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International Society of Royal Descendants - Bloodroyal and Sangreal
Lady Chrotrude (Rotrou) de Trevers of Alemania - Duchess of Austrasia b: abt 0690  
Charles Martel - b: 0676 in Heristal, Liege, Belgium & Chrotrude (Rotrou) of Alemania - Duchess of Austrasia aka: Lady Chrotrude de Trevers b: abt  0690 in Austrasia
daughter of:
Lieven (Liutwin Leutwinus) - Bishop of Treves b: abt 0665 in Austrasia, France & Willigarde of Bavaria b: abt 0665 in Bavaria or: daughter of Chrodobertus II b: bef 0678
daughter of:
Chrodobertus (Robert) II Count Palatine b: 0629 in Neustria & Doda b: 0630 in Neustria)
son of:  Lambert I (Lantbertus) - nobleman in Neustria b: 0599 in Neustria
son of:  Chrodobertus (Rutpert) I - nobleman in Neustria (Chrodobertus I - Duke of Neustria) b: 0569 in Neustria
son of:  Charibert - Nobleman In Neustria (Charibert - Duke of Neustria) b: 0539 & Wulfgard of Paris b: 0540