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International Society of Royal Descendants - Bloodroyal and Sangreal
Blanche de Castile b: 1186
 The Lines of Blanch de Castille progress to the Kings of France who the Bundy Families are descended from
and the Lines of Eleanora Castile progress to the Plantegenet Kings of England who the Bundy Families are also desceneded from 

Louis VIII Capet - King of France (House of Capet) - b: 1187 in Paris &  Blanche de Castile b: 1186/87 in Palencia, Castile
daughter of:
Alfonso VIII Sanchez - King of Castile b: 1155 in Soria, Castile & Eleanor Plantagenet b: 1161 in Domfront, Normandy
English Branch / French Branch above
Edward I Longshanks Plantagenet (King of England) & (1st Wife) Eleanora of Castile - Countess de Ponthieu (1272-1307 AD) - Born: 17 June 1239 - daughter of: Ferdinand III - King of of Castile & Leon - son of:  Count Henry Burgundy (1035-1112)  & Theresa Alfonso Leon Castille  (Abt 1056-1130) - daughter of:  Emperor Alfonso Castile Spain, VI (1030-1109) & Ximena Nunez de Guzman  (Abt 1032-1128) - daughter of:   Nuno Rodrigues de Guzman  (Abt 1020-) - son of: Filho de Ordonho, I (-)
see also: Emperor Alfonso Castile Spain, VI & Duchess Constance de Burgundy - (1030-1109), King Sancho Castile III & Queen Blanche Navarre Castile 
son of:
King Ferdinand Castile, I (Abt 1004-1065) & Queen Sancha Leon Castile (Abt 1006-1067) - daughter of: King Alfonso Leon, V abt 989-1027 & Elvira  abt 991
son of:
King Sancho Aragon Navarre, III - (Abt 970-1035) & Princess Nunnia Castile  -  (Abt 983-)
son of:
Garcia Sanches - King of Narvarre b: abt 0960 & Jimena Fernandez b: abt 0960 - daughter of: Fernando Vermundez b: abt 940 & Elvira Unknown b: abt 942 
son of:
Sancho Garcia b: abt 0945 & Urraca Castile b: abt 0947