun] [his cousin], daughter of Nebseny, a judge, & wife, Tayu-Herat, daughter of Rameses IX, # 9, &, begot

20. Tentamun [Thent-Amun] [II] =[his 3rd] Smendes I [Nesbanebdjed], 1st King of 21st-A Dynasty, 1069-1043, begot

21. Psusennes I [variants of his name include: Psibkhaemne; Pesibkhenno], # 3A, 1039-993 [=1 Tyte; =2 Istemkheb II; =3 Henttawy IV; =4 Napalte; =5 Mutnodjme II; =6 Wiay] [succeeded his older half-bro, Amenemnisu, # 2A, 1043-1039], by 2nd wife, Istemkheb, begot

22. Amenemope [Amenophthis], # 4A, 993-984, begot

23. Osochor [Osokhor], # 5A, 984-978, begot

24. Siamon [Si-Mentu], # 6A, 978-959, = Nesitaneb, daughter of Pinudjem II, # 8B, & 3rd wife, Neiskhons [his niece], daughter of Smendes II, # 7B, begot

25. Psusennes II, # 7A, 959-945 [note: his sister, Nicauli, was wife of King Solomon of Israel], begot

26. Maatkare V =[his 2nd] Osorkon I, # 2, 924-909BC, son of Sheshonq I [Shishak], 1st King of 22nd-Dynasty, 945-924, & wife Karomat I, daughter of Psusennes III, # 9B, 969-945 [son of Pinudjem II, # 8B, 990-969, brother of Smendes II, # 7B, 992-990, son[s] of Menkheperre, # 6B, 1035-992, brother of Djedkhonsefankh, # 5B, 1045-1035, brother of Masaherta, # 4B, 1054-1045, son[s] of Pinudjem I, # 3B, 1060-1054, son of Piankhi, # 2B, 1065-1060, son of Herihor, 1st King of 21st-B Dynasty, 1069-1065, son of Amenothes, the High-Priest, & Isis, daughter of Rameses VI, above], begot

27. Shoshenq II, # 4, 890-883, = Nesitanebetashru, begot

28. Harsiese, rival-king [not numbered in regnal-list] = Karomat II, daughter of Iuput [Iuwelot], Prince [son of Osorkon I, # 2, & 3rd wife, Rakamaat], begot

29.Karomat III [her brother, Pedubast, was the father of Harsiese II, 1st King of 23rd-Dynasty] =[his 2nd] Osorkon II, # 5, 883-855, son of Takelot I, # 3, 909-890, son of Osorkon I, # 2, & 1st wife, Tashedkh[ons], begot

30. Shoshenq, High-Priest = Istemkheb, begot

31. Takelot, High-Priest [=1 Tjesbastperu; =2 Tairyi; =3 Djedbastesankh], by 3rd wife, begot

32. Djedbastesankh [II] [her half-brother, Pedubast, continued 23rd-Dynasty as its 2nd king] = Shoshenq III, # 7, 835-783 [son of Takelot II, # 6, 860-835, son of Osorkon II, # 5, 883-855, etc.], &, begot

33. Pamai, # 8, 783-767, = Karomat V [half-sister], begot

34. Osorkon [brother of Shoshenq IV, # 9, 767-735], begot

35. Tefnakhte [I], 1st King of 24th-Dynasty 730-720 [in his generation, the 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, & 26th dynasties were contemporaneous], begot

36. Bakenranef [Bocchoris], # 2, 720-715 [killed by Prince Shabaka, army-commander of his father, Kashta, 1st King of 25th-Dynasty], begot

37. Neokhabis [Nekauba-Irib-Re][the legendary prince, Nechepso], # 3, 664/663BC, [reckoned 26th-Dynasty] = Anakhka, daughter of Stephinates, # 2, son of Ammeris, 1st King of 26th-Dynasty, &, begot

38. Necho I [Nekhao], # 4, 664/663-656BC [=1 Istemabet; =2 Nes-Shu-Tefnut; =3 Amenirdis; daughters of Taharqa [Tirhakah], 25th-Dynasty, # 5, 690-664/663], &, by 3rd wife, begot

39. Psamtik I [Psammetichus], # 5, 656-609, =1 Mehtenusekht, daughter of Harsiast, High-Priest [son of Harkhebi, son of Haremket, son of Shabaka, # 3, 25th-Dynasty]; =2 Shepwenwepet [Shapenuapit] [II], daughter of Tantamanai, 25th-Dynasty, # 6, 664/663-656], &, by 1st wife, begot

40. Necho II, # 6, 609-595BC [=1 Netakert [Nitokris]; =2 Khedebnitjerbone; =3 Mimautiu], by 1st wife, begot

41. Psamtik II [Psammetichus], # 7, 595-589BC, = Takhaut [half-sister], daughter of Necho II, # 6, & 2nd wife, &, begot

42. Hophra [Apries], # 8, 598-568BC [=1 Neitmertefs; =2 Ankhenseneferabre; =3 Meritakhebt], by 3rd wife, begot

43. Neithiyti [Nitetis] =[his 4th] CYRUS II “THE GREAT”, 1st Shah of Persia 546/539,d529BC, begot

44. Atossa =1[her 1st/his 2nd] Cambyses [II], 1st King of 27th-Dynasty, 525-522; =2 Gaumata “The False Smerdis”, usurper 522-521; =3 Darius III “The Great” , # 2, shah/pharaoh 521-486; &, by 3rd husband, begot

45. Xerxes I [Ahasuerus], # 3, 486-465, = Amestris, dau of Cambyses [II], # 1, & his 4th wife, Neithiyti [Nitetis], daughter of Ahmose II [Amasis], King of Egypt, # 9, 568-526BC [26th-Dynasty], & 3rd wife, Khedenitjerbone [II], &, begot

46. Artaxerxes I, # 4, 465-424, =4 Andria, the Babylonian heiress, daughter of Nebuchadnezzar [IV], claimant 519BC, son of Nidintu-Bel [claimant 522, & styled self Nebuchadnezzar III], brother of Belshazzer, last Babylonian emperor, son[s] of Nabonidus, Babylonian Emperor 556-539, & Neitaqert [Nitocris], daughter of NEBUCHADNEZZAR II “THE GREAT” of Babylonia & 3rd wife, Neitaqert [Nitokris], daughter of Hophra (Apries), King of Egypt, # 8 (above), & 1st wife, &, begot

47. Parysatis = Darius II “Nothus”, # 7, Shah/King 423-404BC [half-brother of Xerxes II, # 5, 424BC, & Sogdianus, # 6, 424-3], begot
48. Artaxerxes [II], d359 [=1 Statira; =2 sister; =3 daughter; =4 Aspasia], by 1st wife, begot
49. Apama = Pharnabazes, Satrap of Daskalytis, d387, begot
50. Apama = Spitamenes, Satrap of Bactria, d328, begot
51. Apama =[his 1st] Seleucus I Nicator, King of Syria 305-280BC, begot

52. Achaeus, Prince, d 275/267BC, = Aesopia, daughter of ALEXANDER “THE GREAT”, # 1 [32nd-Dyn.], King of Egypt 332-323BC, & his 3rd wife, Barsine [daughter of Artabazus, a satrap, & wife, sister of Darius III, # 3 [31st Dyn.], shah/pharaoh 336-332], begot

53. Laodice = Antiochus II Theos, King of Syria 261-246, begot
54. Laodice = Mithridates III, King of Pontus 220-190/185, begot
55. Laodice = Antiochus III “The Great”, King of Syria 223-187BC, begot
56. Cleopatra [I] = Ptolemy V Epiphanes, # 5 [33rd Dyn.] King of Egypt 204-180, begot

57. Ptolemy VI Philometer, # 6, King of Egypt 180-145 =[her 1st] Cleopatra [II], his sister, & begot
58. Cleopatra Thea =2 Demetrius II Nicator, King of Syria 145-125, begot

59. Antiochus VIII Philometer [Gryphus], King of Syria 125-96 BC, =[his 1st] Cleopatra Tryphaena, daughter of Ptolemy VIII Euergetes [Physkon], # 8, King of Egypt 145-116 BC, begot

60. Laodice = Mithridates I “Callinicus“, King of Commagene 96-69, d63BC, begot
61. Antiochus I Theos, King of Commagene 69-46 & 43-39BC = Isias Philostorgos, begot
62. Laodice = Artavasdes of Atropatene, d20BC [son of Ariobarzanes, son of Arsaces XIII Mithridates III, King of Parthia/Persia, & wife, co-heiress of Armenia], begot

63. Darius, Prince, d10BC = sister of Vonones [I], ex-king of Parthia, &, daughter of Arsaces XV Phraates IV, King of Parthia, begot
64. Vonones II, King of Parthia AD 51 [King of Atropatene 19-51], begot
65. Vologasus I, King of Parthia 51-77, begot
66. Vologases II, King of Parthia 77-80 & 89-90, begot
67. Arsaces XXVII Vologases III [II], King of Parthia 108, 130-147/8, begot
68. Arsaces XXVIII Vologases IV [III], King of Parthia 147/8-192, begot

69. Arsaces XXIX Vologases V [IV], King of Parthia 192-208 [formerly Vologases II “The Great”, King of Armenia 180-191] = daughter of Pharasmenes III [Parsman], King of Iberia [Georgia], begot

70. Chosroes I [Khusraw] “The Brave”, King of Armenia 191-217 [half-brother of Arsaces XXXI Artabanus V/IV, King of Parthia/Persia], begot
71. Tiridates III/II, King of Armenia 238-252, = a Kushan princess, begot
72. Chosroes II “The Valiant”, King of Armenia 279-287, d297, = Alcathoe, daughter of Rhescuporis IV, King of Bosphorus [Ukraine], begot

73. Tiridates V/IV/III [Tiran[es] “Helios”] “The Great”, King of Armenia 298-330, = Ashken, daughter of Ashkhadar, King of the Osseti [descendant of ancient Assyrian kings], begot

74. Chosroes III “The Short”, King of Armenia 330-6 & 337-9, begot

75. Bambishen = Athenogenes [At’anakines], Prince of the Gregorids [son of Hesychius [St. Yusik], Primate of Armenia 342-348, son of St. Vrtanes (d342), son of St. Gregory, Primate of Armenia (d328), son of Anak, Prince of Suren-Pahlav], begot

76. [St.] Narses [Nerseh] “The Great”, Primate of Armenia, d373, begot
77. [St.] Sahak [Isaac] “The Great”, Prince-Primate, d438, begot

78. Sahakanoysh, the Gregoridan heiress, = Hamazasp I, Prince of the Mamikonids, High-Constable of Armenia 387-416/432 [note: the Mamikonids descended from Mancaeus, an exiled Chinese prince (69BC), and, through him, from ancient Chinese emperors], begot

79. St. Hmayeak [Hemayakes] [Hmaycek], a general, d451, begot
80. Vard, Governor [Marzpan] of Armenia 505-509/514, begot
81. Hmayeak [Hmaycek], Prince, d555, begot
82. Mousegh I, Governor of Armenia 591-593, begot
83. Vahan II “Le Loup”, Governor of Armenia 593-606, begot
84. David, Prince of Taron, d620, begot
85. Hamazasp III, Governor of Armenia 656-661, = daughter of Theodor Rshtuni, begot
86. Mousegh III, Governor of Armenia 691-693, begot
87. Artavazd [Artavasdas][Artbasdos], a Mamikonid prince, Byzantine rival 742-3, = Anna, sister of Byzantine Emperor Constantine V, begot
88. Nicephorus, begot
89. Anna = Vard, Prince Gnouni (d791), begot
90. Leo V, Byzantine Emperor 813-820, = Theodosia, daughter of Arshavir [Arsaber], Prince of Kamsarakan, begot

91. Anna = Hmayeak [Maiactes], a Mamikonid prince, d780/797 [son of Artavazd (d751), son of Hmayeak [Theodore], Patriarch 703-712, son of Artavazd (d693), son of Hamazasp II, Prince, son of David (600), son of Mousegh (555), son of Hmayeak, son of Artavazd, son of Hamazaspian, general, d451, the brother of St. Hmayeak and St. Vardan II, son[s] of Hamazasp I, Prince of the Mamikonids, &, wife Sahakanoysh, the Gregoridian heiress (above)], begot

92. Constantine, d838, = Pancalo, begot

93. Basil I, Byzantine Emperor 867-886, =[his 2nd/her 2nd] Eudoxia Ingerina, widow of Byzantine Emperor Michael III [842-867], begot

94. Leo VI “The Wise”, Byzantine Emperor 886-912 [note: Leo VI is generally reputed to be the son of Basil I, but some historians argue that he was Michael III’s son; either way, the ancestry of Michael III can be traced through a collateral descent-line, that is: Michael III, Byzantine Emperor, son of Theophilos, Byzantine Emperor, &, his wife, Theodora, daughter of Marinos (d815/830), son of Artavazd (d778), son of Hmayeak (d740), son of Artavazd (d701), son of Hamazasp III, Governor of Armenia 656-661, son of David, Prince of Taron (d620), son of Vahan II “Le Loup“, Governor of Armenia, son of Mousegh I, Governor of Armenia, son of Hmayeak (d555), son of Vard, Governor of Armenia, son of St. Hmayeak (d451), son of Sahakanoysh, the Gregordian heiress (above)], =[his 2nd] Zoe Zautzina, dau of Stylianus Zautzes, begot

95. Anne, d914, =[his 3rd] Louis III “The Blind” of Provence, HRE 901-5, dep, d928, begot

96. Charles-Constantine, Count of Vienne, d962, = Thiberge of Troyes, begot

97. Constance, d965, = Boso II, Count of Provence 942-963, d964/6, begot

98. William II [Guillaume] “The Liberator”, Count of Provence 979-983, d993/9, =[his 2nd] Adelaide of Anjou, begot

99. Constance, d1032, =[his 3rd] Robert II “The Pious”, King of France 996-1031, begot

100. Adelaide, d1079, =[her 2nd] Baldwin V, Count of Flanders, d1067, begot

101. Matilda, d1083, = WILLIAM "THE CONQUEROR", King of England 1066-1087

102-129: see above for interjacent generations

130. H.M. ELIZABETH II, Queen, now reigning


compiled by David Hughes; a bibliography available on request: eM: