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International Society of Royal Descendants - Bloodroyal and Sangreal
Bethoc (Beatrix) of Scone b: ABT 0984 
Crinan Mórmaer - Count or Earl of Dunkeld  (An Abbot) aka: Crinan De Mormaer  b: ABT 0975 in Atholl, Pert, Scotland & Bethoc (Beatrix) of Scone - Princess of Scotland b: ABT 0984 in , ANGU, Scot.- also refered to as: Bethoc Beatrice de Scone
He was Steward of the Western Isles; Thane of Dule, Thane of Atholl; Lay Abbot of Dunkeld - A Mórmaer is roughly equivalent to an Earl/Jarl/Count  - He was slain in 1045 in Dunkeld, Pert, Scotland
Bethoc was daughter of:
Malcolm II (Mael-Coluim) - King of Scots b: 0954 in Scotland - d: 1034 in Glamus, ANGU, Scot. of murdered 
son of:  Kenneth II - King of Scotland b: 931  
son of:  Malcolm I - King of Scotland b: 907  
son of:  Donald II (Domhnall)-King of Scotland - b: 883  
son of:  Constantine I - (Causantin) - King of Scotland  b: 859  
son of:  Kenneth MacAlpine I - Kiong of Scotland  b: 835  
son of:  Alpin MacEochaid - b: 812  
son of:  Eochaid IV  (The Venomous) - King of Argyll & Picts - b: 790 & Fergusa de Dalraid - Princess Royal of Dalraid  b: 793 
son of: Aed Finn - King of Dalraida  b: 765