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International Society of Royal Descendants - Bloodroyal and Sangreal
Descendants of:
Ceowulf - King of Wessex - Birth: 0854 in Mercia, England 
Sir Robert de Ros II - Knight Templar - b: ABT 1170 in Hamlake, Yorkshire, England &  Isabel Dunkeld - Princess of Scotland - b: ABT 1150 in Scotland Princess of Scotland
son of:
Everard de Ros b: 1144 in Hamlake, Yorkshire, England & Roese Trussebut b: BEF 1146 in Hamlake, Yorkshire, England - daughter of: Lord William Trussebut (Feudal Lord of Warter) b: ABT 1130 in Warter, England & Aubreye de Harcourt b: ABT 1135 in Bourn, England
son of:
Robert de Ros - Baron Ross of Hamlake and Werke - b: ABT 1124 in Belvoir Castle, Belvoir, Leicestershire, England - died: 1192 in Acre, Palestine & Sibyl de Valoines b: ABT 1134 in Souther Petherton, Somersetshire, England - died: ABT 1192 in Holy Land, Acre, Kingdom of Jerusalem - daughter of: Geoffrey de Valoines b: ABT 1099
Note: Ralph de Albini, the 2nd son of William de Albini, Brito,obtained fifteen knights' fees from his brother William in the12th of Henry II [1166] and, in the 28th of the same reign[1182], he gave 200 marks for license to marry Sibella deValoines, widow of Robert, Baron Ross, of Hamlake and Werke, and had two sons, Philip, his heir, and Ralph. Ralph de Albini, who founded some religious houses, d. at Acre, in the Holy Land, in1190, and was s. by Philip de Albini. [Sir Bernard Burke,Dormant, Abeyant, Forfeited, and Extinct Peerages, Burke's Peerage, Ltd., London, 1883, p. 160, Daubeney, Barons Daubeney, Earl of Bridgewater]
Note: According to Magna Charta Sureties, the Sibyl who married Robert de Ros is a different person, who married William dePercy as her 2nd husband.
son of:
Peter de Ros - Lord of Ros b: ABT 1088 in Hamlake, Yorkshire, England &Adeline d'Espec of Helmesley  b: ABT 1092
daughter of:
Walter d'Espec b: ABT 1074 in Hamlake, Yorkshire, England & Adeline de Beauchamp
Walter d'Espec was son of:  Lord William d'Espec

Adeline de Beauchamp was daughter of:
Hugh de Beauchamp b: ABT 1040 in Worcestershire, England & Adeliza de Taillebois b: ABT 1044 in Normandy, France
Hugh de Beauchamp was son of:  Robert de Beauchamp b: ABT 1020

Adeliza de Taillebois was daughter of:
Ivo de Taillebois b: 1036 in Yorkshire, England & Lucy of Mercia b: 1040 in Mercia, England
son of: Richard de Taillebois b: ABT 1010 in Yorkshire, England
Lucy of Mercia was daughter of:
Aelfgar "the Saxon", (Earl of Mercia) b: ABT 1002 in Mercia & Elgifu - Princess of England - b: ABT 0997 in Wessex - daughter of: AEthelred II "the Unready"(King of England)  b: ABT 0968 & Algifu Gunnarson of Deira b: ABT 0970 in Wessex, England

Aelfgar "the Saxon" was son of: Leofric III of Merica b: 14 MAY 0968 in Mercia, England & Lady Godiva of Merica b: 0980 in Coventry, England - daughter of:  Thorold of Bukenthall b: ABT 0955 in Mercia, England & Edith Malet b: ABT 0960 in Alkborough, Lincoln, England
Leofric III was son of: 
Leofwine of Mercia b: 0950 in Mercia, England & Alwara - Countess of Mercia  b: ABT 0955 - daughter of:  Athelstan Mannesson b: ABT 0925 in Mercia, England & Aelfwyn
son of: 
Edulph of Wessex - see Notes - 1 - b: 0921 & Elfwina of Mercia b: ABT 0950 - daughter of: Aethelred - Earl of Mercia - b: ABT 0865 in Mercia, England & Ethelfleda b: 0885  - Aethelred was son of: Ceowulf - King of Wessex - b: 0854 in Mercia, England


1 - Edulph of Wessex was son of: Ordgar - Earl of Devon  b: ABT 0922 in Devon, England & Wulfrith who was son of: Leofric II - Earl of Leicestershire who was son of: Alfgar II - Earl of Leicestershire  d: 0870  who was son of: Alfgar - Earl of Leicestershire  d: 0830 
who was son of: Leofric I - Earl of Leicestershire  d: 0757