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International Society of Royal Descendants - Bloodroyal and Sangreal
Berenguela - Princess of Castile & Leon b: abt 1198 
  Jean de Brienne  - Emperor of the Byzantium Empire - King of Jerusalem - b: abt 1195  in Acre, Palestine &   Berenguela - Princess of Castile & Leon b: abt 1198 in Leon, Spain.
1214-15 Regent Princess Bergenguela of Castilla (Spain) 
1215-19 Queen Regnant of Asturias-León and Castilla
1219 Regent
1230 Regent in León
First regent for brother Enrique I (1204-14-15-17). Later she divorced - under Pope Innocent III's orders - from her second degree cousin King Alfonso IX de Leon (King of Leon 1188 -1230). Her first son, became King Fernando II of Castile by succession and transmission of her rights to the Castilian Crown in 1219. Eleven years later, when his biological father, Alfonso IX de León, died in 1230, he became, too, King Fernando III of Leon. She lived (1180-1246).
daughter of:
Fernando III - King of Castile & León  Beatrice (Elizabeth)  von Hohenstauffen - b abt 1202