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Cadwaladr - King of the Britons  b: aft 0954 
Cadwaladr - King of the Britons  b: Bet 0954 - 1068
Built Abergavenny in the county of Monmouth, Wales, and its castle. Some references are made from Welsh Genealogies, approximately 300-1400 AD., by Peter C. Bartrum. Because no dates are recorded in his work, all listed dates are estimated. The Early History of the New England Historic and Genealogical Society Journal published the data in vol 33, Oct. 1879 pages 427+. In the same publication in Jan. 1915 p. 64, Edson Salisbury Jones disputes this connection to early Welsh rulers, claiming that it cannot be backed by other evidence. More recent research shows that the line is most likely correct, although there are four generations which may have brothers' names rather than the actual ancestor's name in them.