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Baldwin II "the Bald" - King of Jerusalem - Count of Flanders b: ABT 0863
Dates are in error

1228-(37) Regent Dowager Empress Maria de Courtenay of Constantinople (Turkey)
Regent for Baudouin II de Courtenay, who succeeded his brother, Robert. She reigned together with co-regents.
Marguerite de Courtenay1229-37 Sovereign Margravine Marguerite de Courtenay of Holland of Namur  (Belgium)   
Succeeded brother, Henri de Courtenay, who named her as his heir before their brother, Emperor Baudouin II of Constantinople and their older sister, Queen Yolande of Hungary - and therefore her succession was met with opposition from different sides. Married to Count Henri  de Vianden.
  Baldwin II "the Bald" - King of Jerusalem - Count of Flanders - b: abt 0863 & Æfthryth - b: 0877 - 4th daughter of:  Alfred "the Great" - b: 0849 & Ealhswith of the Gaini
son of:
Baldwin I - Count of Flanders King of Jerusalem - aka: Baldwin "the Ironarm"  (840-840)  & Judith (Carolingian) - Princess of France - (844-870) - daughter of:  Charles II (The Bald) - King of France  (823-877) &  Lady Richildis  - records show that he was also married to:  Ermentrude of Orleans - b: 0830
Baudouin I - younger brother of Godfroi de Bouillon - King of Jerusalem - Duke of Lorraine and conqueror of the holy land - his daughter was:   Ida de Bouillon (1032-1113) who married: Eustace II - Count of Boulogne - 1030-1093
son of:
Odoscer - Count of Flanders - b: 0810
son of: Engleran - Count of Flanders - b: 0780
son of: Liderie - Forester of Flanders - b: 0750