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International Society of Royal Descendants - Bloodroyal and Sangreal
Beatrix de Macon of Burgundy  b: Abt 1206 
Simon de Joinville - Seneshal of Champagne  b: Abt 1200 in Dublin, Ireland & Beatrix de Macon of Burgundy  b: Abt 1206
daughter of:
Stephen (Etienne) III de Macon  b: abt 1170 in Burgundy, France & Beatrx de Chalons   
son of: Stephen (Etienne) II de Macon - Count of Auxonne & Traves - abt 1122 in France & Judith d'Alsace b: abt 1155 in Boulogne, France
son of: William III de Macon - Count of Macon & Auxonne - abt 1088 in Burgandy & Poncette de Treves - abt 1090 in Treves, France
son of: Stephen de Macon - Count of Burgundy & Macon b: Abt 1065 in Bourgogne, Marneogne, France & Beatrix   
son of: William I "The Great" - Count of Burgundy & Macon b: Abt 1024 in Bourgogue & Stephanie (Etienette) de Longwy b: 1035 in  Barcelona, Spain   
son of: Renaud I - Count Palatine b: Abt 986 in Burgogne, France & Adelaide (Judith) b: 1003 in Normandy   
son of: Otto William (Guillaume) - King of Lombard & Count of Burgundy  - b: Abt 958 in Lombard, Italy & Ermentrude (Irmtrude) b: Abt 0963 in  Reimes, Marne, France