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International Society of Royal Descendants - Bloodroyal and Sangreal
Sir Baldwin Freville II, Baron Tamworth 
Sir Baldwin Freville II b: 1350/1351 / d: 1387/1388
Note: 1375: Sir Baldwin Freville, son of the previous Sir Baldwin. He lost his claim to act as Royal Champion at the coronation of Richard II in 1377, when it was adjudged that the right was attached to the manor of Scrivelsby in Lincolnshire, an estate which had descended through the Marmion family.
He married two different sister: (1) m: 1 Joyce de Botetourt b: 1368 and their children were: Baldwin Freville b: 1368 & Margaret Freville
she was daughter of: John de Botetourt - Lord Mendlesham  b: 1318 in England & Joyce La Zouche Mortimer b: in Mortimer, England
(2) Marriage Elizabeth de Botetourt
There's confusion as to if they were both daughters of: John de Botetourt  & Matilda de Grey or Joyce La Zouche Mortimer b: in Mortimer

Sir Baldwin Freville b b: Abt 1293 in Tamworth, WARW, Eng  d: 1375 & Ida) Elizabeth de Montfort - b: Abt 1296
son of: 
Baldwin Freville  b: Abt 1280 in Caxton, CAMB, Eng - d: 1345   
son of: 
Baron Alexander Freville b: Abt 1260 d: Bef 18 Mar 1327/1328 & Joan Cromwell b: Abt 1265 in Cromwell, NOTT, Eng.
Marriage (1) Mary Botetourt
Marriage (2) Joyce de Botetourt
Children: Margaret Freville,  Joyce Freville

James Butler  - son of: Thomas Botetourt b: 1286 in Halesowen,England & Joan Somery  b: 1287
b: 1320 in Warrington,England 1 d: 1385 in Weobley Castle,England
Marriage (1) Elizabeth Darcy b: 1325 - m: 1346
Children: Eleanor Butler b: 1346, Felicia Butler b: 1350 in Warrington, England, James Butler b: 1362 in Kilkenny Castle, England
Marriage (2) Maud Grey b: 1314 - m: 1334 1 3
Children: Mary Botetourt b: 1346, Joyce Botetourt b: 1367 in Worcester,England - m: 1 Baldwin Freville - b: 1332 in Tamworth Castle, England
Marriage (3)  Joyce Zouche b: 1300 - m: 1320 1
Children: Maud Butler b: 1315 in Wilton, England, Catherine Butler b: 1349    

John de Botetourt , Lord Mendlesham
Note: 1st Lord Botetourt. 1st Lord Mendlesham, Admiral, Governor of Famlingham Castle, 1304. Member of Parliament 1305-1324.
An article "The Parentage of John Botetourt" by F. N. Craig did appear in TAG 63 (1988) 145-53. The article suggested, but did not conclusively prove, that John was the son of a certain Guy Botetourt. For the record, The Complete Peerage (under Botetourt) refers to John's parentage as being unknown, without mentioning his alleged status as an illegitimate son of Edward I.
son of:
Edward I "Longshanks" King Of England b: 1239 in Paris, Seine, France