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International Society of Royal Descendants - Bloodroyal and Sangreal
Bertha - Princess of Lorraine b: 0871 
Adalbert II (the Rich) de Lucca Tuscany - Marquis of Tuscany b: abt 0855 in Tuscany, Italy &  Bertha - Princess of Lorraine b: 0871 in Lorraine, France.
daughter of:
Lothaire II - King of Lorraine b: abt 0835 in Alsace-Lorraine & Waldreade (Walrade) - Queen of Lorraine b: abt 0836 in Lorraine, France (may be the same person mentioned in other records as: Valdrade (Valtrude) b: Abt 830 in Saxony, Germany   
son of:
Lothaire I - Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire & King of Italy - b: 0795 in Altdorf, Davaria - Death: 0855 in Pruem, Rheinland, Prussia &  Ermengarde - Countess of Tours - b: abt 0800 in Alsace, France
son of:
Louis I (The Pious) - Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire - b: 0778 in Casseneuil, France & Princess Ermengarde (Irmengarde) - Princess of  Hesbaye aka: Ermengarde of  Hesbaye b: ABT 0778 in Hesbaye, Belguim aka: Ermengarde - Princess of Hesbania aka: Ermengarde of The Holy Roman Empire - b: abt. 778 in Hesbaye, Belgium - daughter of: Ingeramne - Duke of Hasbania\Hesbaye b: ABT. 753 in Belgium & Unknown - Duchess of Hesbaye b: abt. 758 in Belgium  
son of:
Charlemagne - b: 0742 in Aix La Chapelle, Austrasia &  Hildegard - b: abt 0757 in Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia - She was also mentioned as: Hildegarde de Vintzau  - b: 0757 in Aachen,North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany - Charlemagne Married (3): Hildegard Born: c757 - Died: 783 - Charlemagne married Hildegard in 771 after divorcing Desideria. With her, he had most of his children and all of his heirs. She was the daughter of an Alemani Duke.