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International Society of Royal Descendants - Bloodroyal and Sangreal
Emperor Baldwin IX - Emperor of the East 
1202-04 Regent Countess Marie de Champagne of Flanders and Hainault (Belgium)
Regent during husband, Count Baudouin IX's participation in the 5th crusade. He later became Emperor of Constantinople. She traveled to Jerusalem and died shortly after her arrival after having given birth to her second daughter, the later Marguerite II. Her husband died in 1205 and was succeeded by daughter Jeanne.
1204-ca. 05 Regent Dowager Countess Mathilda of Portugal of Flanders (The Netherlands)   
She was very influential during the reign of her husband Filips (d. 1191) and her sister-in-law Marguerite and again during the reign of son her, Bodewijn IX of Constantinople, and regent during his participation in the 5th Crusade. Born as Mafalda, she was daughter of King Sancho I (1154-85-1211) and Dulce of Aragón. 
Emperor Baldwin IX - Byzantium Emperor & - Count of Flanders  - leader of the 4th Crusade b: 1171 in Flanderes d: 1205, Adrianople & Mary of Champagne aka: Marie de Champagne - b: abt 1174 - daughter of: Henri I - Count of Champagne - 1127-1181 & Marie - Princess of France - 1145-1198 
son of:     
Baldwin VIII - Count of Flanders, Hainault & Namur - b: 1150 d: 1195  & Margaret    
son of:   Baldwin IV & Count of Flanders, Hainault & Namur b: 1150 d: 1195 & Alix (Adelaide)    
son of:   Baldwin IV Count of Hainault b: of Mons d: 1171 & Alix (Adelaide)    
son of:   Baldwin III Count of Hainault b: of Hainault d: 1120 & Yolande    
son of:   Baldwin II - Count of Hainault b: of Hainault d: 1098 & Ida    
son of:   Baldwin VI "The Peaceable" Count of Flanders & Hainault b: 1030 d: 1070, Abbey of Hanson & Richilda    
son of:   Baldwin V "The Pious" Count of Flanders b: ABT 1012 d: Sep 1067, Lille, France & Adele (Alix)