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International Society of Royal Descendants - Bloodroyal and Sangreal
Avelina FitzJohn b: 1238 
Lord Walter de Burgh - Earl of Ulster b: 1230  & Avelina FitzJohn b: 1238
daughter of:
Sir John FitzGeoffrey b: 1215  & Lady Isabel Le Bigod - b: 1207
He was born in Thetford, , Norfolk, England 1245-1256. Sheriff of Yorkshire. Son of Geoffrey FitzPiers 4th Earl of Essex Earl of Essex (1165-1213) and Aveline de CLARE (1172-1225) b. ABT 1208, of Shere & Shalford, Surrey; Fambridge, Essex; Whaddon, Steeple Claydon, Quarrendon, & Aylesbury, Buckingham; Cherhill & Winterslow, Wilts; Potterspury & Moulton, Northampton; Moreton Hampstead, Devons, Eng. d. 23 Nov 1258 Married first Isabel BIGOD (1210-) Children: 1.Avelina FitzJohn (1238-1274) m(1) Walter de BURGH 2nd Earl of Ulster (1230-1271) 2.Maud FitzJohn (1244-1301) m. William de BEAUCHAMP 9th Earl of Warwick (1237-1298) 3.Isabel FitzJohn (1240-) m. Robert VIPOUNT Lord of Appleby, Westmorland (1220-1264) 4.Joan FITZJOHN (-1303)    
son of: 
Lord Geoffrey FitzPiers - Earl of Essex & Aveline de Clare
Geoffrey FitzPiers was son of: Piers de Luitgareshale  & Maud de Mandeville - Lady of Costow
Aveline de Clare was daughter of:
Lord Roger de Clare - Earl of Hertford b: 1116 & Maud de Saint Hillary b: 1132
son of:  
Lord Richard FitzGilbert - Lord of Clare  b: 1084-1090  & Adeliza of Chester b: 1088-1094 in ,  Hertford - She was taken prisoner by the Welsh, who killed her husband, Richard, in battle in 1136. She was rescued by Miles of Glouchester.  
daughter of:
Lord Ranulf Le Meschin - Earl of Chester & Lucy Taillebois
Lord Ranulf came to England with Wiliam "the Conquerer" and received the city of Carlisle, becoming lord of that district. His land holdings were greatly increased as a result of his marriage to the heiress LUCY. He supported KING HENRY I in 1106 and led the van in the Batle of Tinchebrai. He was also loyal to HENRY in the struggle of 1119. Upon the death of his mother's nephew, Richard of Avaranches (RIN 3104) in 1119 in the tragedy of the White Ship, Randulf succeded to the Earldom of Chester. His career as Earl of Chester appears to have been uneventful, save that in 1123 he was sent over with Robert - EARL OF GLOUCESTER to secure the saftey of Normandy, then threatened by FULK V, COUNT OF ANJOU.
son of:  Ranulph II  & Maud Le Goz
son of:  Ranulph I
son of:  Anschitil & Alice of Normandy
daughter of:
Richard III - Duke of Normandy  b: abt 997 - Normandy & Unknown Mistress
son of:  
Richard II - Duke of Normandy  b: Abt 963 in Normandy & Judith of Brittany - b: 982 in Bretagne, France
Richard II - aka: Ric was Christened in France - Burried in Fecamp, Seine Inferieure, Normandy - Occupation: Bet. 996 - 1026 - King of France,; Occupation: 4th Duke of Normandy,the "Good" Duke 4 - Occupation: Bet. 996 - 1027 Count of Rouen 5
son of:                                                                                                                    daughter of:
Richard I - Duke of Normandy  & Gunnora de Crepon b: Abt 936 in Normandy    
son of:     
William Longsword - Duke of Normandy  b: Abt 893 & Espriota de Senlis b: Abt 911 in Brittany    
son of:    
Rollo (Duke of Normandy)  b: Abt 870 in Maer, Norway & Poppa de Bayeaux    
son of:     
Rognvald-I Eysteinsson   & Hildir b: Abt 848 in Norway    
son of:     
Eystein Glumra Ivarsson - Jarl of More - b: abt 810 in Maer, Nord Trondelag, Norway  & Aseda Rognvaldsson b: abt 812 in Maer, Norway    
son of:     
Ivar Jarl of The Uplands b: in Oppland, Norway     
son of:     
King Halfdan-Ii Eysteinsson b: Abt 762 in Holtum, West Scandina, Norway & Unknown Oysteinsdatter    
son of:   Eystein Halfdansson b: in Vestfold, Norway    
son of:   Halfdan Olafsson b: Abt 704 in Romerike, Norway & Asa Eysteinsson b: Abt 708    
son of:   
Olaf Ingjaldsson b: Abt 682 in Vaermland, Sweden  & Solveig Halfdansson b: Abt 684 in Romerike, Norway    
son of:    
Ingjald Braut-Onandsson b: Abt 660 in Sweden  & Gauthild Algautsson b: Abt 664 in Sweden    
son of:   Brout-Onund Ingvarsson     
son of:   Ingvar Eysteinsson b: 616 in Sweden     
son of:   Eystein Adilsson b: Abt 594 in Sweden     
son of:    
Adils Ottaarsson b: Abt 551  & Yrsa Halvarsson b: Abt 565 in Denmark    
son of:   Ottar Egilsson b: Abt 551 in Sweden     
son of:   Egis Aunson b: Abt 530 in Sweden     
son of:   Aun Jorundsson b: Abt 509 in Sweden     
son of:   Jorund Yngvasson b: Abt 487 in Sweden     
son of:   Yngvi Alreksson b: Abt 466 in Sweden     
son of:   Alrek Agnasson b: Abt 445 in Sweden & Dagreid Dagsson    
son of:   Agni Dagsson b: Abt 414 in Sweden     
son of:   Dag Dyggvarsson b: Abt 403 in Sweden     
son of:   Dyggri Damarsson b: Abt 382 in Sweden     
son of:   Domar Domaldisson b:abt:361 in Sweden & Drott Danpsson   
son of:   Domaldi Visbursson b: Abt 340 in Sweden     
son of:   Visbar Vanlandsson b: Abt 319 in Sweden     
son of:   Vanlandi Svegdasson b: abt 0298 in Sweden & Driva Snaersson    
son of:   Svegdi Fjolnarsson b: Abt 277 in Uppsala, Sweden & Vana    
son of:   Fjolnir Yngui-Freysson b: Abt 256 in Uppsala, Sweden     
son of:    
Yngn-Frey - King of Sweden b: 235 in Uppsala, Sweden & Gerd Gymersson b: 239    
son of:    
Njord - King of The Swed  b: Abt 214 in Naotun, Sweden 
Conan I - the Crooked,  Duke of Brittany, Count of Rennes b: 0927 - died:992 (Acceded) 990 &  Ermengarde of Anjou -   
daughter of:   
Geoffroy I "Grisegonnelle" Count of Anjou (938-987)  &  Adelaide of Vermandois - she was also married to Arnold I - Count of Flanders   
son of:    
Foulques II (Le Bon)(The Good)  - d'Anjou - Count of Anjou  & Gerberga - daughter of: - Robert & Adelaide      
son of:   Herbert II  & Liegarde (Hildebrante) of France          
son of:   Herbert I de Vermandois  & Bertha of Morvois          
son of:   Pepin b:(abt) 0817-0018          
son of:   Bernard 797 & Cunigunde          
son of:   Pepin           
son of:   Charlemagne  - b:0742 in Ingelheim, Prussia  & Hildegard - 0758-0783 in Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia