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Christian Barclay b: 1557
Arms of Barclay 
John Forbes b: 1568 in Corse,Aberdeen,Scotland & Christian Barclay b: 1557 in Mather,Kincardine,Scotland (according to other research she was also listed as: Elizabeth Barclay Or Barlow, Widow of 1st Lord Elphinstone. Some have name as Barlow or Berlay. Englishwoman in household of Queen Margaret, w of James IV. but they list her as dying on 10 SEP 1518. This seems to conflict with other records but Elizabeth is listed as marrying John Forbes and the children listed are the same. Perhaps the dates are just recorded incorectly. John Forbes is listed in these same records as: 6th Lord Forbes and dying in 1547. These records indicate: Together with his first surviving son he was accused of treason and imprisoned in Edinburgh Castle in 1563. He was eventually released, though his son was beheaded.

Rev. John Forbes, third son of Patrick, was born 1568 in Alford, Aberdeenshire, and died 1634 in Aberdeen. He was minister at Alford and later at Delft, Holland. He was banished from Scotland for his religious opinions. He married Christian Barclay of Mathers and they had several sons: one becoming a Colonel in the Swedish service and another becoming a Bishop.
        John earned his degree in 1583 at University of St. Andrews and was ordained a minister of Alford in 1593.  He was received by King James of England in 1605 and granted favor for the church.  In July 1605 he was appointed head of the general assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland.  King James, however, concluded that the Presbyterian church was becoming too strong from his Episcopalian viewpoint and issued an order banning future assemblies.  Nineteen preachers felt a firm stand should be taken and met with Rev. Forbes, Moderator.  They declined to appear before a privy council and Forbes and five others were imprisoned, tried for high treason, found guilty by a packed jury and banished from the king's domain.
        The exlies sailed from Leith to Bordeaux 7 November 1606.  On reaching France, Forbes visited Boyd of Trochrig at Saumer and then went on to Sedan.  He traveled for some years visiting reformed churches and universities.  In 1611, he was settled as pastor of a British congregation at Middleburg, Holland.  Soon after he was offered a release from banishment on terms he did not accept.  In 1616 he was in London where King James promised to revoke his sentence of exile but never did.
        After a ten year ministry at Middleburg he became pastor of the British Church at Delft, Holland, twelve miles from the Pilgrim church at Leyden.  By 1628, Charles I began to interfere with English and Scottish churches in Holland and Forbes was ultimately removed as pastor.  In later years he became bishop in the Episcopal Church much to the dismay of his Presbyterian brethren.  He died in 1634, aged about 66.
daughter of:
Laird George Barclay of Mathers - b: 1536 in Kirktounhill, St. Cyrus, Kincardineshire, Scotland  & Mary Erskine - b: 1537 in Brechin, Angusshire, Scotland - daughter of: Thomas Erskine b: 1512 in Brechin, Angusshire, Scotland    
Note: - Barclay of Mathers; 2 sons became colonels in theDutch service; a fourth son became minister of Abercorn; 3 daughters married in Scotland.
son of:
David Barclay b: 1515 in Mathers, St, Cyrus, Kincardineshire, Scotland & Mary Rait b: 1516 in Hallgreen, Bervie, Kincardineshire, Scotland   
son of:
George Barclay - Laird of Mathers  b: 1493 in of,Mathers, St. Cyrus, Kincardineshire, Scotland & Majory Auchterlony - b: 1494 in of,Auchterlony, Angusshire, Scotland - daughter of: James Auchterlony b: 1473 in Auchterlony, Angusshire, Scotland.
son of:
Alexander Barclay b: 1472 in of,Mathers, St Cyrus, Kincardineshire, Scotland & Majory Auchinleck - b: 1473 in Glenbervie, Kincardineshire, Scotland - daughter of: Lord James Auchinleck - Lord Glenbervie b: abt 1440 in Glenbervie, Kincardineshire, Scotland & Unknown Melville b: 1447 in Glenbervie, Kincardine, Scotland.
son of:
David Barclay b: abt 1423 in of,Mathers, St. Cyrus, Kincardineshire, Scotland & Jonet Irvine - b: abt 1426 in Drum, Kincardineshire, Scotland - daughter of: Alexander Irvine b: 1425 in Drum, Aberdeenshire, Scotland & Unknown Lindesay b: 1430 in Drum, Aberdeen, Scotland     
son of:
Alexander Barclay b: 1429 in Mathers, St Cyrus, Kincardineshire, Scotland & Catherine Wishart  - b: 1430 in Pittarrow, Scotland - daughter of: James Wishart b: 1405 in Pittarrow, Mearns, Scotland
son of:  George Berclay b: 1407 in Mathers, St Cyrus, Kincardineshire, Scotland
son of:  David Berclay b: 1385 in Mathers,St Cyrus, Kincardineshire, Scotland & Elizabeth Strachan
son of:  Alexander Berclay b: 1353 in Mathers, St Cyrus, Kincardineshire, Scotland & Helen Graeme - b: 1358 in Morphie, Kincardineshire, Scotland - daughter of: Gilbert L. Graeme
son of:  David II de Berclay b: 1329 in Mathers, St Cyrus, Kincardineshire, Scotland & Catherine de Seton b: 1330 in East Lothian, Scotland   
son of:  Alexander II de Berclay b: abt 1309 in Aberdeenshire, Scotland & Catherine Keith b: abt 1305 in Synton,Selkirk,Scotland   
son of:  Andrew de Berclay b: 1282 in Gartley, Aberdeenshire, Scotland - died: 1322 in England (Executed)   
son of:  Walter de Berclay b: 1253 in Gartley, Aberdeenshire, Scotland   
son of:  John de Berclay b: 1225 in Gartley, Aberdeenshire, Scotland   
son of:  Robert de Berclay b: 1196 in Gartley, Aberdeenshire, Scotland   
son of:  John de Berclay b: 1164 in Gartley, Aberdeenshire, Scotland   
son of:  Theobald de Berclay b: 1110 in Banffshire, Scotland   
son of:  Unknown de Berclay b: 1069 in Dunsley, Gloucestershire, England - During the reign of Malcom III of Scotland, many Norman noble families moved to the lowlands of Scotland. Malcolm had married Margaret the sister of Edward the Aethling who had been living in Scotland after the Norman conquest. It is likely that the Berkley family was one of those that moved to Scotland during this time.    
son of: 
Roger de Berclay b: 1040 in Dunsley, Gloucestershire & Rissa Unknown b: 1044 in Dunsley, Gloucestershire