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International Society of Royal Descendants - Bloodroyal and Sangreal
Cicely Dingeley Barrett b: 1512
a descendant of: Emperor Charlemagne , Charles II (The Bald) Carolingian (King of France) , Emperor Ludvig Carolingian I , (Louis "the Pious")(Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire) , Judith - Princess of Bavaria , Regintrude Princess of The Franks who was a descendant of the  Merovingian Dynasty of Kings 

William Culpeper - Lord of Wigsell b: 1509 & Cicely Dingeley Barrett b: 1512
daughter of:
John Barrett  b: 1485 & Phyllis Barnfield
son of: Robert Barrett & Margaret Knowles
son of:  Thomas Barrett & Matilda Poyntz
daughter of:
Edward Poyntz  
son of: Nicholas Poyntz  
son of: Nicholas Poyntz & Elizabeth La Zouche  
son of: Hugh Poyntz & Margaret Pavely  
son of: Nicholas Poyntz & Helewesia Malet
daughter of:
William Malet & Alice Bassett  
son of: Gilbert Malet & Alice Picot  
son of: William Malet & Maud Mortimer
son of:  Robert Malet  
son of: Gilbert Malet & De Correole  
son of: William Malet & Hesila Elisa Crispin
daughter of:
Gilbert Crispin & Gunmore d'Ainon 
son of:
Crispin de Bec & Haloise de Guines
                                                            Conflicting Records
daughter of: 
Sigfred & Elstrude
daughter of: 
Arnulf the Great & Alice de Vermandois  
son of: Baldwin the Bald & Elfrida   
son of: Baldwin "the Ironarm" & Princess Judith (Carolingian)