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International Society of Royal Descendants - Bloodroyal and Sangreal
Beatrice FitzWilliam 
Fulk de Paynel - d: 1138 in Dudley, Worcester  & Beatrice FitzWilliam
daughter of:
William FitzAnsculf  - Seigneur de Anscough - b: 1034 - Residence: Anscough, Normandy
son of:
Ansculf  de Picquigny - b: abt 1014 in Picquigni near Amiens, France
He was a companion of Duke William in 1066. Ansculf (Anscoul) DE PICQUIGNY was born about 1014 in Picquigny, Normandy, France. He served in the military in 1066 in Hastings, Sussex, England. Ansculf was made Lord of the Manor of Englefield by King William I, not long after his conquest of Britain. He appears to have come from Picquigny and was probably part of William's army at the Battle of Hastings. He died after 1066. He held the royal title of Lord of the Manor of Englefield after 1066. Englefield means "Anglo" or "English-Field", being named after the Field of Battle where the Anglo-Saxons were victorious over invading Vikings in 870. He held the royal title of Sheriff of Buckinghamshire after 1066.