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Bundy Family Connections to George Washington

Randal MacNiall Bundy
son of: 
Lannie Neal Bundy  & Minnie Edna Thomas
daughter of:
McKesson Thomas & Lillie Matlock -(Some records report her name as Holly Belle Matlock. Holly Belle had siblings:
Neil Matlock,  Benjamine Matlock,  Synthia Matlock - she had children: Noah Matlock, Ed Matlock, and Carl Matlock. She appears not to have married,  other sister of Holly is Sussy Matlock who married John Pearce and Rachael Matlock.  All were the children of Jeromie Matlock and wife Elizabeth.
daughter of:
Jerome Matlock & Margaret Carloyn Adams (Janie) - (Some records refer to her as: Elizabeth)
son of:  John Matlock b: 1809 Tn & Melinda Ellis - b: 1810
son of:  Isham Esau Matlock b: 1782 - Va & Nancy Ellen Haile - b(abt) 1787
daughter of:
Meshack Haile b: abt 1738 Mary Unknown b: 1764
son of:
George Haile - b: abt 1712 & Elizabeth Chaffinch - b: abt 1715 - daughter of: John Chaffinch (Chawfinch) - (He was a Banker)  b: abt 1688 in Baltimore Co., MD  & Deborah Dorcas Hall  b: 1700 - m: abt 1713 in Baltimore Co., MD 
son of:
Nicholas Haile II  b: 1656 & Frances Garrett - b: abt 1678
son of:
Judge Nicholas Haile I - b:1628 in Virginia  & Mary Virginia Travers   1628 in Lancaster County, Virginia - died in Baltimore, Maryland.
Nicholas is mentioned in other records as Birth: 1628 in Rangeworthy, ENGLAND - Lancaster, VA
 Note  (Owner 738 acres NW brnch corotoman River) Death: 29 Mar 1668 in Lancaster County, Virginia - Mary Virginia Travers is recorded as being married 1st to:  Henry King - b: 1650 in Lancaster County,  Virginia -  
Judge Nicholas Hail I was son of: Govenor George Haile b: ABT 1602 - b: 30 Jul 1601 in Sailed on Ship SUPPLY passanger #10, arrived 1620 f/Bristol, Gloucester, England / Resided in HALE MANOR to Northumberland Co. Virginia & Elizabeth Unknown, b: Abt. 1602 in Bristol, England
Mary Virginia Travers was daughter of:  
Colonel & Rev. Rawleigh Travers  & Hannah Frances Ball - (see below)
He was one of the 1st  Ministers in the American Colonies and Hanna was the sister of Mary Ball - Washington, George Washington's Mother.
Colonel & Rev. Rawleigh Travers was son of: Raleigh Travers  & Elizabeth Unknown - Raleigh Travers was son of: Colonel William Travers b: Abt.1620 - Colonel William Travers was son of: Rawleigh Travers b: ABT 1600

Hannah Francis Ball (sister of Mary Ball-Washington - Mother of George Washington

Bundy Families in the Unites States are related from George Washington through his mother's sister. Washington's Mother was: Mary Ball and her sister was Hannah Ball who they are descended from. They were daughters of Colonel Joseph Ball

Hannah Francis Ball  (sister of: Mary Ball-Washington - mother of:  George Washington 1st President of the USA

Hannah Francis Ball  
daughter of:  
Colonel Joseph Ball 1649-1715 & (1) Elizabeth Julia Romney - b: 1648 in London, Middlesex abt 1660-1703
Mary Ball  
daughter of:  
Colonel Joseph Ball 1649-1715 & (2) Mary Montague  b:  Virg. abt. 1665    Died:  1743 Virginia  
daughter of:
Colonel Joseph Ball 1649-1715 & (1) Elizabeth Julia Romney - b: 1648 in London, Middlesex abt 1660-1703 (2) Mary Montague
Children of Col Joseph Ball and Elizabeth Julia Romney were:  Joseph Ball, Hannah Ball, Anne Ball, Esther Ball, Elizabeth Ball
Children of Col Joseph Ball and Mary Montague were: Mary Ball who married: Captain Augustine Washington - children: General George Washington, Betty Washington, Samuel Washington, John Augustine Washington, Charles Washington, Mildred Washington
Colonel Joseph Ball was son of:
Colonel William Ball  1615-1680 & Hannah Atherold - b:abt 1620-abt 1690)
Lost his estates under Cromwell persecution; immigrated to Virginia 1650 and built Millenbeck ; Presiding Magistrate of Lancaster Co.
son of: Captain William Ball b: bet 1571-1590 in Wiltshire d: 1648 & Elizabeth Tuttle b: Abt. 1590 or Alice Waltham - daughter of:  Richard Waltham
son of: William Ball (Abt 1580-Abt 1650)      
son of: John Paris Ball (Abt 1540-1628) & (1) Alice Haynes (Abt 1540-Abt 1580) (2) - Agnes Hathoway b: abt 1529 in England or Elizabeth Webb - daughter of: Thomas Webb & Anne Pulleyne  (1512? - ?) - son of: William Richmond Webb  (1468? - ?) & Dorothy Lymings
son of: William Ball (Abt 1510-1550) & Margaret Moody  b: 1509 in Workingham, Berkshire, England   
son of: Robert Ball b:abt1475 in Barkham, Berkshire, Eng. & Margaret Unknown   
son of: Lord William Joseph Ball - Lord of the Manor of Barkham  b: 1445 in Barkham, Berkshire, England & Elizabeth Celeter b: abt 1454 in Barkham, Berkshire, Eng
The surname"Ball" is probably a shortened form of "Baldwin" dating from Norman times meaning "one who is bold enough to win in battle".For many generations the Baldwins were Counts of Flanders. The shortened variations of the spelling included "Baell", "Ball",and Balle". John Balle, born 1263 in Norfolk County, England,is one of the earliest recorded but with very little information. The "Mad Preacher of Kent", John Ball, is the most recorded following John Balle. Having great disdain for royalty while preaching "equality among men" and believing no man had the right to set himself as master of others, he was beheaded by Richard II, King of England in 1381.